SUMPRI Sphere Ice Maker Review

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Durabilidad 4.6 
Fácil de limpiar 4.6 
Fácil de eliminar 4.2 
Fácil de usar 4.1 
  • Good value set for making ice balls and cubes.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Made of high quality silicone that's also BPA free.
  • Can make a wide variety of recipes.
  • Can get complicated if it's your first time.

SUMPRI Sphere Ice Maker Product Description

Having a moderate price and a combination of fantastic features makes this SUMPRI Reusable Ice Cube Ball Maker a great choice. Those big balls are great, I enjoy them a lot. Creating the spheres was a bit challenging, but the result was great. Really nice ice molds in principle. Ice crystals are symmetrical and make ice quickly (in comparison with other ice crystals). Ice balls made in these I’ve trays look great in cocktails and are easy to make. Designed with durable plastic on the bottom. It only takes 4 to 5 hours for the spheres to freeze and they are easy to remove.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Currently, you can get both the top rated ice makers on Amazon. There is no way you can go wrong. Keep your drinks cold up to ten times longer than plain old cubes with extra large ice balls and 2 inch Jambo ice cubes The large volume allows the ice to melt slower thus giving you a drink with an exquisite flavor without the watery taste of ice.
  • A new design of superior quality with inner channels for perfect ice balls inside the channels are seals that ensure hermetic closure of the baking sphere this design will also allow you to obtain round ice balls easily without having to crack or chip them while you make 6 at once.
  • A great gift with a multitude of uses- ideal for high ball glasses, whiskey, cocktail, and hurricanes. Your bourbonm, punch, wine, and scotch drink will be improved, without being watered Brown Ice and long-lasting Ice Tea are possible with this kind of ice. You can add fruit and sugar to each ice cube or sphere, or you can add fruit juices to make popsicles. Use this idea to treat your kids with a healthy lemonade by adding fruit juice, keeping them away from high sugar snacks.
  • These silicone ice molds are easy to clean, FDA approved, and BPA free - made of 100% high quality silicone and add taste or scent to ice. Adding them to the list of your post-party cleanups will be a breeze as well, just pop them in the dishwasher, they are extremely durable and flexible, and then you can refill them, place in the fridge, and freeze.
  • You can get your money back for free for thirty days plus an e reduction. An e-book. You Can Order Two Classic Ice Trays And A Warranty - Click The Add To Cart Button Now and Try It Risk Free!

Selected User Reviews For SUMPRI Sphere Ice Maker

Hard plastic ones are far inferior to these

I love the big cubes, they come in handy. It is a little tricky to create the spheres, but they end up looking great In light of the problems I'm reading most of you are having, I am a bit embarrassed. I thought it was common sense, and yet you still upload a picture of the problem. When I place the tray on a wooden board, I do not fill it all the way up because water expands when it freezes, but if I have to, which happens, I just squeeze the top with my fingers, making sure all the sides are well compressed. We won't be able to create perfect spheres, but we can get very close, so challenge accepted wash the containers every other time with filtered alkaline water, and there is no bad taste or odor. You should wash everything you receive as soon as you receive it.

Saylor Carter - 30/07/2021
It makes big ice, but do not expect clear ice

I like it because it makes big cubes and large enough spheres, which can easily be removed from the mold if you need to. It may seem like you will read about all these tricks to make clear ice (cooking it, filtering it, dehydrating it, etc) but ultimately I think you will just be disappointed if what you hope for is clear ice. This type of tray produces cloudy ice most of the time. It seems that to get clear ice typically requires a slow freezing situation, and those other expensive apparatus/trays create a situation in which the ice slowly freezes from the top down and forces bubbles and impurities downwards out of the cube/sphere it is creating. I'm so sorry. You can buy these trays for a reasonable price if you don't care about the clarity of the ice and just want big cubes for your drinks.

Wade CONNOR - 03/06/2021
The sphere ones were thrown away! It has been great using the cubes and does not leave a weird residue behind

I had to throw away the ones with spheres because no matter how many times I washed and used them, they had this powdery residue that transferred to them and ended up in The one I threw away ended up being lost. I am devastated!.

Noe Lam - 13/05/2021
Don't worry about it

It is far better to utilize other options. There is something wrong with this product. It was rushed to market and poorly designed. I don't like the design of the ball cube trays. There is a trail of water in the freezer from them since they fail to seal well. A poorly designed novelty that appears to have the same surface area as a standard ice cube is that the balls themselves are no longer round since the mold halves separate, and they are also physicaly small due to the mold halves splitting. While the square cube tray is a bit better, the size is larger, but there is still As for the silicone material itself, it is in need of improvement. was necessary to wash and run three ice cycles to get rid of the chemical manufacturing odor. This is not a worthwhile investment of time, money, and effort.

Raiden Daniels - 16/02/2021
It's so fun to make ice with this SUMPRI mold! Perfectly round cubes that look great in a glass of tea or any other healthy beverage

In accordance with the expected arrival date, I received my SUMPRI ice molds. Using my Sumpri ice molds, I had a chance to make ice My heart skips a beat when I hear As I didn't want to use the spherical ones right away, I tried the spherical ones first. I love how they turned out! Work with you has been so easy! As well as the square blue one, I'm planning on using it. It's so nice to have ice cubes that big! Several batches of ice cubes have been made and I'm ready to pack them up I now have a third one in the freezer because I'm storing them in Ziploc bags. It makes a beautiful ice cube to fill them with fresh fruit. I would like to think of other uses for them in the future. After watching a few videos on youtube, I found out you could do that. SUMPRI has provided us with a product of excellent quality!.

Byron Clarke - 15/07/2021
A great product at a great price

In terms of my favorite product right now, I prefer the square cubes because they're just a bit larger and easier to fill without spilling than the spheres cubes.

Kristian Alvarado - 22/04/2021
I recommend it! Using these trays for ice is good for wine, since it does not water it down as much as using regular ice

*br>The blue cube trays are easy to use, but you have to thoroughly clean them after use. Once you use the ice cube for the first few times, there is powder all over There must have been no powder in it until I washed it four times before I realized. It was rather annoying, I certainly wouldn't want to put it in our guests' drinks! In the beginning, I rinsed off the frozen pieces before putting them in my drink. The circles tend to be tough to seal and stay sealed since they are so small. You want to put the tray on a tray and make sure it is fully filled and then freeze it. I was disappointed because my freezer appears to be a slide-out drawer, so I was about a 50-minute walk You get a 50 percent chance! It is a joy to make ice cubes when they are ready! There is no doubt I highly recommend this product. We always have Halloween parties, and I'm looking forward to putting little novelty spiders and such inside of these and using them in punches!.

Katalina Weiss - 01/01/2021
It pains me to have to leave such a poor review, but there are many others like me

Unfortunately, I must leave such low reviews as I have the same problem as many others - ugly floaters that made my drink completely unusable. A full refund will be provided for the product.

Lochlan LAW - 03/06/2021