Softy Straws Reusable Drinking Straws Review

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Durability 4.8 
Leak proof 4.8 
Easy to use 4.8 
Easy to clean 4.7 
Flavor 4.6 
Giftable 4.5 
  • Cold and heat resistant.
  • Expensive than other choices.

Softy Straws Reusable Drinking Straws Product Description

The smooth silicone construction of these straws makes them suitable for adults, kids and toddlers, because they don’t chip teeth. They fit most 20 ounce and 30 ounce tumblers. Despite being soft and durable, the surface is extremely easy to bite into. Straws like these don’t get hot when hot drinks are served or cold when smoothies are served.

  • RATED #1 FOR BEST SILICONE STRAWS Premium 9" Softy Straws (wide, curved style) + Patented You and your family can be assured of a quality product, as we get this product tested (FDA & RoHS). PBBs are free of phthalates, lead, cadmium, mercury and other harmful chemicals.
  • Its non teeth chipping silicone construction makes it a safe product for adults, children, and toddlers. The rings are soft and comfortable to bite into, yet they are We offer straws that can be used with hot or cold beverages (bearing in mind that stainless steel metal straws can get really hot).
  • A SQUEEGEE TO CLEAN AFTER EACH USE + DISHWASHER SAFE Use the squeegee straw cleaning tool to clean liquids and solids after each use to prevent bacteria and mould growth! Our straws can be sterilized by using a dishwasher (rated from -40 to 500 degrees F).
  • A big straw with a long length of 9" and wide diameter of 7mm inner and 9mm outer (a little wider than a normal You can drink water from the stainless steel tumbler, or make smoothies and milkshakes with it. This adorable eco-friendly / vegan gift is the perfect choice for any occasion!
  • Compatible with 20oz and 30oz tumblers from Yeti, rTic, Ozark, Klean Kanteen, ELLO, Contigo, Aladdin, Starbucks, Tervis, Simple Modern - not listed but currently available. Make them smaller for use in your kids' games, like Munchkin, Houssavvy, Green Steel, etc.

Questions & Answers

That is a great question, thanks! Silicone helps keep smoothies and milkshakes smoother when drank in thick form. Our silicone is more rigid and sturdy than competitors. Our money back satisfaction guarantee is available in case you are unhappy with the way they taste or function in a smoothie.
You will be able to fit them. It is great to use these straws.
Those straws are not the #1 straw marketed by NY MAGAZINE.
I know Jasmine. It can be boiled without any problem. It is unlike plastic in that it does not melt in boiling water. If you want to sanitize and clean your silicone straws, putting them in the microwave for a few minutes might be the best idea. It is best not to let the straws touch the walls of your boiling pot - because the walls will be extremely hot. You might burn your straws if you do so. If not, you might want to boil them instead! The company just introduced a patent-pending straw squeegee as well. Getting rid of straws has never been easier with this solution!

Selected User Reviews For Softy Straws Reusable Drinking Straws

There will be no fillers, according to the company (5/5)

Having seen a couple of reviews that said this product couldn't pass the "pinch" test, I was a little hesitant. The company told me a lot about the testing of this product and the safety of it, so I really like these straws now. However, the company claims that earlier versions of these straws turned white when pinched, but the company says that they're still pure silicone and do not contain any In the ones I received, I did not notice any white streaks. My 16 oz Kleen Kanteen tumbler fits perfectly. My next purchase will likely be this one. Neither a discount nor product was provided to me in exchange for my review since I am a real customer.

Ella O’DONNELL - 27/01/2021
It's the love that you're looking for! This is an amazing product! I love the idea of someone making such a thing (5/5)

After watching a documentary about plastics on Netflix, I changed the way I buy all kinds of stuff that can replace the plastic straws and cups my daughter has been using. To support the cause, I bought all kinds of stuff that can be used to replace Even with a small effort, 1 fewer plastic cup should make a visible difference, I think. A. LATEST UPDATE As a result, it wasn't long before I was sent their updated straws and I can't tell you how much I appreciate them. They offer a variety of fun colors and feel thicker than the first one I ordered and more sturdily made. In the first straw design, my daughter was one. She just learned how to use a straw, and because it was wide enough, it made drinking green juice easier. She is now 4, and (truth) we just moved in October, and my mom threw away all the straws. To be completely honest, I was shocked and delighted when they asked me if they could send me the I now have an option that my daughter can use for her drinks, and it would go perfectly with the silicone lids I obtained for her 6 months ago.

