Secura Electric Wine Opener Review

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Easy to use 4.8 
Giftable 4.7 
Battery life 4.6 
Easy to remove 4.3 
Quality of material 4.2 
Durability 3.9 
  • Attractive.
  • Doesn't make much noise.
  • Short battery-life.

Secura Electric Wine Opener Product Description

Featuring a rechargeable electronic wine opener, Secure is one of the best on the market. The lightweight opener is capable of opening 30 wine bottles on a single charge, and it is designed to work with most wine bottles. In addition to its small size and easy storage, it is also durable. Seals can be easily removed with the foil cutter included.

  • The electric bottle opener allows you to remove corks quickly and easily. The item will fit most bottles of wine. The electric bottle opener allows you to open up to 30 bottles at a time.
  • Use it simply by placing it on top of your wine bottle, pressing the button, and ta da, now your wine is ready to drink.
  • A small footprint saves space - The electric wine bottle opener has a small footprint, so you can store it away discreetly Charge your charging base near your furniture such as your wine fridge, storage rack, and credenza.
  • It makes an exceptional present - With its luxurious color, our electric wine bottle opener makes an excellent gift or can be used at home, in your catering, at banquets, in the bar or in restaurants.
  • This product and service is reliable - it has a wide voltage range of input voltages from 100V to 240V, which covers most of the countries around You can get 12 months and lifetime customer service from us. Please make sure you charge the wine opener three times a year when not in regular use to prolong the battery’s life.

Questions & Answers

I have used a very small cleaning brush (the kind you might use between keys on a keyboard) in the past to loosen crumbles and a hand-vac to encapsulate the leftover bits whenever I ran into this problem with other brands of cork remover. If you think about it, you could also use a child's toothbrush.
A comment indicated that this wine opener came with a battery that can be recharged. Apparently, this unit can't be disassembled, according to another comment. Batteries can't be disassembled on this unit and their life is similar to what is stated above. After purchasing one on December 31, 2016 and using it until October 29, 2019, I have opened (barely) my last bottle of wine. I will be searching for another brand that will last a bit longer, but for what it was good for, this was a perfect opener.
That's not the case, in my opinion. To charge the unit, the charger converts 120 Volts of AC power into 9 Volts of DC power at 200 mA. There is a battery power supply for this device.
Having one myself, it is very useful. Several of these things served as gifts for my friends and family, for which Amazon wrapped them in gift wrapping and enclosed a gift card. The people who received them all expressed gratitude!

Selected User Reviews For Secura Electric Wine Opener

The opener is perfect for opening wine (5/5)

Worked hard to get my hands on this bad boy. A few people raved about the battery, while others complained about it. I have used it at work for over a month now and have opened 1000s of bottles of wine with ease. I really like it and I give it raving The cork hasn't broken off the bottles since I bought them, nor have I seen any cork inside since then. My money would have been worth a lot less if the motor had failed after 100 bottles, but it is still functioning after 1000s. However, it is going a little slower than usual as well as the charger base is getting a little fickle. But I will order another when it is plugged in again.

Lilliana Howell - 05/05/2021
A very nice product at a very good price (5/5)

Regardless of whether it's good or bad, I am reviewing it honestly. One of the bottle openers I got as part of the lightning deal was returned. It has great reviews, so it was my first choice. I noticed upon inspecting the box when I received it that no requests for good product reviews were made, so I believe the opinions here are accurate. The item feels good in the hand, there is a good sense of balance and the look is nice, not cheap at all. Setting up the system was a snap. as in the photos, it has an attractive blue light and a foil cutter that mounts outside in place of a Only the plug is to be complained about. This device can only be plugged into the bottom plug socket of your outlet since the cord is on the side. It is irritating to see that two of the bottom sockets are already occupied where I want to mount it. With the exception of that minor issue, this product is excellent, and it's a good price too.

