Slitzer Germany Paring Knife Review

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Fácil de sostener 4.7 
Excelente inversión 4.7 
Egonómico 4.7 
Comodidad 4.6 
  • Comes in 4 pc set.
  • Affordable price.
  • Color from handle easily chip off.
  • Dulls quickly.

Slitzer Germany Paring Knife Product Description

Having a paring knife on hand is easy with this paring knife set which includes four 3.5″ knives. With ergonomic handles, you’ll have a foothold on your knives while preparing food, and the knives will stay secure in your hands during use, keeping you safe in the kitchen. Made from durable German stainless steel, the knives will effortlessly cut fruits and vegetables for garnishing with only minimal effort.

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  • It is better to have four knives than one - our paring knife set includes four knives of three each. You can always keep one on hand since it is 5 inches long.
  • Precise Cuts - No more food prep hassles with these paring knives that have sharp edges. The sharp blades on our knives can be used to precisely cut fruits, vegetables, and small meats.
  • We have built our kitchen knife set from high-quality German stainless steel so that it will last for years to come, and the blades will cut through anything with little effort on your part.
  • Pointed and Easy to Handle - Our knives are designed with pointed blades that are easy to handle and allow for a more precise and controlled ripping or cutting process. The next time you peel fruit or devell shrimp it will be a breeze.
  • Non-slip grip You can be sure that you'll stay steady on the knives when preparing food with ergonomic handles. Knife handles with non-slip grips can help you avoid kitchen accidents.

Selected User Reviews For Slitzer Germany Paring Knife

The knives I love the most! What a great pair of This knife is super easy to handle, cutting through everything "like buttah!"! " I love these so much and I bought two sets because they are always the first ones I grab!


Spencer Chambers - 13/04/2021
I'm in awe of how sharp these knives are! My kitchen feels so much better with a sharp knife! I didn't realize what it was like to have it once The set of knives is very impressive


Elisa Anthony - 22/05/2021
From now on, these are the only knives I intend to buy! There has never been a better pair of paring knives for me

I like the sharpness of these knives, as they are a touch longer than my "Popular Home Party" brand knives. Similarly, the blades appear to be a bit larger and heavier than those of the other popular brands. All knives I plan to buy from now on will be these.

Corinne O’NEILL - 02/05/2021
Knives that are very sharp

There is much sharpness in these knives. Do not underestimate the danger!.

Mohammed Gillespie - 20/06/2021
The point is well made, but

The colorful handles make these knives stand out in the drawer, and they are very sharp. *BR* *BUT It appears to be rusting but are actually made in China, not Germany (the blades claim to be made of As a result, they're good but not outstanding.

Priscilla Barron - 29/06/2021
Sharp as a tack

Sharp as a tack. My only wish for the handles is for them to be.

Beckett BYRNE - 27/07/2021
The set includes 4 paring knives

Cutting and peeling made easy.

Cyrus Lowe - 22/06/2021
Knife set with a very sharp edge

Knives with an incredible amount of sharpness. This kind of thing needs to be handled very carefully. My favorite way to use them is to slice and dice. I don't use them to peel anything. I currently consider it to be my favorite knife set.

Lachlan Jacobson - 17/04/2021