Samuelworld Sphere Ice Maker Review

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Flavor 4.4 
Easy to clean 4.3 
Easy to use 4.3 
Easy to remove 4.1 
  • Makes large ice spheres.
  • Mess free and easy to operate.
  • Versatile for the bar.
  • Made from food-grade and BPA-free material.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Quite delicate.

Samuelworld Sphere Ice Maker Product Description

Our Samuelworld Sphere Ice Maker will be the best choice for you if you decide to invest in Ice Ball Maker. We are sure you will enjoy all the features it offers. The Samuelworld Sphere Ice Maker is your best friend when it comes to making ice cream and all sorts of ice cream treats. By opting for the Samuelworld Large Sphere Ice Maker, you will not have to devote further time and energy to search for an ideal Ice Ball Maker, nor will you have to spread your search to find other compatible Ice Ball Makers.

A modern style is combined with a reasonable price in Samuelworld Sphere Ice Maker. The sphere maker is considered as one of the best ice makers, so no matter whether you have been looking for it for months or just plan to purchase it tonight, you can stop your search here. You get what you pay for.

  • The two following are my thoughts. 4 Large Ice Balls of 5 Inch One Time. Each of 4 Ice Balls. This 5inch ball capacity ice spheres shape create a slower melting ice cube than the traditional cube block. This is so cool to see through your glasses.
  • A very easy and convenient way to manage your email. Injecting water using the funnel-shaped device is much easier than using a syringe. The silicone mold design incorporates a rigid plastic tray as well as a flexible silicone tray. The padded tray is easy to carry when fully filled with water since it is hard plastic. Due to the flexible silicon, the ice ball simply floats out of the mold as it is. Unless you have access to a kilo of ice, this will be your best option for making ice balls.
  • This sphere ice is perfect for your bar cart. Use them for your cocktails, popsicles, iced coffee, infused fruit, and infused mint for mojitos. If you are planning a party, consider filling one of the punch bowls with herb or fruit filled ice balls.
  • These high-quality sphere ice molds are made of food-grade materials, which are BPA-free. The dishwashing machine, microwave, and freezer can be used with this dish. Juice, soup, and even baby food can be frozen effectively and safely using the ice cube tray.
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Questions & Answers

I put my freezer in for 4 hours.
As the funnel-shaped bottles are easily filled, they are easy to use.
To use distilled water, I use a funnel. The water clouds the ice because of air. Adding tap water to a jug for a week or so should result in clearer.
Water expands as it freezes, which is exactly opposite to what you would expect. As the ice freezes, the inside of the fill hole is left with a slight bump as the ice pushes up into it.

Selected User Reviews For Samuelworld Sphere Ice Maker

A Samuelworld Ice Tray Mold with a sphere shape (5/5)

As a result of some negative comments on this product, I hesitated to buy it. I had no idea why there are bad reviews on this product. I can assure you that these work very well. You should keep in mind that sealing them does not mean they can be turned The process of filling is simple, as is removing it. Aside from making a great ice ball, these are also excellent for You should use some common sense, push the top down, especially around the connectors, and place it on the lower rack of the freezer. As long as you do those simple things, there should be no problem. In addition, they can be washed.

Bo TOMLINSON - 26/05/2021
The mold should be filled with ice cubes before it is filled with It is very difficult to note so many things (4/5)

This makes the spheres not perfectly round but more like slightly different sized half spheres glued together because of the rubber/silicone cover. It cracks and splits into two as a result. Overfilling the mold with water causes the ice to expand and the mold doesn't work well. It also causes Before adding water, I found that putting a few ice cubes in the mold was the best way to keep them from getting hard. The ice ball appears to freeze faster and more evenly as a result of less expansion in the mold. I have noticed the ball does not crack or deform nearly as much after this is done. As a whole, the mold turned out well. The molds work and the price is not bad, but there are better molds on the market. A friend of mine has one and he uses it once or One of those was also given as a gift.

Tripp Reynolds - 11/04/2021
There is work to be done (4/5)

Honestly, I enjoy the idea of these, but from the photo you can see that you have to assist it a little to get good results, at least that is what I had to do. If you didn't use rubber bands to keep the silicone top down tight, they leaked so much that you didn't really get a round ball of ice. I also found that placing them in a pan prevented leakage from getting into As a result, adding rubber bands takes less than a minute, meaning I do not find it that big of a deal.

Edith Liu - 03/08/2021
This is a highly recommended book! Using it couldn't be any easier! After reading reviews and checking out molds for ice spheres, I spent a good deal of time researching them (5/5)

We've come to the end! It was easy to put these together, the top is pliable so if you overfill it, just push the edge a bit to drip a little out. It has a plastic bottom that is durable. This is a very easy and fast job, you can remove the spheres in about four minutes The ice needs to be frozen for five hours. When I tried it, I used the tap water. It was a typical cloudy day and one of the glasses broke when I dropped it. One day, I may give it a go with filtered water or even boiled water to make the crystal clear ball. We bought 2 of these, one for my husband and one for his father, but my son also enjoys them for his water!.

Mazikeen MacDonald - 15/03/2021
Cocktails are sure to be a hit! The ice ball trays made by I've are easy to use and make great ice balls for cocktail parties (5/5)

When we put water into the molds for the first time, we didn't have enough, but the second time worked fine.

Elsa Morales - 14/07/2021
The subject matter is too tedious (2/5)

begin by saying I am not sure how much warmth an ice mold should emit, but I will assume A fan of this type of music is not me. It is possible for the water to spill out the sides if you are not very careful. If it's not locked in place, an easier solution needs to be provided. I have found that prying silicone away from plastic is not always easy. Although I have have yet to use this for months, I do have a hard time using it because it is so tedious. Further, it seems to take a considerable period of time for the ice to The concept is solid, but the execution is lacking. I had it in my freezer one time and it would not even freeze after several hours. The product is not something that I would buy The one I have would be better if I were able to return it. The idea doesn't work, but I don't say it doesn't. There's a convenience issue that prevents this from being used frequently.

Tony Grant - 12/05/2021
During the first use, the sphere broke and didn't make a good impression (1/5)

I was surprised at the size of the ice spheres made by this thing — I expected them to be much larger than they were. However, I didn't seem to be able to use it. I cracked the plastic base of my first batch of these supposed spheres when I unfolded them for the first time. Certainly, the shape of the ice that was unfolded could not be described as 'spheres'. These are more like oblong orbs that have undergone some kind of misshapen action Featuring a ridge that runs around them where the two halves of the mold come Is that what you're looking for and do not mind the plastic being brittle when it's frozen, then maybe this is the right one Can you do that for Not at all. Returning to work.

Cooper Frank - 10/03/2021
I like the ice molds overall (4/5)

They're not perfect, but they're really nice. Ice is made from them very quickly (compared to other types of machines) and they One point to remember is they may not necessarily produce crystal clear ice when you're looking for it. These work well if you want some cloudiness in your ice ball but not perfect crystal clear ice. If you would like a very good ice ball with a slight amount of cloudiness, these are A pure piece of ice? You'll need more time and more money (24 hours instead of 2) to obtain it However, these are very close to each other. Definitely worth buying again, as long as you realize you won't get crystal clear ice. You'll see, though, that what you'll get is a really nice ice ball in a relatively short period (12 hours for 4).

Mallory Palmer - 09/02/2021