Riedel O Wine Whisky Tumbler Review

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Light weight 4.8 
Easy to clean 4.5 
Giftable 4.5 
Sturdiness 3.9 
Durability 3.9 
  • Ideal weight.
  • Best choice for whiskey cocktails.
  • Not suitable for all cocktails.

Riedel O Wine Whisky Tumbler Product Description

Drink spirits (neat or on the rocks), cocktails, or any other drink that isn’t hot, you may want to invest in a good set of rock glasses. The typical rock glass would hold 8 to 10 ounces and is designed for neat pours of spirits. In comparison with this standard-sized glass. Increasingly, large blocks of ice are being used for cocktails, making double Old Fashioned glasses more popular. The vessels usually hold 12 ounces or a little more on average.” Riedel, one of Kong’s preferred brands, has a smooth and stylish 15-ounce tumbler inside its O collection—just perfect for wine, whiskey, or your drink of choice with ice cubes.

  • It is a design classic that the whisky glass of the glass Collection O wine tumbler is machine-made.
  • You can add it to your drink as a finishing touch.
  • It is the perfect glass for everyday use and is suitable for any event. Besides being fun and convenient to hold, it looks trendy and works as well!
  • There is no problem with washing Riedel glasses in the dishwasher.
  • The capacity of this glass is 15 1/8 oz, while the height is 3 7/8.

Questions & Answers

It has a straight, clean cut without rounded edges I've seen the process of production twice at the factory in Austria (Kufstein).
The tumbler can hold up to 1 1/2 cups of liquid to its rim.
Given that it costs the same as "two", you'd expect it to be two. The set of two, not the "one size" option is what I would order if I wanted two. This is the only pair of glasses I use Rather than stemmed ones, I prefer these.
I am glad to hear that you have an interest in this product.

Selected User Reviews For Riedel O Wine Whisky Tumbler

I am sorry to say that these This is the sixth order we made (1/5)

Two days after they were delivered, four ruptured. A hairline fracture affected every one of them about the same place, and then each of them broke Neither of us dropped them nor did we do anything to them. It was a good thing they sent more when we returned the first, but some of those broke as well. As far as returning is concerned, we no longer return More is not what we want. Our recent experience with this product is odd, as we've had so much positive experience with other Riedel products previously. There's either something wrong with the glasses, or someone on the production line fell asleep for a few hours, and they all got finished when no one was looking.

Denise PARRY - 24/02/2021
The design is extremely ergonomic, as well as stable (5/5)

Riedel glassware is among my many possessions, though I tend to stick to the Although, I wanted to find something that had a stable base when I was using it outdoors or in a movie setting. The only ones I bought were two, as I was a little skeptical of them. Since getting them and putting them to use, I have found that they have become one of my favorite sparkling wine glasses for several reasons. They have a very stable base, are not easy to drop and have the perfect volume and feel nice in your hand. While I can understand every time somebody complains about the fragility of their glassware, in fact, there is something to be said about the handling. I sometimes hand wash or run it through the dishwasher, and occasionally I shatter one, but the strength of the thin glass contributes to the This is a beautifully crafted glassware that can be tough, but you will lose the beauty of it. You should think of this as the cost of owning such a stunning This is a highly recommended book!.

Ella Wheeler - 13/03/2021
A better choice than flutes because it is the right size and quality (5/5)

This is a superbly written article This champagne glass is a great way to serve and consume champagne as an adult. Its perfectly shaped and far superior to most ordinary In addition, I like *An instrument that is more stable than a flute. * No stem joint (where many flutes break) * Larger capacity than thin flutes. * Alcohol and tall, unstable containers of liquid are a bad combination. A smaller flute overflows, wasting that valuable liquid. * Beautiful glass shows off the contents of the tumbler and photographs well. * Curved bowl and narrow opening concentrates the distinct flavor of dry bubbly. * Glass fits a wide range of hands. * Opening suits While the glass isn't big, it does possess that sheen and resonance of true crystal (flick the glass with your fingernail to hear that resonance). If you don't have a big head, you will not be able to discern what you drink. At the price, these are an excellent choice for sport enthusiasts who have an eye for modern design. It is recommended.

Byron Robbins - 07/03/2021
These stemless wine glasses are really nice (5/5)

I am so in love with these Sturdiness was a feature I laughed at when I saw it. This product is of excellent quality and at a good price. At the top, these glasses are very finely framed with a very beautiful edge that finishes smooth and sharp. Keep them away from the pots and pans in the sink. I was scared of the packaging, they moved around in their box with only a thin piece of cardboard between them. It appears Riedel knows how to package, because this second order was well packed, as was the more recent order. But be careful not to shake the box too hard once.

Jasmine Barron - 16/07/2021
Multiple functions in one purchase This is an ideal purchase if you wish to add a functional yet elegant element to your everyday It would be a nice gift as well (5/5)

In summary, the quality of the product is excellent and the design is simple and clean. Not one of those cosmetic issues that seem out of place. Additionally, the multi-purpose aspect comes into play here. There is a wide range of sizes and dimensions for the brand, but initially, I chose this one because I found it to be the most versatile. While wide enough not to tip over, yet full enough to hold a pour and still have plenty of room for air. The only downside is the price. I noticed that the price was marked up after viewing it too many times. I was surprised, but no surprise, to see the same product at the original lower price I expected using a different account. I think that overall this is a good buy, as long as the prices remain My first thought was not to buy it because it was ridiculously expensive.

Aubriella Coffey - 17/05/2021
Is there any place for the nose to There's a part of me that wants these to be popular (3/5)

It looks like a good quality product, but these are delicate glasses. The walls are very thin, and the base isn't weighted. All of that is fine with me. In my complaint, I do not know where the nose should be placed? My nose fits within the rim of a typical wine glass when I drink from it. The rim of a shot glass is outside the level of my nose when I drink from it. In my case, the circumference of the glass rim hits me dead center at the end of my nose (and I have a normal nose size). Therefore, I have two options squeeze my nose inside the circumference of the glass by squeezing my face into a fish lips position, or open my mouth wide as if I were trying to shove the whole glass inside my mouth in order to push my nose outside the circumference. There is a lot of awkwardness in both of them.

Manuel Mayer - 29/06/2021
I like this product very much (5/5)

We own several stemless wine glasses and they really help to bring out the best in any wine. They would make a great gift for the wine lover on your list. The sandpaper is quite thin, so if you do not take care when washing it, it can easily break. In comparison to stemmed versions, stemless ones are more durable since the stems break quite easily while washing or drying. In the end, we still think they're worth it if we want the best.

Rylie Massey - 14/02/2021
I finally found a Whiskey Tumbler with a thin rim, rimless, and without a lip! In an effort to find a whiskey tumbler without a bump/lip around the edge, we ordered numerous tumblers online (5/5)

There were also claims that they were laser-targeted Even reviewers stated that the steaks were cut or lipless, but of the half a dozen others we ordered, these hands down were the best. Even though they do not have the weighted bottom, it's nice to hold them next to a light or in front of a candle. It's also important to note they are Having a drink in a delicate-looking cup is much better than one with chunky lips, but these are much more pleasant to drink One thing we might change would be maybe to make the base narrower so that smaller hands can grip it more securely.

Carl CONNOLLY - 02/02/2021