Stolzle New York Bar Collins Glasses Review

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Robustez 4.6 
Excelente inversión 4.4 
Durabilidad 4.0 
  • Sleek and simple look.
  • Have the content capacity of over 14oz.
  • Fragile from sides.

Stolzle New York Bar Collins Glasses Product Description

Often the simplest things are most useful, and Stolzle’s set of six glasses distills all of the key elements of the Collins glass up to their simplest essence. Its slender design and capacity of over 14 ounces will allow you to fit as many ice, spirits, and mixers as you need in each and every one of them. Despite their minimal design, they have a lot of power: Since the glasses are made of lead-free crystal, they will shine brilliantly and will rival traditional lead crystal for clarity. It will be easy to drink from them for years to come since they are dishwasher-safe and have a sturdy base.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • The 14-seater facility is fully ADA compliant. One pound and twenty five ounces.
  • Crystal clear with no lead.
  • The bottom is heavy.
  • Safety when placed in a dishwasher.
  • A style that exudes elegance.

Selected User Reviews For Stolzle New York Bar Collins Glasses

The combination of versatility and elegance (5/5)

For my second purchase of Stolzle New York glasses, I went to The Eyes of New York website. especially loved the look and feel of these glasses, they were crystal clear and enhanced the appearance of any beverage. The heavy bottom made them stable and balanced as well. They measure six inches in width and six inches in height. 2" x 5" These can hold up to 14 items and measure 25" tall. They hold a soda can size (12oz) with a few ice cubes, so they will hold a 12-ounce serving of soda. You can also mix these with cocktails like Mojitos or John Collins, or even with mixers like rum & cachaça Despite their thin walls, the ones I own have not broken easily when I have used them a lot. I bought a pack of four years ago and have used them a lot. The only one that broke was my fault, so they aren't easy to break. The Stolzle makes a clear nice tone that lasts when tapped so that's a good sign. Good crystal makes the sound of a bell when it's tapped. It has been my pleasure to own these collins glasses for many years, and I have received numerous compliments about them.

Annalise CHADWICK - 02/04/2021
A mistake has been made in the description (1/5)

This is an 11 oz glass, not a This item is 25oz as indicated by the picture in the bullet. There is a difference between what the upper portion of the item listing indicates and what they are actually like.

Vera Cannon - 15/01/2021
Several of the glasses I received were defective (2/5)

I suspect it is purely aesthetic, but it is As far as the glasses themselves go, they seem to be in good shape. The glasses have been designed and have held up well for the past few months, but I noticed recently that several of them have an uneven bottom on the inside (maybe 5 degrees). Despite the fact that I did not realize this until after the 30 day return period, I seem to have no other recourse since I did not notice this until after I had turned the product back. A discount. The company does not know how to sell subcontractors Units made from inferior parts and passed off as authentic).

Korbin Stewart - 18/04/2021
There is nothing fancy about this Glasses like these are perfect for mixing up a Collins (4/5)

There are a couple of minor flaws, but they are not more than I expected. Here's a simple bar glass with a chimney design. Exactly what we need!.

Penelope Daniel - 13/06/2021
The ideal solution (5/5)

This is for my tall drink. An excellent piece of writing.

Phillip Nixon - 01/07/2021
I just noticed that my glasses are starting to break on their own! These glasses are beautiful, sturdy, and the perfect size (1/5)

They came as a package and I enjoyed them for a short time until the lip of my glass simply came Right, I was eating dinner and a portion of the lip of my glass just popped off and fell to the floor. Somebody had bitten into it, judging from the way it looked! After getting the first one, I thought it was strange. Three other glasses have done the same within one week. When I use, wash and store these glasses, I take good care of There is no way I can make it up.

Chandler Moon - 30/03/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

In case you are bothered by the uneven bottom, I like the look but don't like it.

Noah Preston - 03/06/2021
My favorite shopping experience of the day (5/5)

I picked up the Collins and old-fashioned Neither can be considered less than the best. The quality of the glassware in my home bar is great, and this is an excellent deal. Glasses with a smooth base and a flawless glass are designed to be perfect for reading. I wash them by hand because they are so beautiful. They can be put in the dishwasher, but I prefer to do it my way.

Jakob Chaney - 13/02/2021