Soireehome Wine Aerator Review

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Giftable 5.0 
Easy to use 4.6 
Flavor 4.6 
Easy to clean 4.5 
Durability 3.3 
  • Enhances the wine quality.
  • Durable tool.
  • Ease of use.
  • Great design and stylish.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Package includes a drying rack.
  • It has weak silicone rings.

Soireehome Wine Aerator Product Description

The best wine aerators are simple and easy to use. Aerating wine in the bottle with this device is as simple as inserting it into the bottle and tilting it to fill the bubble part of the aerator. The aeration occurs as the wine swirls in the bubble when the bottle is poured. Aerators are hand-blown from borosilicate glass and this lead-free aerator fits any wine bottle without worries about leaks because the silicone gasket prevents leaks.

A draining rack comes with it so you can easily clean it. It is strong enough to process the dishwasher and can withstand the heat. Soiree effectively aerates the wine in such a way that users claim to feel a sensory feast after using it. In addition, it comes with a full money-back guarantee, so there is no need to worry even if you are dissatisfied with it. Unless you’re looking for a wine aerator that contains lead or other chemicals which can harm your body, the Soiree wine aerator is your best option. The amount of lead in this product is totally safe to use, so you won’t have to worry about ingesting too much lead.

  • Soirée in-bottle wine aerators are easy to use and perfect for making wine more enjoyable. You can tilt the pitcher during the pouring process to achieve the degree of aeration you desire. This makes Soirée a versatile product that can be used on red and white wines alike.
  • AWESOME WINEFUL WINE FLAVORS INSTANTLY Worry-free for both seasoned wine connoisseurs and new hosts alike, this instant wine decanter will enhance every dining experience with the perfect balance of flavors.
  • HANDMADE OF BORISILIC GLASS, Soirée is dishwasher-safe and 5X thicker than a typical A silicone gasket that has been approved for food use firmly fits most cork and screwcap bottles. Clean-up is made easy with the inclusion of a drying rack.
  • Perfect present Our Soirée lives up to its reputation for making a $ 10 bottle of wine taste like it's a $ 20 It would be unthinkable not to have a Soirée in your home bar or kitchen if you drink wine.
  • Our company has been built on the gourmet principles of the wine industry.

Questions & Answers

No, you do not need two soirées for your event, unless you will be serving some wine at the same time. In fact, all wines require oxygen to catalyze and release their aromas, so it is recommended to decant whites. You can aerate your wine to make it taste better when you trust your taste buds. You'll enjoy it!
It has been about a year since I bought my Soiree aerator, and I never had a problem with it breaking while opening a bottle (but I'm always on the lookout for it). You must twist gently while applying a light pressure on the aerator so that you do not put excessive pressure on it. It goes into the hole easier when the tip is threaded, like a bolt or screw, so that the tip can be rotated as you push.
The product is made The site is designed and developed by Napa Valley, California resident Soireehome.
Further aeration occurs in the wine as it slides back into the bottle.

Selected User Reviews For Soireehome Wine Aerator

This plant is very delicate, but it does very well (3/5)

This was a good app that did the job that it was intended to do. This caused the machine to break. (((I'm not sure what part of the "new" material they advertise as "extremely durable," but I had it for a month, and used it once. How many bottles do you have? When I placed it into my silicone bottom lined sink (nothing else was in the sink), it cracked. (Possibly it was against the non-governmental I outlined part of it, but it wasn't like I dropped it in there (Although I do not like the aerators that require two hands to operate, nor the ones that force you to pour the wine back into the bottle. I could give it another go. It seems so simple, but I wonder why the glass cannot be made more durable! - (*br>- Here are some additional points I want to add. After I posted, I got an e-mail from Soiree Home shortly after I did so. You've got a replacement on the way! It was amazing to see what a level of service I could expect from a company with cool, usefully designed products. I now like the company even Thank you for the level of attention you put into.

