ROVSUN Commercial Grade Citrus Juicer Review

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Durability 4.7 
Easy to use 4.6 
Easy to clean 4.5 
Sturdiness 4.4 
  • Solid built.
  • Great stability and balance.
  • Handle may get loose.

ROVSUN Commercial Grade Citrus Juicer Product Description

With the ROVSUN Commercial Grade Citrus Juicer, you can juice citrus at an affordable price. juice a variety of fruits with this juicer, like pineapple, mango, and many others. There is a protective hat that comes with the juicer so you can lock it into place. The crusher is durable, with a rubber grip that is super comfortable. The first step is to have a firm grip on your juicer, and the second step is to reduce pressure at the same time. Firstly, cut the fruits in half, then place them on a flat plate, and finally press with your foot. The seeds can be removed and the fruit can be rolled without any extra steps. For anybody who is looking for a pulpless juice made from raw fruit, this manual juicer will not disappoint.

  • We can only send you a free safety hat if you are a customer of ROVSUN. By holding it in this position with the black plastic hat, it will stay in place. A handle will not fall accidentally if this feature is used. There is no tearing or tearing in the process of using this heavy duty juice crusher because it has a comfortable rubber grip that stop and reduces.
  • CLEANING & EASY TO OPERATE Our ROVSUN commercial juicer is very easy to use. To get the juice, you just need to follow three simple steps. To cut the citrus, cut it in half twice. plate 3 flat side down on the plate with the cut side up. To use this handle, press your thumb down. What do you say to enjoying freshly squeezed juice in a flash? For easy cleaning, the strainer cone and funnel on this manual fruit juicer can be easily removed.
  • ROVSUN manual juicers are made from heavy cast iron, and they come with 304 stainless steel strainers that guarantee maximum hygiene and safety. Whether you need a lot of fresh juice for restaurants, bars, families, celebrations, or super markets, we have the perfect manual juicer extraction machine for you.
  • Hand press commercial citrus juicer does not rub the rind, so you can prepare good tasting juice without bitter rind taste. Removes every drop of juice from oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, pomegranates.
  • A LIFETIME OF SERVICE We go above and beyond to provide the best quality product, as well as the best customer service possible. Any problems, please contact us, with us you are always shopping with no stress!

Questions & Answers

I believe the manual for this hand juicer is simple.
The majority of the time, but some still leaks Pulp gives a drink an extra kick, and We absolutely love it.
It's designed for pomegranates that have been It is true that you could place seeds on the strainer, but it would be more difficult than just using the strainer as intended.
In spite of the fact that the upper cone cannot be unscrewed, it doesn't really get dirty very often. If you want to wipe it, you can. You can easily remove the bottom one to clean it - The fact that it is so easy to clean really makes it a great choice.

Selected User Reviews For ROVSUN Commercial Grade Citrus Juicer

Can't tell whether these products have been tested for quality - It is important to control the dispatching process first (1/5)

In a nutshell, Our hearts really wanted to like this product! However, we gave it a low rating only due to some key flaws in the build - namely, the middle part of the packaging! Especially in the most critical part of the press conference Watch the video to see the JOINTS (see the subtitles). Since the provided screws did not grip, they kept spinning and a replacement set of screws was needed. It was loose connections at one of the critical joints of the handle of the presser that caused the bigger issue. I believe that at the very least, we got a full refund if it was shipped back. It is really unfortunate to have wasted such a large amount Here are the benefits for Amazon, the seller, and for us.

Brady Bruce - 14/06/2021
Every day, you should use it (5/5)

It has been my daily habit to use this product have found that it has many strong qualities that make it suitable for my needs. Easy to grow, limes and lemons do a good job. Compared to oranges, this unit is a bit less complimentary. When it squeezes a fruit, it does what it says. When the top plate is squeezed completely, the oranges are much larger than the top plate, so some of the meat is not You should use a strainer if you do not want to taste fruit material in your juice. It works well for canning. I recommend it for margaritas. Mix together one lemon and one lime. Add some agave liquid sugar, and then your triple sec It could be tequila and sec. I like the mixture and there are It is also perfect for drinks that contain lime. I wouldn't say it's a smash hit around here, but it's one of the most popular. There is only one negative point, and this is not to be dismissed lightly, with this product, namely that you have to turn the top plate over to clean underneath it. In theory, if you were a real fanatic, you could disassemble the plate for cleaning, but they are a lot of work and you could lose the thin plastic washer if not cared for properly. To help keep the unit clean for the next use, I cover it with a plastic bag (found in the fresh vegetable section of the local store).

Madison SLATER - 30/04/2021
This is cast iron, but it is Manual citrus juicers were on my wishlist for a long time (3/5)

This is such a simple and beautiful thing. Cast iron construction is great - it looks really solid I like how heavy that is. Although all of it has been coated, I can see that the coating is gradually eroding. Freshly-cut grasses have a way of making their way into the newly-seeded soil The juice has been squeezed and I am certain I am not going to ingest the toxic coating, so I strain it first through a sieve and then through cheese cloth so that none of it I am a little disappointed. I also wanted the juice to have a little pulp in it, but without peeled coating as well. There is a major flaw in this report. This press would have been perfect if the cast iron was plain and uncoated instead of coated. The juicer is pretty easy to use, aside from the coating issue. Just be aware that you have to use a great deal of muscle to press the fruit and it leaves a lot of unsqueezed fruit, so you can squeeze it by hand to get more juice. Rather than making its point there, it loses a bit of meaning. Easy to clean, the juicer can be disassembled and taken apart. It's probably not something I would buy again, but I would have been happier if it had not been coated.

Colt McBride - 15/05/2021
This juice press is made of cast iron (5/5)

The base is made of heavy-duty cast iron, which makes it very durable. Ensures the orange and lemon juice is extracted entirely. There is no need to hand wash the pieces. The only thing I dislike about it is that the top portion pushes down on the fruit and is not removable. However, it does get messy occasionally, and I am forced to wipe it out. I would rather run it through the dishwasher instead. All in all, the juicer is a very good product.

Maxton Rich - 21/06/2021
It sounds great and I hope to try it soon (3/5)

The thing is that I just got it today, and I'm excited to use it, but it came damaged from the bottom, so it's unsteady, so I'm not sure how to use it. The little black things that prevent the walker from wobbling are missing. Can I get a replacement. It said that it had suction cups in the description, but they were rubber ones. That's awesome, I guess.

Erik Ortega - 26/05/2021
A quality product (5/5)

I am really happy with how my pomegranates turned out. Because I have a tree, I have plenty of pomegranates. This is a great way to use.

Ryker NORTH - 25/05/2021
I like it a lot! What an amazing set of photos! Designed to withstand tough conditions and to be Use it on oranges and pomegranates as well (5/5)

In order to get the best results with pomegranates, you should place them on something a bit lower, such as You have a little more power when you do this.

Margo Bell - 02/02/2021
It looks awesome and the results are fantastic! Definitely an amazingly fast and easy way of making orange juice (5/5)

We had about 60 ounces of juice in about five minutes, maybe a little longer but at least that's how it felt. That was from It has a very well designed design. Although the base needs to be held down with one hand the press with another, it is quite You don't get that annoying whine from the electric juicers when you use it and it's a lot of fun. I had no trouble cleaning it, the only problem is that I couldn't remove the top cup that presses down on the orange without unscrewing it, but I wiped it down with a cloth and it was fine. I recommend this juicer as one of the best I've ever used!.

Nelson Cross - 11/03/2021