Westley Ho - 15/07/2021
I have finished (5/5)

There is no better electric wine bottle opener than this one! The first couple of days have been very good. Three electric wine bottle openers later, I have my fourth. With the first, an Oster, I had a good experience for a long time, but the plastic "grip" on the back became gummy, so it left my hands black and sticky. That's just nasty. I bought another brand (Ozeri) that lasted for A friend passed away just now. As with other Secura products, I found this one to be of equal or better quality. Thus far, I have been pleased with my results. Since the opener is made of stainless steel, there are no plastic grips to get gummy over time. As for the opener itself, it seems powerful and maintains strength for the whole This corkscrew is easy to enter the cork and drives straight in with no difficulty. In comparison, the only less-used word was I'd rather- There is one desirable feature that is missing from this product the foil cutter is not integrated into the opener as it was in the other two products I The bracket is detached from the base and attached separately. Neither of which, in my opinion, is convenient. In the event that the power remains as good and strong as it is, and it lasts for as long as possible, I will be.

Alayah Padilla - 03/06/2021
There is no better way to spend their time (5/5)

In , my mother has quite a bit of arthritis. Mother's day was the perfect time for me to buy this as a gift for both my mother and stepmother. There is no better way to spend their time. doesn't have to grip a cork bottle opener so her hands don't get sore from arthritis. This product will make her life more enjoyable since her hands are no longer sore from arthritis. A bottle of wine can be opened in four seconds with this product. The foil remover, too, is awesome since there's no more tricky handling of a knife around the perimeter. The foil should simply be placed over, gripped together and twisted together in one go. The product looks great, and I'll be getting my own as soon as my need for funds disappears.

Damien Hendricks - 17/05/2021
Their products are backed by the company (5/5)

Opening bottles with this device is quick and easy. This is a beautiful piece, especially for a modern home with its always-great design The blue LED is on. In our case, however, it failed to last after about 10 months of usage, and the mechanism failed to work. There are approximately 200 bottles opened in that amount. There's just no excuse for that. A recent update Immediately after I posted this review, the company contacted me to come and replace the malfunctioning part. The company promptly resends a new one, so I'm back in business with the minimum amount The opener works perfectly, and the business practices of the company are excellent. As such, I'm raising my rating to a 5.

Kyra Jordan - 07/05/2021
The Tops are in town (5/5)

There's something about wine bottle openers that makes me happy. As soon as the rabbit ear openers became available, I thought that they were the perfect tool. The rabbit ear can be a challenge to use at times, especially as arthritis worsens with age. The electric bottle openers had promise when they appeared, but they had low reliability and were I haven't used any Securas in the past, so this is my first experience with solid performance. Secura can easily open more than one bottle at a time with a single charge. Some openers of this type are weak and lose torque very quickly. A composite and artificial cork can both be used with this method. Secura is an efficient piece of equipment, so I'm disappointed to find it has been replaced by screwcaps.

Koa Daniels - 06/06/2021
It was a waste of time (5/5)

Despite this, however. After ordering the Oster first, I found the carton was damaged when it arrived. After I received the package, I took a picture to Amazon, but it was a gift and it took the recipient a few weeks to open it. My Oster wasn't working after 30 days of owning it, and Amazon/Oster refused to do anything about it because I told them it was broken. It was a waste of time. In any case, I chose this Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener to replace the old one, and I'm really pleased with it. I love how cool this light is, and my friend loves it too.

Ryland Johnston - 02/08/2021
The best wine opener I've ever used (5/5)

An electric cork puller such as this is easy for anyone to use, but it is especially helpful for people with arthritis. Since I have had it for a year or so, I have had no problems with it. Despite the fact that the rechargeable battery pack has not yet shown signs of failure, someday it will, but it seems impossible to replace right now. It is (in my opinion) elegant to have the charging base with a blue light. With it you get a foil cutter that works, but it's As of Friday, November 16, 2018, there was an update. Batteries in cars have been failing for the past two and a half years.

Rylie Jacobs - 30/01/2021