Style Setter Beverage Cold Drink Dispenser Review

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Easy to assemble 4.4 
Easy to clean 3.8 
Durability 3.0 
Sturdiness 2.9 
Value for money 2.6 
  • Large capacity.
  • With metal stand included.
  • Glass is too fragile.

Style Setter Beverage Cold Drink Dispenser Product Description

You can display and serve cold drinks in this gorgeous crystalline glass container at a variety of events. This product has a capacity of 1.9 gallons, which is perfect for large batches of lemonade, tea, punch, mixed drinks, etc. The spigot is positioned so it can be poured at optimal height and angles on a table or counter. A leak-proof glass lid and leak-proof glass lid with a non-drip spring also are included.

  • Drink Dispenser with High Capacity and Crystal Glass Container for Display and Serving Cold Drinks to Guests, a Perfect Choice for Parties & Events This 9 gallon capacity machine is ideal for making large batches of lemonade, iced tea, punch, mixed drinks, and more.
  • This stylish, long-lasting design features thick, durable glass paired with a pretty metal stand. The glass disc lid is leakproof and the non-drip spigot is ideally positioned for filling atop a table or counter.
  • CONVENIENCE OF FAST, EASY CLEANING - Top is easily removable, so you can refill with ice, liquid, lemon, lime slices, mint and other ingredients throughout the party for cleanup, simply hand wash, allow to dry, and store for next use.
  • ADD THE COOL COUNTRY STYLE TO YOU EVENT! This decorative pitcher is the perfect centerpiece or buffet décor for birthdays, dinner parties, holidays, weddings, barbeques, baby showers, outdoor events, pool parties, picnics, and more!
  • Make sure your drinks and ice are always cold - Don't let your guests get thirsty! This product includes an airtight seal and thick glass insulation to ensure chilled beverages stay fresh for the duration of the event it also comes with a gift box for packaging or presenting it immediately.

Questions & Answers

My guess is that these are made in Atlantis.
If yes, please let me know The size of the object is approximately 8-inches tall A width of 12".
Our apologies I am not sure. My original decision was changed when I returned mine.

Selected User Reviews For Style Setter Beverage Cold Drink Dispenser

I do not recommend it (2/5)

It has a cheap quality spout. This is leaking. They will be used for laundry detergent and softener, so I ordered two of them. This is real glass and it is sturdy. As soon as they are out of the box, they look really good. I set them up to look even better in my laundry room once they were in place. There is a leak in the spout and the mess is enormous. As you lift it up to pour, the spout itself moves around. It is made of a cheap plastic that is easily damaged. From the pictures, you can see that the water leaks from the point where the glass touches the spout. Since the soap and softener leak and travel under the jars, I have to clean under them constantly. When I tried super gluing it (that yellow stuff you see around the spout), it did not work. As a result, I'll have to replace them since it's a waste of product. I should have tested their performance with water before putting in the softener and detergent. The quality of these items for the price isn't the best. It might be that they shouldn't be used long term? There are better options to try out. I do not recommend this product.

Jase Shepard - 21/07/2021
Iced tea goes great with this (5/5)

In the past, we had a KitchenAid cold brew coffee maker that we used for making iced tea, but it was too small so we purchased The next morning, I have iced tea for a week after I put 2 1oz tea bags into the container and put it in the refrigerator. It keeps it fresh for a few weeks, and the dispenser is great.

Remi HUSSAIN - 18/01/2021
Item number 210768 by American Atelier (2/5)

Fits the base but not the cap. The American Atelier 210768 is the only model on this page. There are 15 or so models here so I'll focus on that. A 2 out of 5. It has a glass container that holds 6 gallons and is supported by a wooden stand. A problem lies in the fact that the bottom of the glass wasn't the same size (too large) as the wooden base, so it doesn't sit flush inside and Fill with water causes it to be very unstable. Due to its lack of usability, I am returning it to the seller. On the other hand, while the Style Setter 210767 works perfectly on its base and is stable when filled with water, the 210767 does not. The glass on both models is extremely thin and will break if dropped. Please handle both models.

Zain Hogan - 06/05/2021
This was edited There is a leaky spigot and crumbled styrofoam packaging (4/5)

The mess is out of control! This was edited In order to fix the spigot, we were planning to add caulking or do something creative. Our research yielded the idea that you can screw on and tighten the lid from the inside of The only complaint I have now is the messy packaging. There is no leak now, so no complaints there. Upon opening the box, I faced a huge mess of static electric styrofoam beads all over the room. A large number of pieces of styrofoam had broken off of the packaging. Even removing the glass jar from their own weight proved too much for me. I used styrofoam beads tape to remove them from the surrounding surfaces, and I used a drain plug to protect my kitchen sink plumbing. After rinsing them with water, I let them dry. However, it took some effort on my part. Rather than fill the jug with water to test the spigot, I filled the bottle with water to check for leaks. A steady flow of liquid poured out from the spigot from the moment the liquid reached it. In my opinion, it is totally useless and has been a waste of time even to open am not sure how I will return it - the packaging has already been That's a real bummer!.

Jasmine Harris - 24/04/2021
I use this for the infused water my family drinks (5/5)

Each day, I fill it with flavored fruit water to help increase my family's water intake, and this dispenser is perfect! It is sturdy, easy to clean, and very I love how it complements the farmhouse theme of my home. I couldn't be happier with my.

Anahi McKenzie - 05/07/2021
You should not purchase a cooler if you plan to add ice to it (1/5)

Having owned two of these pitchers, we found them to be quite useful. A crack appeared in the first one after it lasted for a while. It's because we love it so much that we bought it again. After repurchasing this item only a week later, it has broken once We use ice in the water, and this may be the cause of the problem. If you need to use it for something cold, I would not buy this. Apart from that, it's amazing, but definitely not able to withstand temperatures below freezing.

Braxton Burnett - 10/07/2021
I love it (5/5)

Despite the fact that it is not thick glass, I wanted something less industrial and more elegant Of course, you can't easily clean it. The size of it is enormous. The problem is not with the product, but with the size of the sink. However, I really love the sink. There is no leakage from the spigot and the wood base is perfect.

Kira BULL - 20/05/2021
I'm drinking my iced tea out of this jug (5/5)

It has no leaks, and I love it. Iced teas are great with this fruit.

Zachariah Harper - 29/07/2021