Riedel Ouverture Goblet Beer Glasses Review

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Giftable 4.5 
Sturdiness 4.2 
Comfort 4.2 
Durability 4.0 
  • Is ideal for bringing out the colour of a beer, developing the aroma, and extending the palate.
  • This tulip-shaped glass retains all of the aromas, eliminates excess carbonation, and aids in the preservation of the beer head.
  • Two glasses are included in this set.
  • Dishwasher-safe and machine-made.
  • Shipping could be a problem.

Riedel Ouverture Goblet Beer Glasses Product Description

Riedel has been making glass and crystal for over 300 years, and their reputation is known the world over when it comes to making the best beer goblets. They have a distinctive tulip-shaped design that keeps a good head and emits aromas in an accessible manner. Seeing that these glasses can hold a pint of beer, we thought they would be quite useful. Approximately 2.25″ across the mouth, 3″ across the widest part, and 7.25″ tall, these measure. These glasses are dishwasher-safe and have slightly thicker glass, compared to Riedel Vinum’s more delicate pieces. They are not chunky, they are still elegant but feel secure in the dishwasher because they are not too thick.

  • With the Beer glass, you can enjoy the color, scent, and taste of beer while prolonging the palate.
  • As a result, it is designed to capture and diffuse the full range of aromas and dissipate excess carbonation while maintaining a creamy head of beer.
  • A pack of two glasses is included in this product.
  • This is a machine-made dish that can be placed in the dishwasher.
  • A 17 oz. glass is included.

Questions & Answers

There are no lead-based toxins in them, Red wine glasses of this size are significantly smaller than those of most other wines. My personal favorite size is this one.
It would be a real shame if we did not have these gorgeous It took me a while to realize that they were big. In depth, the bowl and base are both 2 1/4" at the lip and 3 " at their widest points. A 7 1/4 inch tall person stands 7 1/4 inch I now consider them a favorite. Reduce your alcohol intake and enjoy your life.
It is great to have these glasses. Even though you don't normally fill them up to the top, I measured them and they are 500 ml or 1 pint. In them, a 330ml bottle works well.
This glass isn't for straight tequila, but it might work for wine. It's a relatively small size, so it may be okay for wine. Drinks mixed with this are probably not good.

Selected User Reviews For Riedel Ouverture Goblet Beer Glasses

This item was not genuine and arrived in a damaged state (1/5)

In the first place, I ordered 12 and 3 of them were The bottoms are stamped "Riedel 001", and not just "Riedel". Other items of concern include the name "Riedel" on the back. Going surfing, I found out that the Riedel glasses I had been sold were not authentic, but the "Restaurant Series" that are only available wholesale. For the former series of glasses, the cost is approximately $4 while for the latter series, the cost is roughly $14 to $16. Riedel glass prices range from $15 to $30 ($30 from Riedel directly). It is my hope that this was a shipping error that will be corrected by the seller immediately. The experience I have had with Amazon has always been positive The the future isn't looking so bright right now.

Charlie Goldstein - 01/07/2021
The Riedel glasses we purchased were of poor quality and unreliable customer service (1/5)

This was our first time buying such glasses. We'll be able to wash one glass with a dishwasher for the last time. A glass was broken during the second wash. There are several features that make our dishwasher stand out Here's the thing You can find Bosch products here. It was the first time I had ever removed a broken glassware from it. My question was directed to Amazon customer service. They very politely replied that it wasn't their problem and that I should contact Amazon instead! As for the warranty, I questioned whether it was honest. As a response, they responded with a gigantic 5% discount code (which did not include shipping on Amazon which was free). My dishwasher was empty just a few minutes after I started writing this review. My surprise was heightened by the fact that a second glass was It is not recommended to wash these glasses in the dishwasher The safest option. *br>*br>Sorry. I thought you meant "sorry". It is worthless to buy from this retailer because of the poor quality of the product and unreliable customer service. It has been a pleasure working with.

