Season STORY Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses Review

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Easy to hold 4.9 
Value for money 4.5 
Giftable 4.5 
Light weight 4.4 
Sturdiness 4.2 
Durability 4.2 
  • Crystal clear look.
  • have the capacity of 15 oz.
  • Lacks symmetry.

Season STORY Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses Product Description

Whether you prefer to have your drink in style or to enjoy your drink in style, these Season Story Cristal Stemless Wine Glasses are perfect. It is an elegant and sturdy piece that is the best for enhancing the senses while drinking wine. best stemless wine glasses are not just for wine. They are also suitable for cocktails, beer, water, juice, and other beverages of your choice. You don’t just have to drink wine from stemless wine glasses. Moreover, you can serve them with cocktails, beer, water, juice, and any other beverage of your choice. Wine enthusiasts will enjoy these glasses in their homes or as a part of their collection. Glassware that is both durable and versatile is a great option for anyone who is looking for contemporary, elegant-looking glasses.

  • It's the perfect way to relax your senses at the end of the It serves a variety of purposes thanks to its stemless design and modern appearance. In addition to being able to be used for wine, they can also be used for cocktails and margaritas. Water, juice, beer, and liquor will be served in this set in no time.
  • The extra touch Designing fancy glass that differentiates as a style and character all With this stemless wine glass, you'll be able to share your wines with your friends and family for any occasion - whether it is an everyday use, wedding, birthday, or hosting a party. A great addition to your collection of drinking glasses.
  • The Glass is packed to perfection, and the 30 day money back guarantee, as well as a complimentary 90-day warranty program is a little more than you can imagine The Glass is packed to perfection, and the product comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. It is made of lead-free Premium Crystal - surpassing the stringent laboratory quality and safety tests that are conducted in the industry, such as Lead & Cadmium-Free, Annealing & Temperature Tests, Drop Tests, and Dishwasher Tests.
  • GLASSWARE SET LARGER THAN LIFE The set features glassware with dimensions that perfectly fit. A relatively wide mouth is present in the bowl Easy Clean 7") allows for easy cleaning. If you want to accurately preidge whether it will fit your cabinets or dishwasher, make sure you measure In the tallest size (4"), the width is 3". The third inch).
  • No fail gift for any occasion any time of year or any occasion - SUPERB GIFT! Your loved ones will have more joyful moments to experience if you give them the thoughtful gift of more joy in life. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas will all be special with these glasses.

Questions & Answers

YES! A simple answer to your question. While we make our own wine, we use them to check the clarity of the wine during the making process not only because we like to drink it we also use them to look at how crystal clear the wine is. Glasses such as these are really beautiful. This is a highly recommended product.
Thanks for reaching out! There is no maximum amount of wine that can be served in the goblet. The recommended maximum is 23 ounces (700 ml). The bottle's capacity is 25 oz (750 ml).
Thanks for reaching out! Crystal wine glasses are surrounded by 6 inches of sturdy foam, protecting them from every angle. As we didn't settle for anything but the best quality to prevent the shipment from breaking, we didn't settle for anything less.
This martini/cocktail is sweet, spicy and salty at the same time The Champagne Venture A Modern Red Wine with Elevation A revival and a rebirth Wines of today are white and modern Glass pieces, all made from one piece, have a high level of precision. This is what the brandy/cognac tastes like An abbreviation and a brief description of the event The Red Wine Cup comes in three colors 2 pieces that make up a resonance.

Selected User Reviews For Season STORY Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses

The bottle can hold up to three glasses of wine! It is of excellent quality (5/5)

In a nutshell, In the past, I have always served wine in small/average sized My glasses are usually empty and I have to constantly get up to fill them, so I thought I would try something more convenient. There are some kinds I've fallen in love with. The three of them hold three glasses of wine as high as their tippy tops! It's a great method for controlling portion size if you're trying to cut back on your intake of alcoholic drinks. Consequently, you can fill up the glass and call it a day. I've tried them and they did not disappoint. They are not lightweight, nor heavy like some others I've seen. The weight of the object is good and it feels good in the hand. This is a great product!.

