Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Distil Barware Collection Kirkwall Collins Cocktail Glasses Review

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  • Can be used for drinking milkshakes.
  • Great design at Bottom.
  • Fragile.

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Distil Barware Collection Kirkwall Collins Cocktail Glasses Product Description

More than 100 years ago, Schott Zwiesel established themselves as one of the world’s leading producers of “The Best Crystal Glassware.” There is no comparable producer today. With many firsts to its credit, the company has created the first glass-blown stemware product to be fully automated. It was the first glass manufacturer to produce lead-free crystal glass of superb quality and brilliance during the 1990s when the glass industry was struggling with the environmental issues associated with lead and other heavy metals in crystal. The World’s Best Crystal Glass, Tritan Crystal, was created in 2001 by Schott Zwiesel when he injected titanium oxide and zirconium oxide into it. Thanks to our patented Tritan technology, its glass is dishwasher safe and break-resistant, as well as having sparkling crystal clarity. You can enjoy these elegant glasses every day, knowing that sommeliers use them for professional users around the world. Crystal glass made from Tritan provides the following advantages: Designing the label in a way that brings out your wine’s unique attributes; A vivid color for your wine; Brilliant clarity for viewing the details of an It gives you the confidence to use this brilliant, beautiful stemware each day since it is made of titanium; By its high and graceful shape, the bowl enhances the aeration of the wine and delivers just the right balance to your palate. With designs inspired by scotch whiskey’s rich history and origins, the Distil collection of barware pays homage to the origins of the drink. With a mystical quality reminiscent of ancient forests or ancient structures, the Kirkwall collection adds an element of ethereal decor. There are inches in diameter and inches in height in a Kirkwall martini glass. Material and design are of the highest quality and made in Germany.

  • Item number 6 Cocktail glasses in the Kirkwall design, item number 11 Distil barware, item number 12. Each is one ounce in capacity 6 per box. It is 1-inch tall, and it is 2-inches wide. The width of 4 inches.
  • The Tritan crystal glass is composed of titanium oxide and zirconium oxide it is crack-resistant, chip-resistant, and scratch-resistant it is thermal shock resistant.
  • The Distil barware collection features cut glass designs inspired by the rich history of Scotland the Kirkwall pattern is reminiscent of ancient forests.
  • The glass will not etch, cloud or discolor during its lifetime it is dishwasher safe.
  • This product is manufactured.

Questions & Answers

As a gift for my son (age 40), I bought him the books for his enjoyment at the bar. Despite its weight, it is well made and of a great quality. A more expensive pair of glasses has no seams.
There are 12 glasses in this set, and they are a generous size The weight of the 13-ounce package is 340 grams. Additionally, they are beautiful and pleasant.

Selected User Reviews For Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Distil Barware Collection Kirkwall Collins Cocktail Glasses

Ferocious and fragile at the same time (5/5)

It's been a while since I've seen Kirkwall Martini glasses before, and they do look really cool. 2 of them, however, did break though, but my own clumsiness/stubbornness and not the quality of the crystals was to blame. As they are fragile, the Kirkwall indentation makes the glass thin in some places, so you should only take them out when you have A bar where I drink buys really thick glasses, so they won't break even if they are dropped on the floor or toasted hard In this case, it's not the case! A beautiful bar is not made for manhandling in a crowded bar. *br>*br>This is constructed to look beautiful and visually appealing. If you're toasting with them, make sure you keep them soft. Hand wash only, and you will get many years of faithful service from them. *br> *br> BE GENTLE, BE DELIGHTFUL! The glasses must not be put in the dishwasher, please do not do so.

Harry KNOWLES - 01/07/2021
The price is right, and the property is beautiful (5/5)

With this set of six crystal martini glasses you get six crystal glasses decorated with deep etched stars starting from the stem. In this design, the list is very well reflected. The glasses hold just enough liquid to prevent it from spilling over the edge, whether it is a margarita or a martini. We are confident you will not be disappointed with the glasses, whether you buy them for yourself or give them as a gift.

Griffin Sims - 20/05/2021
I cracked it after washing it for the first time! They were intact when they arrived (1/5)

They have been washed after being unpacked. There are no problems. This is the one I used. We washed it and dried it, but the dried part cracked. The thing didn't fall apart, but it is worthless none the less. These expensive glasses are useless to me and I am very very disappointed.

Kamari Ellis - 22/06/2021
A quality product (1/5)

In the first wash, 2 of the glass pieces were broken by the dish washer. This is why I bought them to be able to wash them in the dishwasher. There are already two broken glasses in this pair of glasses, which cost a lot.

Journey Holloway - 10/02/2021
This is excellent (5/5)

I think these are great glasses. They look like a high end glassware, but cost less. The product would be purchased again or given as a gift again.

Felipe Shea - 17/01/2021
Nice Tom Collins glasses (5/5)

Perfect for the cocktail. Nice Tom Collins glasses. Perfect for the cocktail. It may be a bit too classy for my purposes of entertainment, but it's very cool nevertheless.

Landen Ellis - 15/05/2021
Glasses by Schott Zwiesel Kirkwall Martini (1/5)

It was a nice product There were two broken glasses and the product was not packaged in its original packaging.

Zhuri Gray - 17/02/2021
Glasses with a lovely pattern (5/5)

The clarity and design make them stand out from the crowd.

Virginia GODFREY - 19/04/2021