Shaker33 Cocktail Set With Shaker Review

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  • State-of-the-art design.
  • BPA free.
  • Has dual-pour strainer.
  • It's high quality and rust proof.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Leaks at times.

Shaker33 Cocktail Set With Shaker Product Description

The traditional Cobbler shaker’s lid does not like anyone, especially having to worry about keeping it on while shaking-and then having to worry about unsticking it afterwards. With Shaker33’s locking top, you will not only get a confidence-inspiring seal, but the top can also be easily removed. With dimensions of 11.5 by 4.2 by 4.1 inches, the 24-ounce shaker is made from shatterproof BPA-free plastic, allowing you to practice your flashiest moves without worrying about breaking it.

Due to the patented dual-pour strainer, you can pour two different ways: There are smaller holes on one side for fine straining; larger holes on the other side for fast pouring.

  • We are revolutionary designers. Sick of using the same traditional cocktail shaker and getting the same mess Unlike traditional shakers, our revolutionary Elite Cocktail Shaker Set removes all the hassle of traditional shakers. The elegant designs and great color options that are dishwasher safe and boast a locking lid that is easy to open, a leak proof system, and dual strainers, make creating cocktails a breeze! Having made this cocktail for your crew all along, you should not have changed a thing!
  • Shaker33 is BPA-free, rustproof, shatterproof, made in the USA and is manufactured without a single component of PVC. You are guaranteed to get your money back. Despite the fact that things happen, we made our shaker shatterproof so you can have a fantastic night at home! You can find a strainer color to suit every personality on Shaker33! We offer a wide variety of shaker sets that make excellent gifts, which are perfect for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and more.
  • Shaker33 is the ultimate strainer for cocktails! We listened to what customers were searching for in cocktail shakers to perfect the design. Dual pours and two sides for straining are the key feature of our patented design. For a finer strain, use the smaller holes, for a faster pour, but no ice blocking are needed with the larger holes.
  • BPA-Free Tritan is used to make our Shaker33 design which is dishwasher safe and makes sure that your drinks will stay chilled while keeping your hands, hands free, at the same time. You can shake your delicious mix in our shaker using one hand and you will not have to worry about leaking or spilling it. It is 50% lighter than a traditional cocktail shaker.
  • DO NOT BUY SHAKERS IF THEY MAY NOT WORK Avoid shakers that may leak or cause a mess. Water-tight seals are the hallmark of this set, as it has been selected and tested to achieve this. With the Shaker33 shaker set you will never have to worry about your drink freezing shut, spilling or dripping while you're pouring. With Shaker33, you can get a cocktail shake the right way!

Questions & Answers

It is not recommend using this for hot liquids since something will expand when hot liquids are placed in a sealed bottle. This shaker is designed for preparing cold drinks, which is what it is generally used for.
At the moment, Shaker33 is only available in the 24 oz size. This is a very common size among While it has the ability to make multiple drinks at once, it is still hand-friendly and is not too large to handle.
It is likely to be just as good as the Tupperware one if it is cheaper. This product suits my needs because of its durability and easy cleanup (and because Although, if you like your martini shaken 50 times with a layer of ice crystals, this probably wouldn't work for you. There has been no problem with leaks or getting the top off I was able to fit things once I had a little practice.
There is a good chance that it is Buy this item at your own risk. Like a crazy leak, it will not stop.

Selected User Reviews For Shaker33 Cocktail Set With Shaker

The shaker I received from the company was great, and their customer service was awesome! (5/5)

Father's Day was the occasion for me to purchase this shaker for my husband. Because of how tough our old shaker was to open, and I hated it, it was maybe a little more of a gift for me. As soon as he received this, he put it to There was an issue with it after we used it maybe 10 times. He dropped the shaker on a hard tile floor and it hit just in the right place for the top portion to come In the wake of contemplating this for a few days, I contacted the sellers to find out what our options were. The company apologized for the breakage (even though we broke it) and sent us a new one for free. The next day, I received it and all I could think of was how excited I was to use it I like that it has two different sizes of strainer holes, and it's easy to clean it. This is an excellent purchase. I'm very pleased. You guys are awesome!! Thanks for being so accommodating!.

Alaric House - 07/01/2021
The seal is constantly leaking (2/5)

Several times now I have used this at parties. While I love the aesthetics and design of the Shaker, my experience is that each time I shake it it leaks, which defeats the entire purpose of the device. The locking screen works well and is easy to use, but again, if it leaks, is it all for nothing? Two stars because the design is so nice but the functionality is nonexistent.

Oaklee Shaffer - 05/01/2021
I had great difficulty removing and replacing/locking shut the lid, so I handed it around to family members who had the same problem (2/5)

Towards the end of my gift buying process, it did not come with one of the lids that go on the storage cylinder. Although I originally thought I could live with that, I found it incredibly difficult to remove the lid of the shaker when I tried to open it. It was actually impossible for me to remove the lid so I handed it around to family members who were also unable to remove the lid and replace it or lock it shut. My shaker is a great idea and I thought it would be just what my daughter needed, but it does not function easily, so I'm.

Forest Ayers - 04/08/2021
A good idea in theory, not so good in practice (2/5)

My drink scattered wildly in my hands as I shook it. In the kitchen, there is much mess.

Jamie Moyer - 06/07/2021
There are no better options than this! There is no question that this is one of the best shakers I (5/5)


Houston AHMED - 06/01/2021
The seals leak and are easily broken (2/5)

In the past two weeks, I have purchased this product twice, and both times it has broken. In the first instance, I dropped the lid and it cracked, in the second instance, the gasket leaked and the body of the shaker cracked after use. A durable and easy-to-use alternative to stainless shaker tins was what I was hoping for but this product does not meet my needs.

Calvin Garrett - 30/06/2021
Your money is not wasted (1/5)

There is a wind in this shaker. You have to shake it and it leaks when you shake it, and you can't make a good cocktail with it. The shape of a cocktail shaker is narrow at the bottom and top and wide at the center for a reason. This was intended to be a portable shaker that I could bring to friends' houses who don't have them. Your friends' kitchen looks embarrassing when you spray liquor all over it. Had I brought my Boston shaker, I would have won. Even if it didn't leak, I believe it would be a decent shaker. There are many things about this purchase that are disappointing. It's better to get a different shaker than to feel ashamed.

Paisleigh McCoy - 12/05/2021
This looks like a good design on paper, but it's hard to use in practice (1/5)

Looks like a great design and idea, and I was looking for an alternative to the traditional Boston shaker, however, it's very difficult to remove or Plastic tabs that line up with the tabs on the lid are challenging to line up, and the lid itself is very tight. There is still work to be done before this product is ready for mass consumption.

Lucille Gonzalez - 23/05/2021