Stella Artois Better World 2019 Peru Beer Chalice Review

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Giftable 4.8 
Sturdiness 4.7 
Value for money 4.6 
Durability 4.4 
  • Keeps your beer nice and cold.
  • Hand-crafted with a unique tulip shape.
  • Fragile Body.

Stella Artois Better World 2019 Peru Beer Chalice Product Description

The walls of beer chalices are often thicker and the stems are usually longer. There can also be an etching on the bottom of the glass that allows carbonation to activate. Various sizes are available, and they usually occupy about 8 to 18 ounces each. This beer is for you. Whenever a Stella Artois Better World Beer Chalice is sold, the world gains a little bit of goodness. The amount of water you have contributed to the world’s water crisis is more than enough for us to award you gold stars.

  • Water was partnered with to create this project. The World Water Organization can help to solve the global crisis of water.
  • Stella Artois will donate 5 years of clean drinking water to someone in a developing country for every Chalice sold and shipped through their company. We will not make donations on the basis of Chalices sold by sellers other than ourselves.
  • Stella Artois' hand-crafted chalices are decorated in a unique Tulip shape to enhance the experience and taste.
  • A full-color Stella Artois logo is displayed on the rim of this beer. With Stella Artois Star detailing, the stem keeps your beer cold, and the bottle is easy to carry.
  • This product can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • There are 33 drinks in a bottle and 11 drinks in a liter. The Liquid oz. container holds 2 fluid oz.

Questions & Answers

A Michigan native, I was born and raised. The purpose of this is to provide drinkable water to people who lack access to it. During my one year stay in Flint, I learned a lot about the city. It has been 5 years since the financial I don't think there are any problems there you can filter the water if you want to. You should take your ignorance somewhere else.
There is no gold trim on this item. It is not possible to microwave metal.
Yes it is.
The Stella Artois Limited Edition Cambodia Chalice, 33cl can be purchased at the following address Go to http//www. The Amazon website. Accessed at http//

Selected User Reviews For Stella Artois Better World 2019 Peru Beer Chalice

I don't have room in my glass for that many boxes (5/5)

Though I love the product, the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. Money is donated for water and the environment is hurt with recycling boxes that we can no longer recycle.

Alexandra Paul - 04/08/2021
The most beautiful thing I've ever seen (5/5)

The 2018 chalice for Mexico caught my eye and I was thinking about it. I'm glad I got the Mexico 2019 Chalice, and I urge you to do the same. In terms of the design etched into the glass of the 2019, it is 100 times better than last year's, but I have a soft spot for cacti, old missions, and whatnot. Maybe I am partial to them. Being a native of the northern border with Mexico, I'm happy that I can give back in some small There is no such thing as too Aside from that, I highly doubt that the water will be unable to pass through "the wall".

Luciano Bentley - 10/03/2021
I was disappointed with the quality of the printing, despite the fun designs (2/5)

The previous Water I own is still in good condition. With red logo printing and full-color lenses, the Stella Artois Limited Edition glasses are in perfect condition The glass art printed on the previous sets has a much higher quality, with a glossy finish that matches the gold rim of the frames. Compared to the old glasses, these have a bumpier finish that is almost matte, and there is There is a feeling that it will be easy to remove the paint. As well as that, the white interior color doesn't match the black outline very well, with the white interior color being darker than the black. Additionally, the golden horn logo at the top of the shield logo differs from the regular shield logo. Those are nice for $5, I guess, but I wouldn't pay The new set does not look like it is made with quality in mind.

Davina NORTH - 18/06/2021
My limited edition Stella Artois Chalices were destined for me (5/5)

This limited edition Mexico Chalice looked just perfect. I love how the color The container is extremely sturdy and keeps your drinks cold even if you freeze them ahead of time. I will definitely order more and they make great gifts for weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Juelz Bullock - 07/03/2021
The glass is too small for so many boxes (5/5)

Though I love the product, the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. Money is donated for water and the environment is hurt with recycling boxes that we can no longer recycle.

Forrest BIRCH - 11/07/2021
The Stella Artois brand is doing well (3/5)

It was a good choice for me due to my love for Stella and the idea that they donate to help other countries get access to It was disappointing to discover that this was a smaller glass than usual. There is an attractive blue tint to the glass and it is made of a thick, solid material I did not feel this was cheesy thin and easily broken.

Kai Munoz - 24/07/2021
Upon arrival, the Mexico Glass was In the case of the Peru and Tanzania glasses, their quality is excellent, but the Mexico glass is broken and I would like it to be replaced (1/5)


Scarlette Mack - 18/05/2021
Gift that you won't forget (5/5)

It was only natural that I wanted to get him the proper beer glass for Christmas since Stella is his favorite beer! My choices were influenced by the fact that the Mexico edition was for a great cause which helped third world countries supply their citizens with clean drinking water, so I chose this I am glad that my guy likes it so much that he brought it along to his parents' house so he could.

Bailee POWER - 30/01/2021