Rubber-Cal’s “Dura-Chef” Non-Slip Rubber Kitchen Mat Review

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  • The holes help drain debris and liquid waste.
  • Noticeable smell.

Questions & Answers

The size of a quarter would be an approximate estimate.
Our black color could leech out into the water if you submerge these in water, so we don't recommend submerging.
The interface is not slick at all. Despite the weight, it's a very strong product. It's a little difficult to move around as it's heavy, but it stays where it is. It's the kind of mat that you might find in a restaurant.
Taking care to use a low friction material such as rubber will prevent this from happening.

Selected User Reviews For Rubber-Cal’s “Dura-Chef” Non-Slip Rubber Kitchen Mat

This seating area is ideal for outdoor use (4/5)

With a couple of patio chairs under an oak tree just off our driveway, I bought this mat to create a seating area. I expected it to work out just fine! The chairs needed to be comfortable so that I would not get sand and mulch on my feet. Also, the chairs had to be free of water that would collect when it rains or when the lawn sprinklers run. There is enough space on the mat for two patio chairs to sit, and the edge of the mat meets the edge of the driveway. My zip-loc bag was able to zip into the mat through the holes Tie the aluminum wood chairs to the mat so they will not blow away since they are very light and will not be blown away by wind. I am pleased it worked out so well, however, I only gave the mat four stars because it had a five-star rating There was a 6 inch tear in the package when I opened it up, so I am not sure how The torn side is not worth returning to the dealer, so I put it in the back of the seat.

Justice Ewing - 07/07/2021
There is no better choice (4/5)

This mat is incredible. It is important that you be aware that this will off gas for a few Even though the fumes may be odd-smelling, they should not pose a risk if you keep a well ventilated area. The quality of the Rubber Cal mats overshadowed that of Notrax, the mats I bought at the same time. I'm happy with this purchase and look forward to buying more Rubber Cal mats in the future for the.

Landry Smith - 31/05/2021
I like the quality of this mattress, easy to lay down, nothing to complain about (5/5)

Other reviewers commented on the smell. The smell is similar to that of new In addition to enjoying the slight smell of new tires, I actually like it in the garage. I felt the pain for a few days before it vanished. The overall picture. It is of very good quality and I am very satisfied with it.

Adonis Goodwin - 02/05/2021
It is a great mat at a great price (4/5)

It is exactly as described and serves well as a rug to enter Although it does slide a bit on the smooth concrete, it is not enough to inconvenience If you wish, you could always put some pieces of non-sticky tape on This will be an excellent way to prevent dirt from getting tracked into the house because it has a slight recess from the top layer that will collect the fine dust. The bigger holes will catch larger items and then a small recess from the top layer will collect the fine dust.

Anthony Lewis - 25/03/2021
These floor mats are made from rubber (5/5)

It's so awesome to have rubber mats in the living room! The surface is easily cleanable. Ice does not tend to stick to the door, so it is easy to break off at the front door if you use it outside. The surface of the concrete does not move! It is also used on garage floors to keep feet off of cold floors in the winter.

Mila Reilly - 12/02/2021
Exactly what we were looking for (5/5)

Whenever we melted snow in the garage, puddles would form at the steps leading up to our kitchen door. Our garage doesn't have a drain. I'm glad this worked out, we don't have to worry about the dog getting into the mess.

Kora Dunn - 29/07/2021
Definitely a great product (5/5)

It is a very large mat that reduces back strain as you do the laundry for a long time. The kitchen stool is heavy and designed to prevent slipping since the design has holes allowing fluids to leak through. I am glad I purchased it despite its heavy weight and for kitchen use.

Lionel DODD - 17/05/2021
There is a lot to like about it (5/5)

I've been using it on my back porch without any problems. To even out the ground, I had to put some wooden fencing over it, and then I covered it with this. No one will be able to kill us now. The design is great as well.

Belle Kim - 29/01/2021