Shun Premier Paring Knife Review

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Style 5.0 
Light weight 5.0 
Comfort 4.9 
Value for money 4.5 
  • Hand hammered blade finish.
  • Lighter and thinner blade.
  • Very expensive.
  • Not dishwasher safe.

Shun Premier Paring Knife Product Description

Features a layered Damascus steel blade with a hand-hammered finish that helps to prevent food from sticking to the blade when you are cutting, designed to provide comfortable handling because it is made from pakkawood. Even though it can be thrown in the dishwasher, it is best to wash it by hand and air dry it.

  • This knife is handmade and traditionally used for coring and slicing vegetables, as well as adding decorative touches to them.
  • The Japanese term for this finish is Tsuchime (meaning hammered) and is made of layers of steel.
  • With its hand-hammered finish, the knife blade will reduce drag when cutting, keeping foods off the blade The premium pakkawood handle allows to comfortably secure grip the knife.
  • In addition to being wear resistant, corrosion resistant, and maintaining a fine, sharp edge, VG MAX cutting cores are also sharp-edged.
  • There are 68 micro layers of Damascus cladding, which look beautiful, protect and support.

Questions & Answers

This is reasonably certain to be true. Each of my kids got one of these knives as it's a very good knife. I myself have several Shun knives and enjoy them very much. My opinion is that Dalstrong knives will be the best choice unless you are trying to keep a set together. Approximately 30 bucks for the paring knife and it keeps a good edge. Having more knives to suit different purposes is possible because of the lower cost. With a price tag of 120, it is an outstanding vegetable cleaver. The Shun is one of my favorite knives, I love cooking, and I can afford it The Dalstrong, though, is now my preferred ship.
You are right the tang is full flavored. On the end of the knife grip, there is a metal cap, but the tang extends beyond it. This version does not include it as it is hidden within a Although it's not very heavy, you can tell it's a full tang from the weight and stiffness.
You will only be charged for shipping if you wish to have Shun sharpen your knife for free. *Small Corner Store owned by Chefs.
I got this for my wife and she (With the cropped picture) on Amazon, there is another one that is suspect. You cannot buy a fake one like this.

Selected User Reviews For Shun Premier Paring Knife

Shun (Kai) has no idea how they're going about this (2/5)

Although I do not know if it was an isolated incident, the knife I received was certainly not of the highest quality. In terms of the Hamon/Damscus issue, it is a big problem. The close proximity to the cutting edge is unforgivable. On the blade, the hamon is visible at multiple points where it is Having this characteristic alone is a design flaw, especially when sharpened over time. Moving past the Vg-type helps. Even the aesthetic issues that will arise as the edge moves back with sharpening/if the angle of the bevel is lowered are problematic when we do maximum into no name steel, let alone the structural issues this will create. *br>*br>In addition, the blade from the bolster was terribly warped to the left (when looking down on it). By hand, I could straighten the blade but if you look closely at the blade, you can see that it has been distorted and will never be fixed unless the knife is It doesn't currently create a functional problem, but the way it arrived is not the way it should have been. It was also mismatched in terms of fit and finish. Machine marks are present on the end cap (which isn't that big of a The blade of this knife was damaged when it arrived compared to my shun premier chefs knife. As a whole, it's not terrible, and as high polished as the piece is, you cannot expect it to ever be perfect. The knife is acceptable, but when compared to another knife in the same line, it is not acceptable. You can see the scratches much more clearly if the light sources are isolated. In addition, I found it duller than I would have expected from the Shun Premier line, and the edge angles were uneven as well, but I don't think it's fair to be too harsh about this. In addition, the damascus is nowhere near as deep, dark, and rich as the stock photos would suggest, as well as having various burrs and rough edges. In the grand scheme of things, it's not terrible, but To be honest, I won't be keeping it due to the hamon problem. It is also the same problem with the shun premier chef knife I have, although not as bad as it used to be. As for that one, I'd return it as well, but I'm also past the return window and didn't open it until recently since I wanted to wait until I had a more comprehensive set of Shuns (which is why I purchased this paring knife in the first place). As with Kai knives, I have also had numerous problems with Zero Tolerance knives (a Kai company as well), so I now steer clear of them. I would not buy anything under the Kai umbrella simply for the sake of taking the risk. There are a lot of people who are satisfied with them, but if you have a keen eye to look for/compare these knives to others, I strongly doubt you will be happy.

Dion Harris - 28/07/2021
I love the way you described this! I have never seen anything like it Within arsenal, it should be considered as one of the top two (5/5)

The same is true of the performance. To be able to pivot the blade in an appropriate manner when peeling a Kiwi, for example, allows for much more precise performances The comfort levels are quite impressive. And the fun factor is very high. Though the end cap is indeed lovely, objectively speaking the embedded cost of it is somewhat egregious, if not blatantly so, compared to the Limited. The Editor. As an example. Then, it would not be the Best The blade should be shorter (89mm instead of 102mm), plus the ratchet should be plain and exposed You can go for tang at the end of the tail/stick if it is of lesser concern or relevance. Although the end cap literally removes the 'Cap' on the overall aesthetics, it does so.

Walter McClure - 25/03/2021
Definitely one of the very best! My first Shun paring knife broke off the tip when the dog sitter tried to use it as a screwdriver (5/5)

This is my second Shun knife. Shun knives are among the best on the market. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also very, very sharp and balance beautifully in the hand. Choosing Shun knives is one of my favorite things to do. This is a highly recommended book!.

Darren Lester - 18/03/2021
This knife is super sharp and of a good quality (5/5)

Since I am not a chef, I cannot prepare food. The morning was a scrumptious time to peel apples, so I decided to buy one to use. There is a lot of sharpness to this knife. The new Wusthof 2 is substantially sharper than my old Wusthof Only slightly negative thing is the size of the knife. I find the 4 inch a bit big to peel apples with. This knife is very expensive but is of excellent quality.

Saoirse Sullivan - 06/05/2021
This is a very sharp knife, but it may not be very durable (2/5)

While I love the design and sharpness of this knife, I've noticed that the blade is not as durable as it should be. I am not sure if this will last for daily use, so I may return it.

Ali Moore - 09/07/2021
It is an excellent knife (5/5)

Shun knives are the best. Prior to this purchase, our collection included a chef's knife, and we are happy to add a paring knife. Blade quality is amazing, and it cuts through just about any material. As for the handle, it fits nicely in the hand and is easy to hold for extended periods of time. And, let me tell you, this knife is truly stunning. That handle and the striking steel surprised me. I never thought I would say that about a knife, but man? I love it.

Arjun Winters - 19/02/2021
Certainly one of the best knives I have ever used (5/5)

I didn't know there was an upward angle to the tip of the edge until I held the handle in my hand, and the blade is dangerously sharp. This product has a lot to offer, and I'm very pleased with it.

Roselyn Blevins - 10/07/2021
The feel is excellent, the sharpness is excellent (3/5)

I found the knife to be a work of art. It was super sharp, nice to hold. A normal amount of wearing and tear led to the tip breaking off. Despite the fact that the knife still functioned, the 1/3 inch part that broke wrecked its design and I gave it away to an acquaintance. This book was disappointing for me, as I had hoped I would love it.

Aila Washington - 27/02/2021