Alaric Franco - 28/04/2021
Great work with the air compressor (3/5)

It's more important to have an adequate storage base. It would be unfair to give the aerator itself a 5 star rating. Aerators make things interesting to observe while also allowing some of the stuffier reds to taste better by opening them up. Definitely pour upside down for the best results the bottle can be completely upside down. In this case, the container is shaped as a bottle, and it holds the aerator upright in a nice upright position. There is also a drainage hole to allow the aerator to air Getting an aerator to stay upright and to prevent it from rolling is great. Sadly, the base was not made of very good material, and it literally snapped off while I was removing the aerator. You can see the picture here. As soon as I picked up the piece to examine it after it broke, I noticed a prominent "Made in China" sticker. I was very disappointed, but it was in a way funny.

Houston Sawyer - 26/06/2021
Aerator is cool, but the design needs to be improved! There is an unfortunate design flaw in the product itself that, after just one week of use, began interfering with its functionality (2/5)

It does a good job of aerating the wine and provides a good amount of oxygen. The rubber at the bottom of the glass should be flush with the bottom of the rubber at the base, as you can see in the picture. The amount increased over the course of using different bottles (and over the course of a couple of uses). I tried to fix it by gently pulling the rubber material down when I pulled it, it immediately tore. I used very little force to fix it. As far as I'm concerned, there are a few more uses to be had before the rubber is completely displaced, so I'm hoping to use it until it's no longer useful This means changing the function of the bottle so that it cannot stay in the bottle.

Yahir Ingram - 22/02/2021
The best aerator I've ever seen! I could stop breaking them if I stopped breaking Three of these aerators have been in my water system, and I probably won't get a fourth (4/5)

My love is thwarted by my constant breaking of The reason why I'm clumsy with them is that I will knock them over often. I'm a bit sorry, but I also may break them. Of course, glass is fragile, so that's not the fault Using this, you are able to aerate wine in an extremely elegant manner After using this aerator, I can taste the difference compared with not using one, and I've used other aerators, but she does a better job. Despite its simplicity of use and functionality, this aerator offers a lot of great features. All of the glass bottles I have used it on have fit well with the stopper It leaked just a bit maybe one or two times over the years, when I've been using these. One of the benefits of an aerator like this is its ability to This type of aerator allows you to pour your wine through with one hand, which is more convenient / less difficult than that type. It is worth noting that Vinturi is a very beautiful aerator in the bottle as well. I also have an aerator that requires two hands but you do need to be careful not to drip wine on the countertop, etc. . . . I don't think it's important, but it makes a beautiful bottle of wine. It's design and really lovely glass do make the bottle look pretty. *br>*br>My only complaint is that it's not that easy to After use, it is pretty easy to clean as long as you remove it fairly quickly with hot water, but if (like me) you leave it in the aerator for more than a day after use, it tends to stain the sides. As of yet I have not found a tool that is capable of reaching the curved out sides of this aerator. It was easy to clean by soaking it in hot, soapy water for a bit and then shaking the water around over and over when that happened, but it took some time. Obviously you cannot put it So, ultimately, the aerator works well and is convenient to use, as well as looking good in the bottle. In general, it will be an excellent aerator if you are committed to cleaning it sooner rather than later to avoid staining, and if you are careful handling it.

Jasiah Elliott - 17/04/2021
This is the best product in its category (5/5)

About ten years ago, I had the earlier version of this product and it finally stopped working. (How it lasted so long is amazing. it regularly and am very pleased with it. It's now an essential part of my life. This one is now more durable, so I doubt it will ever break. I ordered a new one, and they now make them a lot better. It is also nice to have the universal attachment so I can use it with each bottleneck size. It is also best to hold the bottle vertically when pouring so you get a full stream of wine. It is the perfect option for anyone who appreciates good red wine and is too busy to drink it an hour before serving it. Aside from companies that improve upon their products, I also appreciate companies that innovate. In addition to being a useful tool, it makes a beautiful ornament as well.

Shay Yates - 27/07/2021
A second purchase has been made (5/5)

Since my daughter owned one and liked it, I bought one for myself. It's in the instructions for use that it's at its best Tip the bottle upside down into your palm of your hand, and screw the cork into the bottle then, on clean hands, screw the cork into the bottle and ensure that the wine has reached After you tip the bottle back upright without using your hand, allow the wine to slowly flow back into the bottle while it bubbles By using this method, you will aerate your wine faster than using the 30-minute method Usually it takes 60 minutes to get it done. Thanks a lot!.

Francisco Ibarra - 26/05/2021