SNOWFOX Cocktail Shaker Review

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Durability 4.9 
Sturdiness 4.5 
Easy to clean 4.4 
Giftable 4.1 
Easy to hold 4.1 
Value for money 3.8 
  • Leak-free lid.
  • It has an insulator.
  • Durably made and stylish design.
  • Keeps the cold drink.
  • Requires care when handling.

SNOWFOX Cocktail Shaker Product Description

SNOWFOX cocktail shaker is an insulated double walled shaker that is designed to allow condensation-free mixing and prevent your cocktails from melting even after they have been shaken. Additionally, it serves as a tumbler and comes with a lid so it’s easy to carry around. Compared to other cobbler shakers on the market today, the SNOWFOX cocktail shaker is exceptionally solid, durable, and leak-proof. Cold is the only way its contents can be kept. The exterior will remain comfortably dry even through the shaking, thanks to the double-insulated walls. A degree of frost on a drink is usually an indication that it is sufficiently cold.

Although the parts seem weak, they are actually very strong and will endure without any trouble. Lastly there is a built in strainer and therefore it’s a good value for money

  • EAT AND DRINK IN STYLE This stainless steel shaker is made of the highest grade of food grade steel, making it ideal for bringing and drinking The dry and warm shaker is easy to hold and pour due to its dryness.
  • The vacuum insulation in the top of this cooler keeps ice from melting, so as your drinks stay icy and cold in between pours, your counter tops stay dry and clean. In fact, it's so good at insulating that you can even use it as a mini ice bucket.
  • A LEAKPROOF LID WITH BUILT-IN STRAINER Our exclusive design features a silicon gasket between the shaker and lid to seal the container and ensure it is airtight and leakproof. The shaker is used to create the cocktail, and the glass is used to pour it into your martini glass.
  • THEIR COCKTAILS ARE COLDER AND BETTER TASTING The inner walls of the shaker absorb the ice's temperature while the vacuum insulation keeps the ice from melting between servings, so the flavor of the cocktail doesn't get diluted.
  • A stylish addition to your barware assortment and a great gift for cocktail lovers, they are a great addition to your barware collection and make a great addition to your entertaining collection. With Snowfox, you're sure to have a happy hour!

Questions & Answers

You can easily grasp the glass since it has plenty of room. It just naturally wraps around your hand. I LOVE my martini glasses because they keep the drink cold forever and don't sweat at all.
If you take a trip to a hardware store I would find one to suit.
My box says it is from China. Highball stainless (I have it. 2) No writing or graphics on the actual glass.
In fact, it gets cold during the winter. The building does not have an insulation layer.

Selected User Reviews For SNOWFOX Cocktail Shaker

I am disappointed (2/5)

My issue with this design is that it has a number of shortcomings. In the first instance, the double wall construction only applies to the bottom side of the table is only made of one layer of steel. Because I'm holding the top tightly, it's a cold shake, as my hand is covering the lid to prevent it Steel used for this project is thin as well. My expectations were higher when it came to the feel of the product. There is a gasket between the two pieces and you need to align it before each use to ensure a tight fit. The gasket comes off and you have to replace it. There is a distinct feeling of flimsiness with the gasket. It is uncertain how long this piece will last. *br>*br>Lastly, the strainer is detached and doesn't sit flush on top of the top portion as expected. I had to wedge it in an odd position to enable it to stay on. This method worked, but was awkward to do and meant I had to do another step to mix drinks. It would be like a double walled refrigerator to keep any remaining cocktail cold and the design is aesthetically appealing.

Kole Davies - 31/05/2021
This shaker is made of extremely durable insulating materials and looks great (5/5)

