San Jamar BD2003 Mini Dome Garnish Center Review

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  • Suitable for travelling.
  • Keeps your stuff fresh and chilled.
  • Less-capacity.

San Jamar BD2003 Mini Dome Garnish Center Product Description

For all of your condiment and garnish holding and serving needs, standard trays will work well. This allows for an increased capacity if closed to prevent condiments from being mashed and rotates back so condiments can be reached easily. In order to accommodate different requirements, condiment/garnish centers can be customized with connecting caddies. Garnish trays can be configured in a variety of ways according to your taste.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • The large capacity of these trays make them ideal for holding and serving all your condiments and garnishes.
  • A patented dome lid allows the container to be filled more efficiently when closed to prevent seasonings from breaking, and raises for easy access when closed.
  • The condiment / garnish centers feature snap-in connectors which allow full customization to the condiment / garnish center.
  • Interchangeable Garnish Tray - Garnish Trays allow for a plethora of configurations to meet requirements.
  • The compact design allows it to easily fit on countertops where space is limited.
  • It is easy to clean and refill trays - they can easily be removed.

Selected User Reviews For San Jamar BD2003 Mini Dome Garnish Center

You might want to consider getting two chilled glasses and filling them with fruit? It looks like the product will last a long time

Nevertheless, the only down side is that the top opening mechanism can easily be removed. Choosing to remove the top portion of a dress is helpful in some scenarios if you want to quickly remove it. The opening of the hatch, however, makes it difficult for the product to be carried in a backpack or while on the go since ice and garnish can leak out. In a satellite bar with less than 60 people catering to medium volume, you can hold a good amount of lemons and limes for about a night On a slow night, there are 120 people. It is to be noted, however, that the tray only fits two types of fruit on it. How about taking two old fashioned glasses, chilling them, and putting your favorite fruits inside? The product is a good product so far, but it needs a hatch that can be locked and thus leak resistant to be justified in its price.

Celia Rosales - 09/04/2021
I like this product very much

The caddy is ideal for storing fruit and vegetables. My job is as a bartender, so I bought this to store Fruit stays cool with the cooling tray, and there is no leakage of water as it The dome lid is great, and I like that the unit can be attached to others. It was a great product, even though the tray I purchased did not come with the side tray as pictured.

Bear Keller - 14/05/2021
For your information, this is a CHILLABLE tray

I just wanted to let you know that this is the CHILLABLE tray. Make sure you look at this carefully, because the option with the larger trays (that leave no room for ice underneath) looks almost exactly the same. When I accidentally ordered the other option, Amazon took it back, no cost to me, which was great. I then purchased this one and am very pleased You will look very professional with it as it is solidly built. You may want to purchase the little caddies for the sides to hold everything you need Bar tools that are dancy!.

Londyn Lindsay - 11/03/2021
Simple to use and very compact

An attachment for the straw is missing. Each of these missing the straw compartment/attachment that I ordered was defective. Let me know where the missing parts are so I can send them.

Macy Liu - 31/05/2021
Parts of the story have been omitted

They were so cheap that I bought two. There was a problem with both of them, since they did not come with the necessary In both cases, there is a plastic cap. I have no idea what it is.

Wade Fleming - 13/01/2021
The tray is of good quality and will keep for a long time

It is well made and quite sturdy for the bartop, and you can run it through the dishwasher as well. This is great if you are looking for a way to keep your garnishes cold. I'd buy it again for sure. There is too much room for ice and water.

Jianna McKenzie - 17/03/2021
Cool in a classy way

am in love with My bar area, which is small, is just right for it. It's a little small, but it's still fine for me.

Amelie Patton - 28/05/2021
It arrived incomplete with no straw attachment

Shipped incomplete, missing a part.

Katie Mora - 03/01/2021