Smabee Anti-Fatigue Non-Slip Rubber Floor Mat Heavy Duty Mat Review

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  • Can be cut into smaller sizes.
  • Water resistant.
  • Strong rubber smell at first.

Smabee Anti-Fatigue Non-Slip Rubber Floor Mat Heavy Duty Mat Product Description

This is a heavy-duty rubber mat made of high-grade rubber and takes pride in its anti-fatigue and non-slip features. The mat is made from sustainable and durable rubber. Additionally, it is easy to wash clean and water-resistant. This mat will make the floor of the bar less slippery and prevent nasty liquids from getting onto it. This is certainly a good addition to your kitchen or bar area.

  • Large hexagonal drainage holes help reduce the amount of slippery liquids and oils that are left on the floor, and help prevent dangerous injuries.
  • It is made from high-grade rubber, which is sustainable and durable, water-resistant and easy.
  • A black or dark blue color.
  • Size (59. 36 x 6. A 43 by 0 is equal to 13. The signature for the 31st element should be (150 x 90 x 0 )". A little over six pounds.
  • Suitable for use in areas such as bars, restaurants, kitchens, and warehouses, or any other area where moisture and heavy foot traffic.

Questions & Answers

I have never had any experience with winter because I'm outside right now. The only problem is that I wouldn't use it indoors. This smell has been persisting outdoors for several weeks, and I don't see it going away.
Rubber is all it is.
If you have a bathroom with a shower that is large enough. Keeping things from sliding is what I use mine for in the bed of my truck. There's a lot of weight in it We have responsibilities.
The dimensions are 36 x 6. A 43 by 0 is equal to 13.

Selected User Reviews For Smabee Anti-Fatigue Non-Slip Rubber Floor Mat Heavy Duty Mat

This is great for muddy spots! This time of year our yard turns into a mud puddle when the grass stops growing and the weather turns cold (5/5)

I bought three of these to prevent the yard from turning into a mud puddle. In the future, I intend to buy a few more so that I can cover other areas of muddy grass where our three boxers tend to play and walk. This was a very well-made product. This is a thick and sturdy book that is worth its price, which is not high considering its size and quality.

Aaliyah Collins - 01/07/2021
There is an odor to beware (1/5)

It didn't occur to me that the lowest price rubber item seems to be made from old army truck tires scrapped by Mao. I smell a Harbor Freight store when I use this mat. Originally, I wanted to use it in an inside closet, but I've changed my mind and it will now go outside. There is no way it could get out of here In an interior space, gas is present.

Everlee Ashley - 15/06/2021
It does not look like the picture (1/5)

As pictured, this product is not what you received. I don't liked the feel of this toilet paper, the smell was horrible and the fact that there are only half the holes you see in the picture makes it not drain well.

Zayd Stout - 17/05/2021
The non-profit sector There is no doubt that we will slip (4/5)

The receptacles are durable enough to hold up to the traffic and water from the pool and shower in our high traffic area. The locker rooms work well and are often used. Our goal is to pick them up and clean them at least once a week. It helps to spray them down to prevent mold and mildew.

Erik Anthony - 08/03/2021
Only for use in the outdoors (2/5)

There is an unpleasant smell in the air. Depending on whether or not this is for outside or a garage, you might be satisfied. It made the entire house smell like a tire store when we bought it for a pool bathroom. You may want to give it a little sun for a few days I did not make any changes. I would recommend putting it into the swimming pool for a few more minutes. I did not make any changes. There is an unpleasant smell in this room.

Daleyza Rivers - 08/03/2021
Yellow is the color of the floors after the mats are laid down (2/5)

We have found that these mats stain our linoleum floors a dingy yellow that won't come off after using them for more than thirty days.

Araceli Larson - 01/08/2021
This is exactly how it is There are problems with stuff getting stuck in the holes, but that's an inevitable part of the process (5/5)

Light weight and great for providing relief from walking on concrete, these shoes are great. It is important that I have enough to last until I need more.

Quinn Baldwin - 08/05/2021
This is a very durable material (5/5)

These mats will be very useful on our sidewalks leading into the pool. My patio has several slick spots at the step and I was happy to find these and I bought 2 of them they are great non-slip mats and will last for years.

Lorelai O’NEILL - 21/03/2021