Royexe Store The Complete 11-piece Bartender Kit With Stainless Steel And Glass Stand Review

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  • Premium stainless steel is used.
  • Each piece is tested as BPA-free.
  • Paint vanishes in few weeks of using.

Royexe Store The Complete 11-piece Bartender Kit With Stainless Steel And Glass Stand Product Description

Kits come with a cobbler shaker, Hawthorne strainer, muddler, ice tongs, corkscrews, Japanese jiggers, mixing spoons, two pourers, and recipe booklets. Moreover, the tools in this bar set are scratch-resistant and rustproof, and the plastic is BPA-free.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • The best bar set money can buy. The barware set is more than just the basics it includes a number of bells and whistles as well. This kits comes complete with a 24 ounce leak proof shaker, 1 and 2 ounce measurer, Hawthorne strainer, mixing spoon, two wine pourers, wine opener, and ice tongue made from stainless steel that cools and enriches the cocktail. The kit also comes with a storage tray and an instructional booklet that shows you how to make drinks at home that rival those served at restaurants.
  • A tray with a unique design. A piece of art as well as functional, our stainless steel mixer and glass tray set is unparalleled in its design. With its modern, elegant, and sophisticated appeal, it can transform any space into one that is impressive. This tray allows easy access and visibility of all components as it is designed to provide the most efficient way of storing them. You don't have to settle for the necessities, enjoy the extravagance of this game for a low price.
  • The best way to party is to think like one. Lie in the comfort of your living room and experience the joy of a bar. No matter if you're a master bartender relaxing at home, or a novice just starting out, your guests are sure to be impressed by this cocktail shaker set. When you want to mix things up, when you are hanging out or when you feel the need to have a party. Create your own cocktail of the drinks of your choice, both hot and cold, including margaritas, sangrias, martinis, etc..
  • The performance was of high quality. Stainless steel is used in the manufacture of our bar tools and accessories because the material won't rust or scratch. It is durable and strong so there is no wear and tear to worry about. This product has been tested and certified for its food grade status and is BPA and chemical free, so there are no harmful leaks. It is quite convenient to replace all the items in the storage tray after a quick rinse and to avoid losing or forgetting anything.
  • It is a gift that is suitable for both boys and girls. Have you ever met someone who doesn't enjoy a good time? Mixology kits like this one create special memories for recipients when they want to show their appreciation or love. A beautiful design combined with perfect entertainment - what more can you ask for in a gift? You can easily execute this bar kit anywhere, as the bar kit fits inside the shaker to provide fun whenever you want. Don't take risks when you buy. You love it, or you get a full refund on your back, no questions asked.

Selected User Reviews For Royexe Store The Complete 11-piece Bartender Kit With Stainless Steel And Glass Stand

It was disappointing

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this kit on the Internet. I was really drawn to the matte black color. It was impossible for me not to notice the scratches when I received the product. The product was meant to be a birthday gift for a friend of mine, but I don't want to give her a defective item. I'm really disappointed.

Saylor Joyce - 15/04/2021
A cheap price

It is easy for the black paint to chip and scrape. Stainless steel is the material I would choose next time.

Carlos Burns - 18/01/2021
Peeling paint can be seen on the wall

My first observation was that the shaker had begun to peel as soon as I opened the box. The skin continued to peel even after I washed it delicately. The paint may end up in the drink, so this can be a problem. In the event that the company fixes this problem with their newer kits, I would recommend it since the box and parts are fantastic. In the event the paint does not allow you to use them, they become kind of pointless.

Izaiah McBride - 21/06/2021
One of the pieces is missing

First of all, I bought a used unit, which stated a damaged box, which I confirmed. What was not pointed out when I opened the package was that the unit itself had quite a few scuffs and scratches, but I can live with it. I am unsatisfied with this unit because it is missing one thing, the shaker top cap, which renders the entire device useless if I cannot mix a single The product does not seem to be available now, which is a shame because I would have loved to use it.

Dean Valdez - 03/08/2021
There was a punk attack on me! I love it! If it had been a complete set, I am sure that it was a nice Once I opened the box and half of it wasn't there, I instantly thought I was getting ripped off! Gifts are always returned, so this one is no exception

It still hasn't happened yet. I'm waiting for Ashton Kutcher. I love it!.

Graham Sellers - 22/02/2021
A feeling of cheapness surrounds this

I was expecting it to be more refined and refined, but it is rough. There is no smoothness to the feel of the items, and although it does have a matte finish, it feels pretty cheap for something that costs This is not something I would buy again, nor am I certain it will last long.

Ruby Serrano - 27/05/2021
The pictures are just as good as in the picture! The packaging of this product was amazing

I got exactly what I ordered and the matte black was true to what was From the product, you could tell it was legitimate and turned out to be more than you As she received the gift in an inconspicuous box, the recipient was unaware of it. The set was also included in the original box from the company, which showed a picture of the set on its All of the items were packaged in plastic and the set arrived in excellent condition. I made it for my fiancee and she loved it!.

King Parrish - 28/02/2021
I would recommend not buying! I received only nine pieces even though they say I should have received 11

You don't need a muddler or a.

Penny Lambert - 04/03/2021