Season STORY Large Brandy Snifters Review

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Easy to hold 5.0 
Giftable 4.5 
Sturdiness 4.4 
  • 22. oz. is its content capacity.
  • Superb for presenting.
  • Cleaning it is difficult job.

Season STORY Large Brandy Snifters Product Description

The design of these brandy glasses is unique and unique because of their large size. This modern and unique design also aims to bring the drinker’s senses fully alive by appreciating the flavor of the liquor in a whole new light. As they are made from premium materials, they are also expected to last a long time. Brandy snifters are the best for serving brandy in large glasses, so if you prefer them, choose these.

  • After a long day, the perfect way to rejuvenate the senses is to indulge in the Sensation Line (Limited Edition). Designed for brandsy, cognac, and whiskey, its elegant and practical appearance can enhance their enjoyment.
  • DIFFERENT THAN LIFE Setting a distinct style and character apart from others. In addition to the striking design, the sleek and modern look stands out - making it a beautiful addition to any bar, and perfect for showing off while having a drink with your friends.
  • A GREAT GLASS COMES WITH GREAT RESPONSIBILITY The product is packed to perfection, includes a 30 day money-back guarantee, as well as a 90 DAY Warranty-Program that can be initiated at no charge. Lead-free Premium Crystal surface, which surpasses the toughest laboratory quality and safety tests in the industry such as Lead and Cadmium-Free material. Also, it has passed the Dishwasher Test, Annealing, and temperature.
  • mouth is relatively wide Easy Clean 7") allows an easy clean. When you are gauging whether this fits your cupboard or dishwasher, you should take its widest part into account A height of 6" is the same as the width (3''). 3" wide).
  • This is a no-fail gift that's appropriate for any occasion, all year long! Your loved ones will be more joyful in their lives if you give them the thoughtful gift of more joyful moments. Valentine's day, Father's day, and Christmas are all perfect times to wear them.

Selected User Reviews For Season STORY Large Brandy Snifters

This is a beautiful and large tree (5/5)

The two we bought were for the "Happy-" Gin and tonics are available by the hour. I'm very happy with these glasses because they're large and nice. There is plenty of ice for our perfect glass of wine and a gourmet meal It's a T! The two more we bought were so good, we bought two Thanks a lot.

Harlee Downs - 18/02/2021
Quality that is exceptional (5/5)

Suitable for use as Having said that, don't get fooled by the cheap "snifters" sold here. They are too small and thick glass, but they're not like This glass has a nice wide mouth and is thin and well balanced.

Laney O’NEILL - 29/03/2021
Dishwasher broke while being used (2/5)

The item was purchased in June of 2020, it was used for the first time, and after washing it, There is a 90-day warranty against breakage from Season Story, but the QR scan doesn't work and the company doesn't have a working website for warranty claims.

Colter Vaughan - 26/06/2021
The value is excellent (5/5)

The snifters are beautiful and appear to have a good Their sturdy design minimizes bulk without sacrificing strength. it is a good product at its price point.

Elisa Cortez - 30/06/2021
The product is made A pair of these glasses is Before destroying the box, I should have made sure I could return it to the company (2/5)

It is too bad Amazon's description fails to mention that.

Rohan Juarez - 25/04/2021
This shape is unusual and nice (4/5)

Brandy glasses with straight sides instead of the more common 'balloon' profile. *br>Good material and well made but not the best crystal. I like them because they are large, but not too large, and they have a 'unusual straight' profile. It is recommended.

Milana HOPE - 27/01/2021
This brandy snifter is just right for you! This brandy snifter is just right for you! (5/5)


Gustavo Mitchell - 13/05/2021
A very high quality product! The quality is excellent and they are perfect! (5/5)


Eliel Horne - 09/03/2021