Sun’s Tea Strong Bourbon Glasses Review

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  • It is sealed to keep drinks cold for long time.
  • Solid built.
  • It is not made of pure glass.

Selected User Reviews For Sun’s Tea Strong Bourbon Glasses

Glasses that are great for drinking

You can't go wrong with these glasses. It is still advisable to handle them carefully since they are fragile. You will break the cubes if you slam them into one another. Wet hands with warm water and dry with a towel. The dishwasher is not working. Due to this, the glasses will hold ice for a longer period of time and do not sweat. Generally speaking, these glasses are great if you take good care of them.

Gabriel Baxter - 05/01/2021
It stayed cooler than ice for three hours and more! It was a fantastic product

The packaging was fantastic as well. To see how much it would work, I tried it Both the Sun Tea glass and a thick traditional bottomed Manhattan glass were filled with 3/4 cup ice. After 3 hours of pictures taken every hour, there was a marked difference between the two CHECK THE INSIDE OF THE GLASS. THERE WAS NO condensation on the Sun Tea glass (lots of condensation on regular). THE temp after 3 hours was 33°F (Sun Tea) vs 44°F (almost war as it is). You can check it out for yourself. I am very pleased with the quality! It feels good to hold (though the rim is a bit wide) and is very presentable. I can tell the difference when I drink from it in terms of the temperature of the liquid. It was much colder than usual That sounds like the perfect choice for a martini on the rocks. (I'll have to test that as well! )I plan to purchase more and make at least the 16 oz glasses part of It's time to enjoy a bit of Blanton's now!.

Bria Mora - 26/04/2021
For lovers of fine whiskey, this is a must-have

Stop reading this review and order this glass right now! If you like scotch, whiskey, or bourbon, you'll love it! You will enjoy having them in your hand while sipping. They are strong, well crafted, and quite delightful to hold. Having these pretty things sitting in my kitchen making me smile every time I see them. Seriously I can't say enough good things about these and am embarrassed that I waited so long to get It's worth remembering, as some other reviewers have already pointed out, that these are actually made of glass, and glass can break if you drop it or if you hit it with something,.

Caiden Landry - 07/06/2021
I got a thumbs up from my wife! We are big drinkers of cocktails and whiskey, so when we broke an old tumbler, we decided to go for these since they looked like a good alternative

You can keep your hand warmer by using the double wall aspect of the mug and your drink colder by using the outside wall as well. You can use them when you make an old fashioned or something similar to hold square ice cubes from the silicone trays. If you entertain them, they look cool I would highly recommend this!.

Wyatt Cabrera - 12/02/2021
This pair of glasses is amazing! Tumblers made of plastic tend to feel cheap

I have used Tervis Tumblers, which work well, but are plastic and look cheap. The benefit of these tumblers is that they look like Tervis tumblers, but they are made of glass, so they are hefty and solid to hold. A semi-automatic is more likely to be successful As long as the glasses are vacuumed, even in the Florida humidity and summer heat, they will not sweat. I have not tried it, but you can pour hot drinks directly into glasses without tempering, although I don't know what that looks like myself. Additionally, I purchased the 16 ounce version, which is similar to the 16 ounce version.

Nasir Porter - 25/03/2021
It is a poor manufacturing environment

The seller has not responded to my attempt to contact them as there is a note in the box stating contact the seller first, and do not return the merchandise. It has been three days and the seller has not replied. don't know how the glasses are manufactured, but I would guess there will be some sort of bubble in the center of the bottom of the glass, a nice round bubble in the middle, I can live with that, but one of my glasses(see photo). Glass had an odd looking oblong bubble on the side, which is visible when drinking out of the glass. This was not acceptable to me, I bought these to drink some fine whiskey with friends, and the glass looks like something you would get for a thrift store, so I returned it.

Alfredo Higgins - 14/07/2021
My favorite feature of the insulated glass is its heat insulation

My favorite feature of the insulated glass is its heat insulation. The Bodem versions have been around for many years, but I had to be very cautious when using them. Their delicate nature made them difficult to work with. Invariably, friends would slam ice cubes into their glasses to cool them down, as well as break the Bodem on several occasions. The problem here is that they are very hard to solve. You can feel it in your hand very well, and it keeps the liquid extremely It takes me longer to think about it. My order will be placed soon.

Ari Rowland - 09/04/2021
Don't forget to be There is no room for a cube of 2" square! My first good news is that everything is going well

It appears that these glasses are well made and are very attractive. very heavy and extremely clear, and if you plan on using ordinary freezer ice in them, you will not have any problems using them. Sadly, the news is not good. I make my own clear ice which I use the Wintersmith 4-cube icemaker to make 4 perfectly clear cubes. If you are going to market a glass specially to whiskey drinkers, make sure that you can easily fit a 2' inch cube of ice. A cube of ice should be at least an inch long. The day I received the kit, I was very excited to try So I took one of the 2 inch cubes out of my pocket and it went in the glass, so what's the question? There is no fit for that. In the end, the cube merely sits on top of the glass, unable to slide into it. There are some of us who like to use 2-inch tubing Cubes of two inches are going to disappoint those looking for the ultimate drinking experience. I have given it 3 stars because this is a very nice and well-made book They made a glass, but if it was really for whiskey drinkers, they should have really thought about how to make it. My decision to return them is still in doubt and I'm not sure whether I'll be returning.

Reginald Huff - 08/01/2021