Sparq vodka shooter set Review

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  • Keep your whiskey and other alcoholic beverages cold without diluting them with water.
  • Simple to Use.
  • It's a great gift idea for pals.
  • The issue of availability is a worry.

Sparq vodka shooter set Product Description

Sparq’s shot glasses boast a Scandinavian design and a function that are comparable to that of its Danish counterparts. Each of the glasses is carved from a single piece of soapstone, making them able to conserve heat for much longer than a regular glass would. In addition to cooling drinks without diluting them, the soapstone is also a natural aerator. If you wish to serve your drinks in the fridge or freezer, place the glasses there first. Then pour a shot into the shot glass and use the rustic wooden serving tray as a vehicle for transporting (or, if not running, you can store the shot glasses in the caddy). You can easily clean them by simply putting them in the dishwasher after you’re done sipping. The glasses measure 3.7 by 3.7 by 4.5 inches and have a capacity of 2 ounces.

  • WHERE YOU CAN KEEP YOUR WHISKEY AND BEER COLD WITHOUT WATERING IT DOWN With this premium whiskey soap stone tumbler gift set, every sip tastes the way it was intended, undiluted by ice. This is the perfect whiskey for whiskey lovers!
  • A great gift idea for friends, colleagues, bosses, and dads. The 4 shot vodka shooter is perfect for a party or barbecue. It allows you to share your favorite top shelf alcohol with your friends and family.
  • NO TASTE NOR ODOR - These odorless soap stone tumblers won't ruin your beverages by making them taste earthy or giving them an odd The soapstone soapstones are made from natural soapstone and are 100% environmentally.
  • Easy to use Store in the freezer for a super-cold shot or simply out in the open to look all kinds of cool. Rinse gently and place in the freezer after rinsing. Specifically designed for a brilliant appearance, these tumblers offer a great look.
  • SOAPSTONE IS USED IN THE MAKING OF SIPPING STONES! Material such as this is made of 100% certified safe materials and can maintain its temperature if properly stored. Rinse them thoroughly before use, store them in your freezer, and after use simply pour two or three stones into your beverage and let it sit for a few moments, covering the stones completely. When the drink is chilled, rinse, dry, and return the stones to your freezer.

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A smaller size. It is very easy for them to crack through.
Here is a picture you can study.

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You've done a great job Cracks are common in concrete (2/5)

Approximately 1/5 of the two cups I bought were fissured in the hairline region, creating small areas where liquid can seep Each set of cutting boards was hand washed with hot water prior to use and was not put through a The boxes were well packed and it does not look like the products were damaged during shipment There does not seem to be anything unusual here rather, it appears to be just normal cracking and fissures associated with stone. Unfortunately, they don't look as good as they should. Despite being in poor condition, they aren't completely worthless, although I do not have much hope they can last much longer.

Lara Bullock - 22/06/2021
Buying is not a good idea (1/5)

It is not worth the trouble. First time using it, it cracked after putting it in the freezer.

Julie Nolan - 29/07/2021