I have been creating cocktails for a while now, but my trusty shaker has started to show its age and signs of deterioration, so I decided to find When I looked at many shakers, they all seemed to share a similar design, and nothing really caught my eye. I came across the Snowfox Double Wall shaker next. Because I use double walled bottles in my HydroFlask coffee mug, I was both surprised and fascinated to learn that this technology could be utilized Taking a look at the colors and designs, I chose one that really caught my eye, and I ordered it. I was very impressed by the quality and finish of my Snowfox shaker when I unboxed Almost everything short of the stainless cap was finished in a beautiful gold hue, so I chose the gold color for the shaker. According to the instructions, hand washing should be the only method of cleaning, not dishwasher use to prolong the life of the finish The shaker is somewhat similar to my other shakers, knives, and other kitchen tools in terms of handwashing/drying. What I wasn't expecting was that the shaker is airtight. Although most shakers have the lid and cap that can be put on at the same time, the Snowfox has a silicone gasket that creates such an incredible seal (more on that below), so the lid must be placed first, followed by The shaker is unique in a very small way, so despite the fact that it is a very small adjustment, I thought it was worth mentioning since I have not used any shaker like it before. I did have to make an adjustment when I put this silicone gasket on the top of the body of the shaker, because it makes it a little more difficult to remove and put on the lid. However, you end up with an airtight shaker which you can clearly hold upside down with one hand without any concerns about it slipping, leaking, or coming apart. This isn’t an issue with larger batches of cocktails though, so I actually prefer it over the additional seal. If one uses a shaker in a commercial setting, they may want to become more comfortable with it before making it the go-to tool A busy weekend or happy hour is the best time to get things done. One of the features of this shaker that originally attracted me to it was its ability to grind ice into powder. There are two walls to the structure. Two metal layers are sealed by a space between them. For those unfamiliar with double walled bottles (and shakers), there are two layers of metal. As a result, this accomplishes a few things. In the first place, this construction insulates the interior contents and keeps cold things cold and hot things hot. Mix up a cocktail on a hot day in the summer, or in warm conditions, and the cocktail will remain colder while the melting process is slowed (but not stopped). In addition to the double wall construction, I also enjoy the insulation, which keeps the outside of the shaker from "sweating," frost that accumulates on the outside, and even being noticeably colder as the drink The fact that you didn't have to worry about your hands getting cold really added to the comfort. It is absolutely gorgeous, and I absolutely love it! Although there was an adjustment period at first, which was certainly necessary due to the very tight seal created by the silicone gasket around the body, the benefits with this shaker make it well worthwhile. I am very impressed with this shaker, and for $39 it is very reasonable. This version is an extremely good value. It costs only $99 for the complete version.

Pearl Baxter - 14/03/2021
This is a favorite of ours! The husband always keeps a martini glass and vodka in the freezer so that he can enjoy a martini every night (5/5)

A regular martini glass and a pull out freezer were awkward after we got a french door with a pull out freezer on the bottom We had a couple break up. Definitely recommend those! I bought them and they are absolutely perfect! We also like the fact that they aren't too cold for you to hold. As a result, they give off no condensation on the exterior and I highly recommend them!.

Karen Lee - 10/01/2021
A few clicks of the mouse and you're done (5/5)

Am stepping it up at the bar at my house. Having enjoyed dirty gin martinis in the past, but not being a fan of the glassware they typically come in (delicate, tippy, condensation), Snowfox has solved the problem for me. There is a wealth of color in this piece, as well as a lot of attention to detail. With the lip of the cup cut in a slight angle, the cup will not spill when you sip or pour from it. Makes for a nice stream of liquid when it pours and it doesn't spill. I was surprised to find out that holding the cup took a little practice. I have smaller hands and finding the right angle without spilling was not easy. I found that placing your pinky backwards at the base made entry into your drink a little easier.

Yamileth Galloway - 07/01/2021
The gift wasn't intended for the father in law, but as a joke (5/5)

Those he loves are cherished by him. As my father used to say - Our local in-laws were constantly breaking their martini glasses so much that he started having them in other cups and not the same glasses. We bought these for him for Christmas as a jab at him and he absolutely loved These are kept in the freezer by him. The fact that they are so durable makes him not care if he has to hand wash them. You'll laugh your head off at this.

Blaze Russell - 29/07/2021
However, it is not usable (2/5)

The set includes a set of matching cups as well. The cups are terrible from the get-go, however this works fine for the purpose for which it was designed. The only downside to the design of this product is the cap, which is painted on and tends to peel fairly regularly. There is also a poor rubber seal between the lid and the base of the lid. In spite of the fact that the top does not leak and it holds well, the rubber seal always comes off the base when used and you have to fiddle with it to replace. A better design would have been to have a grooved ring where the O-ring would have fallen. In place of this gasket, you could install a ring to help prevent the entire gasket from separating each time the top is removed.

Thiago Kim - 10/04/2021
After just one use, the item begins to rust (2/5)

Despite the fact that so many (in my experience) "stainless steel" or "food grade" products are being offered these days, I have found the quality of stainless steel to be unacceptable unless sourced As stated by another reviewer, this is an example of a good idea that was poorly executed. This product would otherwise be a good product, however, it is entirely unacceptable due to rust. Two stars instead of one because it does indeed keep a drink cold, the rim is thin, the base is stable and the cup can be held on the bottom.

Eliza Jimenez - 15/01/2021