SafetyCare Interlocking Rubber Drainage Floor Mat Review

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Light weight 4.4 
Durability 4.1 
Sturdiness 4.0 
Value for money 3.5 
  • Designed with all-day comfort in mind when standing for long periods of time.
  • Water is drained away thanks to the design
  • The mat does have a tendency to curl up after a while.

SafetyCare Interlocking Rubber Drainage Floor Mat Product Description

Maintain a safe and comfortable workplace in a wide variety of commercial and industrial locations. Grease-resistant and made of heavy-duty rubber, this mat is an excellent choice for use around cooking equipment and other areas that are prone to grease accumulation. The mat is designed with highly efficient drain holes that make it even more useful. In addition to its antifatigue properties, it offers comfort for long periods of time. This makes it a good choice for dishwashing stations or any other wet area.

  • DRAIN HOLES IN THE RUBBER MAT This rubber matting with drainage holes is easy to clean and stain resistant. Its drainage holes can allow liquids to drain and debris to pass through, providing a clean
  • The anti-fatigue properties of this mat provides all-day comfort when standing for long periods of time. This mat is ideal for workstations, assembly lines, the in-plant, etc.
  • For commercial and home uses Ideal for Food Service Environments such as Restaurants & Bars , Auto Repair Shops , Mechanic Garages, since they are also used in industrial applications
  • This is 6 cm long). It has a low profile, is 5/8 inch thick (16mm), and can be used inside or outside. A set of small pins extends the mat up from the floor so that water can drain from under
  • Two mats and three connectors are included

Questions & Answers

No two connector pieces are included with the package. The two items must be bought separately.
A total of 2 mats measuring 24 X 16 are included. When you put them together, you would get 16 X 48 or 24 X 32.
The only time I've walked barefoot on mine is when I was a child. the material was soft enough that your foot would not get hurt & there were no seams on the shoe Despite the fact that it's not covered by a foot cover, you'd be okay standing on it.
The softness of the carpet depends on your expectations. Carpet is softer than concrete. No, I wouldn't be worried if a toddler fell down 3 steps onto the concrete, but if one fell down 4 steps, I might.

Selected User Reviews For SafetyCare Interlocking Rubber Drainage Floor Mat

These zip ties are what I used to make a Doggie Dock When I saw a Youtube video about making a doggy dock, I thought these would be perfect to keep my dogs safe in the event they fell in the pool by accident, and they could have an exit (5/5)

As a way to keep them floating, I zip tied them together on the long ends and pool noodles on the bottom. Zip ties allowed me to attach it to the edge of the pool and to the side of the ladder. My little one used it but the bigger dog was too fast for me to get a picture, but I did get the picture of my little one. It saved me a lot of money, and they work much better than the slick plastic ones I was considering. In addition people said that sometimes other animals would get stuck in their pools and drown because there was no obvious way out, but now that they have put something like this in there are no longer any animals floating around. In addition to the fact that this is an inexpensive solution, I feel much safer in my swimming pool.

Dilan Avery - 02/05/2021
These have been put to good use in making a snuffle mat (5/5)

This was purchased so that I could make dog snuffle mats. I can't stop admiring them! Their durability and sturdiness make them a great choice. It's a bit curled from shipping, and you'll need to cut more than a 6" strip of fabric to tie them if you are doing the same thing, but the mats are great.

Troy O’NEILL - 13/05/2021
I would give it an A+ if I had to The product has a slippery surface! I will buy it I just received this today, Aug 5th (5/5)

I primarily purchased this product for my trash and recycling Containers for recycling will be collected each week. According to them, these are the ones they are talking about. I could not give a full 5 stars for durability because I have not had them long enough to confirm durability. I could not give a full 5 stars for value either. However, I believe they will last for a long time. As they're divided into 24" x 16" pieces, I can easily clean them or replace the sheets as needed. It came as 2 pieces each 24"x16" inside one durable plastic bag, despite the fact that I ordered 4 pieces. As a result, please keep this in mind when purchasing as I must have missed this part. A bag of 2 pieces is equal to 1 piece of the product. 1 bag was left over and I didn't want to throw it away My stay won't be repeated again as I believe these are the real deal for a non-member Surfaces that make it slippery. We found a place for one of them already, and the other should be ready once the first one is done. The surface seems to be comfortable to walk on and the feel is great Footwear that is easy to walk in. I think it would be great in areas where a lot of standing may be conducted. The mat can also be used to cover slippery surfaces at doorways. Would also make a wonderful tool for working in shops, I assume aquatic areas, and for maintaining the water quality There are stalls for showering.

Lincoln Clark - 18/06/2021
I used to have a similar mat with holes through it for our unprotected front porch and doorway to the wooden deck but the rubber was much softer and the weight of the mat was much greater (2/5)

The surface of these is so rough they slide when you walk on them The plastic looks more like real It is especially bad if it rains out. I bought these to use in front of doors. It can also hurt your feet if you are.

Caspian FRASER - 19/04/2021
Put these in front of the back door so that the back door has something sturdy to step on to prevent The backyard porch can become very slippery after a heavy rain or snow (2/5)

Put these in front of the back door so that the back door has something sturdy to step on to prevent Due to the nature of mats, they will not stay in place in the There is a lot of movement in the mat, which leads to me slipping and sliding everywhere.

Andi Medina - 24/04/2021
Mats for sniffles (5/5)

In this case, I used them for another reason. These materials were used to make snifle mats for my dogs. By knotting strips of fleece through the holes, I was able to make it I like to hide Cheerio's in fleece for my dogs to find when they are left alone on rainy days or when they are left alone for a short period of time. They.

Jace Irwin - 28/02/2021
The floor mat is made of rubber (5/5)

I am quite pleased with this mat as it seems to be made of thick rubber with the characteristic smell of vulcanizing, and it has a bargain price given its size. When large pieces are required, molded rubber can be very expensive. Those black slots appear to be designed to catch dirt, but if the webs were solid or flat on top they would be a lot easier to clean, and I guess the slots are designed to help cut the mat into equal pieces right down the center. Sadly, I don't see any other option but to spray the slots down with a pressure washer and hope for the best, but I doubt the slots will ever get cleaned. The mat drains well when used as a cushion in my deep sink. It has a matte finish on the bottom as well as a stippled surface for a bit of depth. In addition to the weekly soaking in sodium percarbonate, I expect to use a scrubbing brush or spatula.

Kylo Glass - 07/03/2021
The product did not live up to expectations (3/5)

We ordered 14 sets of this Interlocking rubber mat, which was advertised as having a rubber seal at the base. Mats must be connected with rubber or plastic connectors if they are going to interlock. There is no interlocking device in the order, nor did there appear to be an instruction manual. Their appearance suggests they are quite durable as well as quite spongy. For traffic with high or heavy volume, this is not recommended. Using a ribbed rubber mat roll will keep your floor as clean as a ribbed rubber mat, if not better.

Finley Lopez - 05/03/2021