ROVSUN 2 Door Compact Refrigerator with Freezer Review

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Noise level 4.9 
Storage Capacity 4.8 
Temperature Control 4.0 
Energy efficiency 4.0 
  • This beer fridge is UL certified.
  • Customer friendly product.
  • Old-look.

ROVSUN 2 Door Compact Refrigerator with Freezer Product Description

Enjoy stainless steel appliances, then ROVSUN has reproduced that look with their 2-door compact refrigerator/freezer, which also happens to be a beer fridge. In addition to 2.2 cubic feet of refrigerator space, the unit has a cubic foot of freezer space that is ideal for freezing vodka glasses, steins, dessert glasses, and frosting cups. The powerful refrigeration power of this beer fridge maintains beer temperatures even at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can fit just about anywhere and keep beer extra cold.

  • We guarantee you will receive a safe, efficient, and well-built refrigerator from the Compact 2 door refrigerator and freezer that is UL certified. Because each item is tested for safety and durability, we can guarantee you a well-made, safe, and efficient fridge.
  • It is equipped with a 1 cubic foot refrigerator and freezer. This is feet. There are two things you need a freezer that stores frozen foods and a refrigerator. The volume is 2 cubic feet. This is feet. Maintain a refrigerator that is completely refrigerated to keep your food and drinks fresh. Also, there are two exterior doors from which you can access either the freezer or the refrigeration unit.
  • The heat sinks are equipped with cooling compressors for superior cooling results. In addition to being able to set the temperature of the refrigerator, the mechanical temperature control lets you adjust it from Whenever it is below 5oF, the temperature will be freezing.
  • CONSTRUCTION WHICH IS USER FRIENDLY - Fruits and vegetables are always fresh in the crisper drawer that is designed to keep them that way 2. includes a scraper and ice tray for manual deicing 3. includes an ice scraper for manual deicing There is a glass shelf that can be removed from the fridge so you can adjust the height of every section It is quiet when it works.
  • THE MIDSIZE Fridge Freezer IS SUITABLE FOR MULTIPLE USE - It can be used at home, at the office, in the bar, in the dining room, in the dormitory.

Questions & Answers

There is clear plastic on the item.
It's not frost free but it keeps everything frozen and that was my goal because they give you a scraper when you purchase it I love mine and I don't mind scraping the frost out once in a while - it keeps everything frozen.
The weight of the object is 24 pounds. Five kilograms/54 pounds.
In the coldest part of the world, it is 7.

Selected User Reviews For ROVSUN 2 Door Compact Refrigerator with Freezer

I really like it, but it's hot (3/5)

I like the size of this fridge, it is easy to unpack and to set up, the only issue is that when I first plugged it in, I discovered that the bottom side started to heat up. I could've done it more slowly by plugging it in earlier. Take it out of the socket. I'll wait a little longer before plugging in again. Updating as soon as I can.

Rory Norton - 28/05/2021
The quality is excellent and the price is fair (5/5)

Looks like the refrigerator is working well. When there's a sale on meat in a store, this is the place to check for beer, soda, and meat. I followed all of the guidelines, letting the guts set for 24 hours after removing the tape holding them in place during shipping and cleaning with soap and water afterward. It is quiet as it runs. This is a great pick for middle temp. With the Prime day sales in July, I was able to save 5% and purchase the item with no sales tax or shipping charges. The weight is about 50 pounds. The front door handle makes it easy to move, and it's much more effective than having to lift the box a couple of times in and out of the car.

Mario Hebert - 24/07/2021
The mini-study is very interesting In the refrigerator (5/5)

The fact that it has a normal freezer with a separate door makes this a rare find. There is ample space in our freezer to hold several frozen meals brought in by our office staff. There is no noise coming from this fridge, as the door is very strong. The package reached its destination in good shape. The fridge looks like a small version of a full-size fridge As you might recall, it is not a cheap fridge like we had in our dorm rooms at college. It was very fast to get here and it was a real find. This would definitely be a purchase I would make again!.

Penelope Clements - 16/04/2021
We were pleasantly surprised by the size of the hotel (5/5)

I expected more room, but it worked as I do not love stainless steel, and every fingerprint on the door is evident, plus I wish these were self-defrosting, but I have no complaints otherwise.

Lilian Acevedo - 14/04/2021
The capacity of the storage is large, but the noise level is low (5/5)

I liked the color of the bag and it fit a lot of groceries and went well with the décor. Meats, ice, ice cream and other frozen foods stay as cool as possible.

Naomi Andrade - 16/06/2021
There is enough space in the freezer (5/5)

The item I received is great! I am so happy with it! In my opinion, a mini refrigerator with a good-sized freezer would be perfect, but most of them have a very small freezer. The freezer is spacious, but the fridge is a decent size. Shipping is fast as well! The product is definitely something I will recommend to my friends and family who are in need of.

Hayley Strong - 21/02/2021
This is a quiet and efficient system (5/5)

The refrigerator has been in my possession for about a month, and I am satisfied with it so far. Quiet and efficient, it provides a comfortable work environment. With setting 4, the temperature of the freezer compartment remains within a range of about 5 degrees (0 to 5 degrees F). My refrigerator has not needed to be defrosted yet since there has been minimal ice buildup. has plenty of room for one person to sleep in.

Sky DODD - 23/02/2021
Space for storing food in the freezer (5/5)

Awarded for the extended stay hotel facility I manage. It is appreciated by the guests that the freezer is spacious.

Harvey Lamb - 12/06/2021