SkyFish Bartender Kit Review

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  • Sleek design.
  • Limited tools included.

SkyFish Bartender Kit Product Description

With delicate baroque engravings, this bar set features 7 pieces of premium quality and baroque design. The design makes a big impact and gets a lot of conversation started. There are rose gold and black options to choose from. You can also purchase matching drinking glasses if you wish to extend the set.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Bartenders at Sky Fish have a pretty sweet bartender kit. Taking note of the intricate and authentic baroque engraving on the ring, you are sure to love and embrace the ring. As if you had stepped back in time to the golden age of the noblemen, the design is simply breathtaking.
  • There is nothing quite like shaker sets and they are perfect for any occasion. Its design is elegant and elegant, which makes it a good choice for your exquisite kitchen.
  • The elegant bar tool kit is made of high quality stainless steel which sparkles with perfect grace and will add a touch of royalty to your kitchen. The classic delicate engravings of antiquity can be seen on this piece. Only a shaking set with the same grace as this one can match its nobility and stature. If you have the black color shaker set, you will feel like a knight from the middle ages.
  • You will have a great sense of luxury when you hold this waiter set in your hands and you will be able to drown out any noises of the day. It must surely be a glorious feeling for all of you to sip a cocktail at the end of the day in the utmost peace, with a pure and elegant cocktail set. You're sure to be feeling this way when you're using these classic cocktail tools.
  • These cocktail tools, with their historic element, are sure to suit your caliber and taste, as well as to enhance your family's experience. It is imperative that you use the most elegant cocktail set at every kind of party you host, whether it is a birthday or dinner party. If you have a sense of royalty, let your bartender kit be a reflection of it.

Selected User Reviews For SkyFish Bartender Kit

What a unique set! I love it! HOURS were spent seeking a quality cocktail set that was both unique and beautiful

A set that looked like it was made of quality materials was what I was looking for. As far as the quality is concerned, I am very happy with how this was packaged. Having just gotten it, I cannot comment on its durability yet, but based on first impressions, it seems to be a winner. I love the look of it on my bar! It's definitely a unique piece.

Journi Burns - 30/07/2021
The uniqueness and quality of this product is excellent

Since I began using the mixer kit about 2 months ago, I have become very familiar with it. There is still a black finish on the case, and the etching adds a nice A solid build for the shakers, and a fine spring for the strainer with easy removal and cleaning. I wish they would have included a secondary fine strainer, but I ordered a white one on amazon that matches quite well. The bar spoons are rather heavy and feel good while stirring and breaking ice. It would be great for a home bartender who is enthusiastic or who might even be able to withstand the rigors of a professional bar.

Jeremias Perez - 23/03/2021
An excellent idea for a gift

To give as a gift to my son, I bought this idea. As pictured, the item arrived as I expected it to and I am happy with the details. The more I post after my son has received it, the more I will have to say about Items were promptly sent to me by the seller.

Nylah Edwards - 04/07/2021
The quality is excellent and the look is beautiful

The set is perfect for me. It's such a great price and such good quality for such a beautiful This is a great gift for Valentine's Day! I came across this very unique gift and everything is a good size.

Javier Welch - 15/03/2021
Make sure you read product descriptions

It was a great I found it to be very Throughout the photo I did not see the owl. It would be more pleasing to have just the etched design without However, it is not too small to ignore. The four-star rating is the result of this.

Ronin Church - 22/06/2021
Adding etching to the list is a nice touch

Item of good quality.

Dream Morse - 04/02/2021
This is a beautiful The bar was purchased to be remodeled in the home

I love this set of images.

Waverly Gill - 08/06/2021
You have to have it! This set is absolutely stunning it compliments my bar wonderfully, and I have received several compliments about it!


Royal Carson - 05/02/2021