Chance Sanchez - 08/06/2021
There are enough swirls for everyone! The Virginia wine scene is one of the things my husband and I are interested in, and we drink wine almost every night with dinner (5/5)

I want to pour my wine onto the couch and melt into it. I am so tired of those little glasses that only hold a small amount of wine. You should not get up every 10 minutes to take a drink. There is no better way to tell your Season Story than with these goblets. This glass has only been in my possession for a short while. If you are a heathen like me, it works fine for white wine as well aromatics, you'll be pleased by its shape and feel Not to mention how easy it is to clean these glasses. The process of trying to cram my hand into a tiny bit of wine glass has irritated me many times. There will be no.

Mckenna Hooper - 30/04/2021
It is the best set of wine glasses we have ever owned (5/5)

These wine goblets replaced a previous, different brand that I broke, having been too fragile. They are more durable, and easier to wash since they have bigger mouths to fit your hand into, but they are also more attractive because of the slight curve at the lip. With no fear of fumbling around with broken glasses, they ring like bells when my wife and I clap our hands together. Thanks for reading!.

Adrianna Hester - 23/04/2021
First, these are wonderful wine glasses (5/5)

Second, the service from the company is excellent. It allows the wine to open up well and is perfectly balanced. However, it is the company that has the true value here. Essentially, the warranty comes with the product when you buy it. As a first, I wasn't expecting it and, frankly, does anyone offer a warranty I decided to omit it because I was not likely to Then again, one should never rule out the possibility. I broke one of these after having them for about six months. Almost forgot about the warranty until I went back to order another set of lights. As soon as I heard it, I felt it. The company emailed me the order number and a picture of the broken glass after I did a quick search and emailed them. I was in the middle of the warranty period, but Season Story responded in less than 24 hours. They said they were unable to fix the glass due to my being past the warranty period. Within a week, a new set of shoes My experience with Season Story has been beyond fantastic. I will not buy from anyone else from now on, even if the price was slightly higher. These are worth your money, you won't regret it.

Sariyah Bray - 04/03/2021
A quality product (5/5)

In a nutshell, This is by far the best bottle opener I have ever purchased, definitely a must for anyone who want to keep an eye on their bottles. If I could, I would give all stars omg they are so huge deep and they are cut like a lazor with a thin rim so sweet don't hesitate to buy these! They are very elegant and they make for a great table display! Great gift for anyone! The price is just great for them, especially if you are a wine drinker. I myself am a musician/songwriter who rarely orders on Amazon, so I was blown away. Sorry for the video with pink hair, I'm now black today. Getting another glass purchase is tedious, so if you're tired of it, I strongly recommend you buy another.

Reina KAY - 25/05/2021
We are taking wine tasting to an entirely new level (5/5)

Photos do not convey the true beauty of this project. Clearly, they belong to the exquisite category as they are far beyond classy. In addition to our own wines, we make a lot of other beverages. This spectacular set of goblets proudly displays and presents an entirely new way to savor and enjoy Our recommendation to anyone looking to experience wine tasting in a brand new way is to purchase these goblets. If you take care of the goblets they will give you a lot of enjoyment for a long time.

Genevieve Green - 29/01/2021
All my friends will know what to get for any occasion from now on! In a nutshell, As the price was good, and they were lead-free, I purchased a few pairs of these large wine glasses because they looked good, were led-free, and they looked comfortable to drink out of There's no charge (5/5)

The show did not disappoint me at all! Gift boxes come with the glasses in this beautiful design, they are very sturdy, and there is a sweet note from the seller. Those glasses are fantastic - big enough to enjoy, but not too big for you to hold into your hand. I bragged to all my friends about them, and I plan to buy some as gifts later. * In the video, I attempted to capture the amazing sound it makes, but it seems my skills aren't up to the challenge. * Brought together, these glasses make the most beautiful sound like the sound from a high-end stereo system. Those luxury crystals you bought from a All in all, I'm very satisfied and happy. I would recommend this to others.

Ryker Vincent - 22/07/2021
Glasses of red wine made out of crystal! Red wine glasses that are beautiful, solid, and well made (5/5)

I like the weight of it and it can be put in the dishwasher! A great product to give as a gift!.

Maxwell Davidson - 14/04/2021