Spiegelau Cocktail Glasses, Review

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  • Elegant V-shaped design.
  • Suitable for martini cocktails.
  • Classy look.
  • It doesn't have a stem.

Spiegelau Cocktail Glasses, Product Description

“Spiegelau and Riedel make good glassware, which is both affordable and classy,” Kong says. (For more information, visit While there are other styles equally suitable for serving Martinis, it is always convenient to have a V-shaped glass on hand for drinks like Dirty Martinis, Vespers, 50/50s, and so forth. gorgeous Spiegelau cocktail glasses are wonderfully petite, simplistic and have fine etching on the base, so they are the perfect choice for your Martini cocktails. These 6-ounce stemless glasses feature a contemporary design created in collaboration with renowned bartender Stephan Hinz. They are dishwasher safe as well as lead and cadmium free.

  • A perfect set of cocktail glasses that includes four elegant coupe glasses for Manhattans or any cocktail you wish to serve. Whether serving beer, wine, or soft drinks, Spiegelau barware is the best of the best.
  • BARWARE MADE FROM LEAD-FREE CRYSTAL - The glassware in this set is made from brilliant white lead-free crystal for a sophisticated look. Stephan Hinz, cocktail master and award-winning mixologist, collaborated with the experts of Spigelau to create an innovative line of barware.
  • MADE TO LAST - With Spiegelau's Platinum Glass process, your glassware will last and look beautiful for a very long time. To achieve the best results, use mild detergents and rinse thoroughly to avoid soap residue. For best results, give your hands a good scrub and polish.
  • High-end glassware makes a gorgeous gift - Consider giving this set as a wedding gift or housewarming present to someone with impeccable taste. Crystal glassware makes a good gift that not only lasts for years but also presents effortless sophistication.
  • A CELEBRATION OF 500 YEARS OF GERMAN CRAFTSMANSHIP - Starting out in the early 1500s, Spiegelau initially made fine glass mirrors for European royal courts. Now the company crafts modern glassware to modern standards. This room is perfect for entertaining and for living graciously.

Questions & Answers

It takes care on the part of the Spiegelau designers to ensure that the seam line is barely noticeable.
That's not the case, in my opinion. There is a German accent here They did not use lead crystal to make It's not the first time I've placed these glasses in the dishwasher The dishes can be washed in the dishwasher.
Filling the 8 fl. bottle to the top, it is It weighs 2oz.
Thirteen ounces can be held in it.

Selected User Reviews For Spiegelau Cocktail Glasses,

This item is completely inappropriate for its intended use (1/5)

A quality glass object made in the Spiegelgau range, the Spiegelgau Large mixing Glass looks good. I am not impressed with it as a Mixing Glass. While individual glasses are supposed to hold 26 oz, in practice you cannot fill a single glass with more than 4 oz It is impossible to pour out of the lip. The amount you pour drops down the side of the "Mixing Glass" rather than into the cocktail glass when you pour more volume into the "Mixing Glass". A stirred cocktail was designed by someone who had never made a stirred cocktail, much less attempted to serve one. The way it made it onto the market is totally baffling to me. You will be able to find the vase you are looking for or something similar. It is not appropriate to mix and serve cocktails with this object. If you are hoping to mix and serve cocktails, be wary.

Ira Shields - 23/03/2021
Great rock glasses! I really like them (5/5)

These glasses are really cool and I like them a lot. There is a large sphere ice cube in these that I use for an Old Fashioned. This size is a bit bigger than that of the picks I used to use and allows me to put a cherry on one if I desire to have one as part of Before, I could only place a cherry on the top of my previous glasses (which were free promotional whiskey glasses). Due to the fact that these are very new, I only gave four stars for durability and sturdiness, since it's far too early to judge. The draft beer I have used has been the Spieglau craft beer These glasses have been my staple for about 10 years now and I love the durability and shape of them despite the thinness as compared to traditional.

Hamza Stein - 29/06/2021
The quality of these products is excellent, and they can go in the dishwasher! My boyfriend loved these, so I wanted to etch them to give them as a gift! My memories of Spiegelau glasses date back to the 1980s, and they have never disappointed me (5/5)

The stencils are created with my Cricut machine, and I etch them with Armour Etch after cutting them with stencil vinyl. I love this technique because it makes them look like you spent hundreds of dollars on them. It is difficult to get the stencils on the wall. Especially because they're so affordable, excellent quality, and so bright and clear that they really can be put in the dishwasher, I love the Spiegelau glasses. Under $100, these are some of the best glasses you can get!.

Emelia Cardenas - 02/03/2021
This glass is a hard to find size (5/5)

It is my favorite because of the design on the base of the stem. For a martini, the size of the bowl is perfect. In my opinion, these are well-made, heavy and feel good in my hands. I would buy this product.

Lucca Buckley - 02/07/2021
It is a beautiful product, although the price is a bit high (4/5)

It's a beautiful pitcher for cocktails. The reason I bought it was that it was slightly larger than most cocktail pitchers, very pretty, and perfectly suited what I needed. It is possible that the price is a bit high - With a 5-point scale.

Emerson Wright - 04/01/2021
I gave my pet a As part of his birthday gift, I bought him these (5/5)

It is absolutely love at first sight for him His tastes in gifts are pretty discriminating as well! It's a pleasure to work with them!.

Holly David - 14/04/2021
An elegant glass of a small size (4/5)

It would be nice to have these glasses in a smaller size. I like the shape, and the design on the base adds visual interest. The height is 5 inches and the weight is 8 ounces. The capacity of this facility is 350 kHz Although I find them to be a little dainty, my husband finds them to be quite charming. Manufacturer claims they can be washed in a dishwasher That has proven to be the case so far. To prevent anything else from touching them, I make sure nothing else is in the dishwasher.

Marvin Figueroa - 20/06/2021
For those who like a heavy feel, a long drink glass like this is perfect (4/5)

For those who like a heavy feel, a long drink glass like this is perfect.

Dion Mason - 25/04/2021