Madalyn MacDonald - 30/05/2021
The material is soft and easy to wear (5/5)

Smoothies taste better with this straw because it's wide. Another good cleaning tool is the smoothie cleaner, which is especially useful Because I don't like using plastic disposable straws, AND the stainless steel ones I got are hard on my teeth, I bought these straws. In my home, I use this straw with only an open tumbler. In any portable vessel I use, I never use a straw. I have a retired husband who washes the dishes that do not go into the dishwasher, and he thought these straws and their cleaning tool The hubby does not use straws, but he is a sweet husband and washes mine. I highly recommend these straws if you would like to save your teeth and the environment. Colors may not be my cup of tea, but they are modern and contemporary It's been a while since I have seen those colors -- An old fashioned style is not a problem.

Dalary Khan - 28/07/2021
I love it! Despite the fact that I already own three stainless steel with silicone tip straws and I enjoy using them, they do not fit into my 20 oz travel tumbler, which is a very big inconvenience I found these silicone straws when I was looking for other reusable straw types in which to fill that gap (5/5)

This paper is wonderful, I really enjoy how flexible it is. My favorite part is the squeegee it came with I also use the squeegee on my stainless steel straws because it makes cleaning them so much easier. This is all- All things considered, I got more value out of it than I anticipated. This is a company that I highly recommend. When I use them inside my travel tumbler (20 oz, shown here), I slide the straw inside the very thin lip area of the lid, so that there is no loss of suction when I use the straw inside. The reason I haven't replaced them yet is that they are so durable. I would still buy them again if I was in need, but I don't think I will.

Clarissa Rivera - 10/03/2021
They are wonderful (5/5)

I highly recommend them. The first thing I do in the morning is drink a cup of tea with lemon They are wonderful. I highly recommend them. The first thing I do in the morning is drink a cup of tea with lemon There are a lot of lemons in my kitchen, I'm a bit obsessed with it The effects of this can be harmful to my teeth and I have repeatedly been warned of that. The stainless steel straw I originally bought is not stainless steel As a result, it's not great for hot beverages, as it gets pretty hot pretty quickly. The straws I bought from them are really fantastic, so I purchased them again. With the straws, I can drink hot drinks without melting my lips, and I don't have to worry about my enamel wearing out or getting coffee stains (sadly, the straws don't prevent me from getting funny looks for drinking from a hot cup with me). The following is an additional benefit Also, I can be that girl who drinks red wine through a straw in order to avoid staining her teeth. Unlike usual straws, this one is wider. It allows you to drink a lot more liquid per A cleaning "wand" is included with the set, and they are just as easy to clean as they are to drink from. Is it possible that you might be They work well for thicker drinks, and I have started drinking my morning smoothies with them as well. As I have two at work and two at home, I am very pleased that they are available in a pack of four. Don't hold back! Drink all you can!.

Lennon Richard - 26/07/2021
Colors are stunning (5/5)

I love them. For a long time, I've wanted reusable straws that I can carry with me so that I can stop using plastic straws, which have been causing environmental damage for many years. The original ones I bought were stainless steel, but I just like the silicone idea The flexible nature of these makes them a good choice for people with sensitive Although they are larger than a standard plastic straw, they do not appear to be too large. They shouldn't fit on standard fast food drinks lids, but you can increase the opening by squeezing the straw a bit. But I haven't tried using them on standard fast food drinks so I'm not sure. A squeegee would have also been a great idea, since it effectively came out everything. have included pictures showing how tall it is in a 32 oz Tervis and how it compares to a plastic straw.

Nolan Hull - 18/02/2021