Sonder Los Angeles Large End Grain Walnut Wood Cutting Board Review

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  • Built-in Versatile Compartments.
  • Deep Juice Slots.
  • Great Quality.
  • Quite Expensive.

Selected User Reviews For Sonder Los Angeles Large End Grain Walnut Wood Cutting Board

There will never be any need to replace this board again! Please see &nbsp" To start with, I am thoroughly surprised by the performance of this board

A chef with over 16 years of experience, I am an executive chef. When I opened this board (video in the unboxing section), I was overwhelmed with joy as I gazed in wonder at the deeply decadent walnut used to create it. Having a cutting board that feels and looks super luxurious is always a pleasure as a chef. The Alfred board meets all my needs in every way. The wood is smooth, and because of the color, it can stand up to a lot of pressure from heavy Each of the rubber feet on each corner ensures there is no movement on the board and that the board is completely secure. In addition to the carving side with a juice reservoir to catch all of the juices, this board has three sections for prepping your food while cooking. The other section houses your prep items while you cook your dish. I've noticed (over the years) that a lot of boards don't have deep channels, so juice either fills up, or spills when you're moving the board. The Alfred board holds a lot of volume, keeping your workspace clutter-free. The food was clean and the board was clean. As well as the three compartments on the flip side, they are generously Using them to prepare any type of meal is a great idea for the home cook. What really rings a bell to me about this board is the satisfying sound that it makes when my knife makes contact with it. My board responded with some gusto once again, which was nice to see. timber is much stronger than most woods, allowing a sharp knife to be used with a bit of pressure without effortlessly marking it. Boards like this one definitely have attitude and show it. *br> It is very easy to clean this board. Using a soft cloth, wipe away oil and fat. If you plan on scrubbing this board with something coarse, I recommend leaving it alone. The fact that it is an amazing backdrop for food photography is also worth mentioning. A board like this is recommended for use at home and in a commercial The thoughtfulness of the product makes it outstanding in its field. If you know of a home cook, chef, food blogger, food stylist, or a wood-lover, you could give them this gift.

Yasmin Haynes - 08/07/2021
This is an amazing product that is updated In spite of the fact that it looks great out of the box, the product ends up falling apart after only a couple of weeks

Despite the fact that I cook only a few times a week and always hand wash my cutting boards, the glue in my cutting board came apart within a shockingly short period of time. When I use the cutting board it rocks and is unstable due to the warping of the wood. I noticed this happening only a few weeks after using it, and it continued to worsen. I didn't realize it would get this bad. I had to buy a new cutting board. My expectation was that it would last for longer than a few months. It shouldn't be marketed as a cutting board but as a serving board. This is unacceptable for a product at this price point, and I regret buying it. *UPDATE After other negative reviews indicated that the warranty was broken, I contacted the company about the warranty, and they sent me a replacement free of charge. It's pretty clear that this company cares quite a bit about its products, as evidenced by its phenomenal customer service. Due to that alone, as well as the fact that the replacement board arrived very quickly and is of great quality, I have raised my rating. On the new board, no extra glue pieces or other defects could be found. I should oil it about every three weeks with mineral oil as recommended by the company, which is a little more frequent than I was doing before. The review will be updated as time goes on and I hope it stands the test of time.

Colette Silva - 31/05/2021
Having owned Alfred for a few years, it has been my most reliable cutting board

Please see &nbsp" In a very well padded and secure box, the Sonders LA Alfred cutting board was shipped to me quickly and carefully. They did a wonderful job delivering the package and leaving a nice picture of where they left it. Despite its size and shape, the cutting board is a beautiful piece. *br>The color and wood grain stand out and look amazing together. In addition to the fabulous look, the board actually has some really useful functionality as well. *br>For example, use the compartments on one side to chop up garlic or chives, or any other herbs, and then slide the chopped pieces into the compartments on the other side. This will help you use your time more efficiently because you don't have to stop cutting just to cut scrap and dump into what you are preparing. You can cut all the scraps first and then dump it all into the thing you are preparing at the same time. Despite its tiny size, you can still use it as a serving board. I found that you can place approximately five varieties of cheese on the board while still having sufficient room for breads or crackers, as well as nuts or other items that you would like to serve as an appetizer. As a whole, this is a fantastic board and a fantastic brand. I highly recommend it as a gift for anyone who might want one for a housewarming or housewarming party.

Desmond Black - 03/01/2021