Schott ZwieselTritan Pure shot glass Review

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Comfort 5.0 
Easy to hold 4.8 
Sturdiness 4.4 
Durability 4.4 
  • Tritan crystal glass is used to create this stylish design.
  • For a geometric style, use clean lines.
  • The product can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • The durability of the product is an issue.

Schott ZwieselTritan Pure shot glass Product Description

One of Schott Zwiesel’s most appreciated glassware brands, the elegantly-designed Tritan Pure shot glass offers a slightly wider bowl and an elongated profile that puts it at the top of the shot glass competition. In addition to its slightly narrow top, the shot glass surfaces allow complex aromas of spirits to flourish. Made from dishwasher-safe, chip-resistant glass, each shot glass is made in Germany. Every one of them holds 3 ounces and stands 4 inches tall. It is important to remember that these glasses are somewhat thin and delicate, making them more prone to breaking.

  • There are 6 Pure collection shot glasses per set 3 sets of pure collection barware. The capacity of each is 2 ounces. I am 7 inches tall, 1 inch wide. There are 9 inches of width.
  • This crystal glass consists of titanium oxide and zirconium oxide it is a patented world-wide crystal glass material made from Tritan.
  • The pure collection combines high fashion with crisp, clean lines and a geometric look. The medium stem height and excellent balance makes it stand out in the crowd.
  • The glass will not etch, cloud or discolor during its lifetime it is dishwasher safe.
  • This product is good quality.

Questions & Answers

has the right to do what he or she wants. You have not filled the whiskey glass to the top. There is no space for it.
The question is unclear. We do not have any glasses left, they have all been used. We used them for everyday drinking at You can find better cocktail glasses than this if you are looking for them.
The tallest object weighs 16 ounces, and it has a 6 1/2" height.
Other than as a set, I have not seen them for sale as new glasses. If you are looking for a used glass, you may want to check eBay or similar websites.

Selected User Reviews For Schott ZwieselTritan Pure shot glass

In the ad, the glass is described as holding eleven wine glasses (5/5)

This cup appears to hold six ounces of liquid, when, in fact, it holds exactly eight ounces, the correct size for a martini or Cosmopolitan. From Amazon I previously bought a set that claimed the glasses held 8 ounces but in reality they only weighed 6 ounces. This is that they are way too small for a martini unless you are feeding After the next day, these glasses were returned. The reason why Amazon cannot get this matter right seems strange to me. I really like the way these glasses look. Having a bend toward the rim makes me like it, since who can manage not to slosh out their second Cosmo.

Camryn Tate - 26/07/2021
This was very nice, but it wasn't what was described in the description (4/5)

One ounce capacity) as a reduced-calorie version I opened the price at - My purchase might not appear as a verified purchase, so that shouldn't be a problem. It doesn't matter to me if I don't drink Riesling, but a wineglass that could hold a whole bottle of wine - that sounds intriguing In general, red wine styles can be described in the following way It just seems to be that way. Totally out of the blue. The reds are a good fit for these. It's OK with me if they're good. A very stylish, modern pair of shoes- The look is slim, light, and airy. I am long-time A stem with an elegant design. They are also described here and elsewhere as having a thin lip (no bead) between the bowl and the stem and as not having an unsightly seam between them. Lasers have been used to construct the lip There is a small bead created at the edge of the cut to polish it as part of the finishing. It is not as pronounced as you would find on a plain glass, but it is there nonetheless. Crystal wine glasses that do not have a bead on the lip have been drunk from by me. The pictures on this page It not only appears unsightly but also has a discernible seam running along the height of the stem, which is apparently an artefact from molding. Maybe it isn't unsightly (OK, maybe it isn't), but it's there nevertheless. It is already apparent from the stems that the seams have been molded, not drawn - You can create a free-looking and free-feeling site.

Kolton Curry - 06/01/2021
I am in love with The hotel where they were found was the Ritz Carlton (5/5)

At the Ritz Carlton hotel, my wife discovered these and fell in love with them. Martinis, however, tend not to spill much due to their nice edges and lips. This is a very high quality item. Our dishes are sometimes even put in the dishwasher and there have not been any breakages. I highly recommend this book.

Dominic Wong - 20/04/2021
It is a very beautiful set of cognac/brandy snifters but it is too large (4/5)

Schott Zwiesel glasses are my favorite in general, so when I wanted to buy a new, more elegant brandy snifter, I went with The size of these snifters was a debate before I bought them. Even though you pour only a few ounces into them, you need a lot of space for the flowers to fill the snifter, but a nearly 21-ounce size seemed enormous. This is the case. Despite the fact that I have small hands, these are too big for me since they don't quite fit comfortably in my hand. My husband, however, finds they are perfect. We decided to keep them for a couple of reasons. It is better to be too large than too small. It is stunning to see them. As a semi-autonomous system The sharp angle in the glass between the bottom, where the cognac is resting, and the top is unusual for such a glass, but we like the way it looks. Having never washed fine glassware by hand in a dishwasher, it is hard for me to comment on how well they would perform in such a Even after years of handwashing, our other Schott Zwiesel glasses still look as good as new. It is true that the crystals are much tougher than you might think, but nonetheless they are breakable. The clear, thin crystal is what you are after, after all. It is more durable and elegant if it is chunkier, but it is not as tough. Please note *br*br*- Wesselmann, Debbie Lee.

Steven Brooks - 10/01/2021
Perfect for people who don't have any pets Make a mess of your A restaurant in Jacksonville, FL had these glasses first (5/5)

We saw them while we were there. Our dinner was made so wonderfully that I called the restaurant after I got home to ask what brand they used. Considering the cost, I was surprised the restaurant (Taverna) used them as there is always breakage there. Still, it's nice to see them do so. Upon receiving the set of six, I was shocked to see there was absolutely no padding on them(others had reported they had broken). Since we have used them for a year and a half, they are still intact. We can enjoy martinis without spilling, and our guests have also enjoyed it. I highly recommend them.

London Henry - 01/01/2021
I was surprised at how small it is (5/5)

They are the larger merlot style bottles, not the more dainty white wine glasses I had originally ordered. Despite feeling like we're in an "enormous fragile wine glass" moment, and the fact that I do just like the feeling of a larger glass in my hand, I have decided to keep these glasses As we broke the bigger ones, we kept shattering them. It has not broken one of them yet (and there have been some tips) and as a bonus, when everyone gets a half-glass pour, I'm consuming the wine much more slowly at a dinner party.

Brynleigh West - 08/07/2021
This is an elegant, sauve, tingly scent (5/5)

The review of such a product must be carried with a certain air of propriety and expertise, thus I use such formal words as 'elegant' and 'classy' - The tingles are even more intense! Using these suckers as a drinking device is an experience used to describe. But to be honest, these tumblers have a CLASSY, crisp look and a sturdy feel that makes them a good choice. The purchase was a good buy for me. I would like to mention one thing A photo of them makes it appear as though they have a smokey appearance. Glasses like these really do have no tint to them they are CRYSTAL CLEAR.

Rory Ramirez - 21/01/2021
Despite the fact they are easy to hold, they feel strange to As it turns out, I expected even There is almost a plasticky feel to the top of the glass (1/5)

It feels like a cheap glass in the mouth. There's too little glass in it to make a good window. You drink from glass that doesn't appear to have been rolled at all, and it feels as if it was made improperly or may have broken. I have cheaper glasses that have a better edge and mouthfeel than the expensive ones. The product I purchased has been returned due to the cost. I have been extremely disappointed.

Santos Jensen - 21/01/2021