RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel 3-Inch Conical Strainer Review

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Durability 4.9 
Easy to clean 4.8 
Value for money 4.8 
Sturdiness 4.7 
  • It's the perfect size for making double-strain cocktails.
  • High-grade stainless steel.
  • Seeds can be used for a variety of straining purposes, but they must be handled with care to keep their finish.
  • For straining broths and soups, it's too small.

RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel 3-Inch Conical Strainer Product Description

In addition to offering quality kitchen products at competitive prices, RSVP aims to offer you a wide range of cooking tools. One of the best examples is the Endurance 3-inch diameter conical strainer. With a polished rim and a 4-3/4-inch handle, this strainer is perfect for straining tea or capers, cocktail onions, cherries, and other items. It is made of extra-fine stainless steel mesh with a polished rim. You can wash this dish in the dishwasher.

  • This product is made from stainless steel 18/8.
  • The strainer has a polished rim and handle with a cone-shaped mesh of extra fine mesh.
  • The strainer is ideal for straining broth, juice, tea, canned fruit, rice, or beans, as well as for rinsing and draining vegetables and pasta.
  • This product can be washed in the dishwasher.

Questions & Answers

Five and a quarter inches are deep in mine. As of now, I have used it a few times without any issues.
The answer is yes, But it wouldn't be my first choice for a regularly used coffee filter The coffee maker overflows every now and then into the carafe, bringing with it coffee grounds which I can then filter with this strainer while pouring the coffee. There is a limited amount of space for smaller grounds (as with the French press), otherwise it does its job well.
Using this strainer with turmeric powder seems like it might be a bit too fine. Could you try one of those Superbags?
A mesh would not allow seeds to pass through, but use would probably take an eternity.

Selected User Reviews For RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel 3-Inch Conical Strainer

If I had the choice, I would choose another (3/5)

strains my tea quite well, but the metal lip around the top makes it very difficult to clean as the stuff that gets caught in the lip gets stuck when you turn it upside down to wash it. You have to turn the device right side up again after washing it to get the bacteria out from between the lips, then turn it upside down again to try to rinse it out, and so on into the crisper until it's thoroughly A different one would be my choice, if given the opportunity.

Angie Fritz - 08/05/2021
I like this strainer because it's classy and stylish (5/5)

The day finally came when I had to break with tradition and throw out Attempting to clean out an adolescent's tea strainer that was ten years old. It was a good decision for me. With its stainless steel "Endurance Conical" 4" strainer, the 4" strainer is like There is an excellent finish and a perfect shape to it. As it is just about the perfect size to fit into a large mug, it can be used for steeping tea leaves or to strain spices from small amounts of liquid The handle on this rim is apparently spot welded to the rim, as are the two ears on the opposite side. All of them are well fastened and appear to be A nice roll is present all around the strainer basket edges The surface is smooth without any sharp edges. As for the basket strainer itself, it appears to be double mesh and is quite fine. I gently ran my fingers along the interior and exterior of the basket. I could not feel or see any imperfections. The wire pieces were all tucked away neatly, and there didn't seem to be any loose ends hanging out to snag your fingers. The strainer is a great purchase for the price paid. I'm not sure how long it will last in use, but its durability seems adequate. Exactly what I needed. This is a great feature. ****** I give five stars to a product whose features seem to be almost flawless. Honestly, I'm not sure what is missing. That's really true. Take a look at this one. Your needs are met by this product, which is convenient to clean and has a functional design.

Bradley Fry - 15/05/2021
This multi-purpose tool is handy This tool is intended for a specific purpose (5/5)

You might want to try this instead of that expensive Chinois strainer. The device can be used for so many purposes. In addition to steeping tea, you can use herbs as well. When it comes to cooking sauces, it only gets interesting when you push them through the sieve, filtering out bits of grit and If you'd rather not eat fluffy mashed potatoes, you can push them through the screen for a fancier texture. You can also use it to cook raw eggs into a silky smooth scramble. Use roasted garlic to create a paste or dust cake with crushed cocoa or powdered sugar for a final touch. Your cook needs to keep this in his or her arsenal of tools.

Dior Zhang - 16/06/2021
Kefir made in small batches can be made with this method (4/5)

It is good to make kefir yourself and I enjoy it. The way the store was decorated was really great too, not a hippie but a bit into fermentation It tasted great when I bought it, so why not make it myself? Basically, making kefir means that I keep two cups of milk and kefir grains in a jar on my counter, and I strain the fermented kefir into another jar in the morning, add fresh milk, and add our grains back in. This strainer makes the process of reclaiming the grains and starting the next batch of oats a fun and simple one that's a quick and satisfying part of my morning It is balanced so that it sits in the mouth of the destination jar and doesn't tip over. The mesh is a little fine for kefir because I have to tap the strainer in order to get the kefir to move, but it cleans easily and the deep cone holds a surprising amount for being so compact, so it's the perfect solution Here's the problem. In my experience, if I was making more than two cups at a time, I would use a larger strainer of the same brand, such as a 4" or 5" version.

Brennan Dennis - 15/05/2021
There is an opening of 6" - 10" It is described in the description (5/5)

Reviews in the past describe the opening as being less than 3" in length. It is apparent from the photo that this item corresponds to what is being There are no mistakes in the review, and I'm glad to make it right.

Harvey Carney - 27/01/2021
The surface is easy to clean The mesh is sturdy and fine (5/5)

Thanks for the RSVP strainer, I have several sizes and use them quite often. In addition to a small box filled with air pillows, my 3" strainer came with a severely damaged mesh part. It was no problem for me to return it. It is quite heavy and of stiff quality - after two years of use neither the 4 inch frame, nor the 6 inch frame have become distorted. Quinoa goes perfectly with the 6 inch pan With a fine double mesh, it is very strong. It was My KitchCo that sold me my defective 3 inch. Each RSVP strainer has been given 4 stars based on the quality of the product MyKitchCo provided me with a new one, instead of a defective one.

Corey Wise - 06/07/2021
It would have been nice to get a little more fine The purpose of buying this strainer is to make lemonade from freshly squeezed lemon juice (4/5)

I refuse to use the strainer that I have had around the kitchen for years because it leaves a great deal of In this case, the sediment is removed much more completely, yet there is still a little bit remaining.

Amira Gates - 30/03/2021
Before you buy, it's a good idea to read! Because I was in a hurry and really needed a colander for canning and other purposes in the kitchen, this happened to me (1/5)

There is a difference of three I wanted the picture to look larger, so I enlarged it. It just arrived today and I went to return it as soon as I could. RETURNS ARE NOT PERMITTED! Then what? As it was just delivered to me a few minutes ago, I cannot Don't be afraid to take action. In short, if you're looking for a small one, it seems generally good, but it can't be returned. What a ridiculous idea!.

Sadie Zamora - 03/04/2021