Schooner Beer Glass Review

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Sturdiness 4.7 
Durability 4.7 
Value for money 4.6 
Giftable 4.5 
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Lead free.
  • High quality.
  • stylish and versatile.
  • Pricey.

Schooner Beer Glass Product Description

Traditionally, Schooner Beer glasses are used to serve German wheat beer, shrimp cocktail, Coronaritas Micheladas, margaritas, and other specialty drinks. These heavy duty crystal glasses look just like strawberry daiquiris. Made of lead free heavy crystal glass and are a great addition to any glassware set. This dishwashing machine safe and durable dish towel is easy to clean. Additionally, these bags are freezer safe and can be used in many ways.

  • In addition to German wheat beer, shrimp cocktail, Coronaritas, Micheladas, margaritas, and other specialty cocktails, the German wheat beer glass is traditionally used. Drinks with strawberry flavor are similar to A VIDEO has been made to verify the capacity of the listing. You may view it by clicking the listing icon. LIQUID TO THE RIM IN A 5 OUNCE AMOUNT. The space that foam can take up in a system is beyond our capacity.
  • This piece of heavy duty LEAD FREEcrystal is made of heavy duty Chefcaptain has redesigned the alleged ultimate high end schooner on the market which can now carry 22 ounces to the rim, which we still list as 21 ounces. There are 5 ounces in each bag. A CF logo is engraved at the base of each glass to guarantee.
  • Any collection of glassware will be enhanced by having this item.
  • The dimensions of the dish are 7 inches high * While a dish washer is safe, we still recommend hand washing for longer shelf life. poured hot liquids will cause sudden cracking.
  • A total of 4 units are included in the package. The weight of the beverage is 5 oz. The price is a lot lower than other schooners on the market. There is more capacity from ChefCAPTAIN than all other brands combined with the highest level of clear, see-through glass with a thick, It is a trademark of Chef Captain at Trademark Central.

Questions & Answers

Glass is not known to be of a certain weight. I found these to be lighter than the ones I have purchased from restaurant supply stores, but this was still a great buy. The tires are heavy enough to last a long time and the rims are thinner than the ones from All the ones I have bought so far are better than these.
In short, yes. The products we use are made out of glass, so we wash them in that way.
You may contact the seller if I do not receive 4.
These glasses were ordered twice by me, and I always received four with each order. It is great to have them around!

Selected User Reviews For Schooner Beer Glass

I love you! You'll enjoy it! Yes, I am (5/5)

Thanks a lot! Let me raise a glass to I am in love with.

Bruce Carrillo - 27/04/2021
21 Oz is not the weight of these bottles (2/5)

It is advertised as a 21 Oz, but the recipe calls for I was shocked when I opened the box to see it was smaller than I expected. Although they are well-made, they are not 21 Oz glasses, so if you were expecting one of those, you will be disappointed.

Dash Drake - 19/06/2021
A birthday party is coming up for my husband, so I'm going to buy three cake stands (5/5)

They are just what I need, love them and will buy from them again if the price and terms are right.

Carl THORPE - 14/02/2021
I brought four of these back from Mexico 20 years ago, but one the years all of them eventually broke (5/5)

I like to remind people that I brought four of these back from Mexico 20 years ago. Several years ago, I went several times a year to Mexico and tried to find them, but they were never there. There was no luck finding them on the Internet even after I searched for them. My wife recently found them and bought 4 for me as a birthday gift. I've never seen anything like that. My lemonades now taste like the real thing. They are liked by everyone or at least they pretend to be liked by me.

Zariah Stein - 09/01/2021
It appears there is a gaping hole at the bottom of these glasses (3/5)

The pictures are great. I put them in the dishwasher, so it's a no-brainer for me. It doesn't leave me a lot of time to wash everything myself after a party night (which is when I would be using them). There is a large cup-shaped shaped dip on the bottoms of these cups that holds After I do the washing, it drives me crazy. I find this design dumb.

Jamie TALBOT - 28/06/2021
I would buy from them The picture shows how much the container holds, so hopefully that helps clarify the issue (5/5)


Samantha Russell - 09/01/2021
I'm so glad I found these red beers! Thanks for sharing! This is a great product for making Micheladas (Mexican beers made with a spicy kick) (5/5)

This set features a good-sized container (you can fill it with one can or bottle of beer plus seasoning juices and ingredients), thick thick glass, and is I say, 'cheers!.

Kaitlyn Daniel - 02/03/2021
I can't say enough about this product! I think these products are among the best investments I have ever made (5/5)

This is exactly what we were looking for. There is a lot of glass and it is The "sloppy" beers we make are held up very well even when we smash the lime out of the edges. To make the glasses extra chilled, we wet them and place them in the freezer before use, so that when they are taken out, they are so cold. A better product could not have been found, and the price was excellent.

Julius Greene - 28/05/2021