Laurel Logan - 30/03/2021
The size of the glass is perfect for me for a red wine glass (5/5)

Since I was a teenager, this glass has been my favorite for red wine and I use it daily. Wines of all colors are fine in this glass, as well as white wines. Ice cube if you like? You should definitely try The glass is the perfect 'intermediate' size, much more similar to the traditional white wine glass than a traditional red wine glass. A nice small half glass, about 125 ml, will work fine for you. I really don't need another wine glass the glass is thin with a large opening on the rim. It's the perfect size for wine drinking. It is the kind of glass that wine snobs would flinch at if they tried to sip a good red wine from it. Since I started ordering two sets of books several years ago, I've placed several orders for pairs. What's the reason? While these glasses are fairly hardy for crystal, it is possible to break the bowl if you tip the glass over on granite or dry it too aggressively. Break the stem and it will break.

Jadiel Briggs - 23/06/2021
It's a pleasure to drink from these glasses when I'm drinking These glasses allow me to drink my beer with style! This allows the entire beer to be poured in one go, and the mouthfeel of the beer is enhanced as the head is contained (5/5)

It doesn't matter where I am. I drink beer everywhere. There are many places where you can get a beverage in a similar-shaped In my opinion, this glass is either as good as or better than the one I used to drink the excellent beer. My favorite thing about them is that they are so refined, delicate, and yet durable that I can drink my beer from them with ease. The level of kindness they have is still amazing to me. These glasses are truly beautiful, and it is a real treat to drink beer from them. There are no better glasses than the ones made by Redel.

Amani PARKINSON - 10/06/2021
Wine is a great way to relax and enjoy the day (5/5)

believe Reidel glasses have the perfect shape for enhancing enjoyment of any red wine. When compared to the Vinum (or higher) series of Reidels, I find the shorter profile and slightly thicker (even though it's fine for drinking! Stems and bowls allow you to focus more on enjoying the wine rather than worrying about tipping it over or breaking it. Since these pots are only about ten bucks each, if one gets broken at a dinner party, it isn't a tragedy.

Josephine Charles - 31/01/2021
The glass is very nice to use every day (5/5)

Besides the price, the crystal is of good quality and the bowl shape is nice, not too large for me Toasted with the sun in mind -- It's one of my favorites. Unless there is an occasion or bottle I really want, I rarely use larger glasses. I found out that many of the employees at my local Marchand du vin also use these on a daily basis. Despite the fact that they are known to be dishwasher safe I still hand wash them. In 90% of my cases, I've been unable to use them after they were washed. Don't stress the stem or try to fit a sponge or cloth into the bowl or else you might have trouble. **For those expecting a larger bowl, you must not have looked at the measurements in the listing and got a ruler out. On my part, I have made repeated purchases so I knew what I would get.

Arian Carey - 07/05/2021
You're drinking red wine in the best glass ever! The glass has a great ring to it, and it has made me feel in love after trying it at a steakhouse (5/5)

I like how large these glasses are, but they aren't too big or comical. These glasses allow me to pour a heavier pour while still getting the same effect as a smaller pour in my regular sized glass. I like the idea of having a smaller pour in my glass to allow it to cool and breathe better, so I love having a smaller amount in my glass. The glasses feel delicate, yet they are sturdy enough that I am not afraid to use them. The red wine lover in your life would certainly appreciate receiving this gift.

Annabelle Santana - 22/01/2021
This pair of glasses is great (5/5)

It's a big deal, but we can use that. It's spacious, so you can swirl around. The new glasses are so much better than my other ones that I am tempted to get rid of them all. I was looking for the smaller glass in the second photo, but Riedel does not seem to have it in stock anymore. At first glance, that one looked quite large to me it was found at a thrift store. My search for the closest to it turned up these, which dwarf it in every way. Were sturdiness and durability rated.

Bruce Howe - 26/07/2021