Riedel Drink Specific Rocks glass Review

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Giftable 4.7 
Easy to hold 4.7 
Durability 4.5 
Sturdiness 4.3 
Flavor 3.8 
Value for money 3.5 
  • A 2-ounce pour indication is included.
  • Capable of holding both ordinary and bigger ice cubes.
  • Dishwasher-friendly.
  • It's possible that you'll feel excessively heavy.

Riedel Drink Specific Rocks glass Product Description

Pour single-ounce portions, mix spirits over ice, or simply put water in the glass. Voisey endorsed Riedel’s 9-ounce heavy-base tumblers as particularly designed for Old Fashioneds or classic whiskey cocktails, enjoyed on the rocks. The project was created in collaboration with a range of bartenders and industry experts. The glasses’ designs showcase both spirits and cocktails, as well as holding up to a high-energy bar environment – many bars across the country use these glasses. Voisey adds, “It’s also a great way to drink whiskey straight because of the unique 2-ounce pour indicator at the bottom (the top includes a mark that measures exactly 2 ounces). You can add a few chunks of ice to a dram of whiskey because the bigger size allows it.

  • Designed to hold both standard ice cubes and the large ice cubes that are becoming increasingly popular in restaurants and bars, the machine-made rocks glass of the functional glass collection is made to hold both ice cubes, and can be easily cleaned.
  • This Riedel barware line of drink-specific glasses is made in cooperation with spirits specialist Zane Harris to meet the need for cocktail specific glasses among restaurants and bars and for individuals who enjoy cocktail culture at home with six glasses that can serve thousands of cocktails.
  • There are seven traditional cocktails served in the glasses the old fashioned, the Manhattan, the daiquiri, the sour, the Peasant, the Buck, and the Julep.
  • Each glass got special attention when Harris, in partnership with Riedel, designed it, paying particular attention to its size, shape, volume, and ice capacity, a concept unique to Harris that has never been explored before by any glassware manufacturer.
  • Riedel's bar drink specific glassware ice glasses are designed to address two of hospitality's greatest problems- liquid displacement and the distorted perception of being underserved by consumers.
  • It is safe to wash all Riedel glasses in a dishwasher.
  • The capacity of the glass is 9 ounces and the height of the glass.
  • There are two glasses included with the kit.

Questions & Answers

The box I have in front of me was a gift, so I don't have it. They were mentioned to be made in Germany in one reference. It's a cute pair of glasses and they're just right for a Vesper vigil!
Comes in a box of two.
The German-speaking world.
The Reidel box is very nice.

Selected User Reviews For Riedel Drink Specific Rocks glass

It's perfect to have a cocktail in a neat glass (3/5)

That's not so true of the stemware. In a stemless glass, the neat cocktail glasses are terrific little glasses that would work just as well for whisk(e)y neat as for cocktails that you want to serve up, but somehow they work better in a stemless one. The first thing that comes to mind is a Scotch cocktail. Five stars are due to these products. My only wish is that I could say the same about Nick and Nora and Sour glasses as well. It seems as if much less attention was paid to the stems and bases of these glasses, even though the bowls have an elegant shape and a thin rim that looks like it was laser cut. They have a small seam, but it is still noticeable. I would overlook this problem if it were the only issue, but seams where the stem meets the bowl are more noticeable, just like the seams where the base meets the stem. It's hard for me to give these glasses more than two stars, despite the beauty of the bowls. For both the Nick and Nora glasses and for the coupe glasses from Rona's Minners line, as well as for the coupe glasses from Urban Bar, there are much better options available at similar prices.

Linda CHAMBERLAIN - 09/04/2021
The company lacks regard for quality despite its reputation (2/5)

These vintage martini glasses are just the right size for the perfect martini, perfect in their vintage shape. There is an undesirable stress point, however, because the stem and base of the drinking cup are separate pieces. It's only a matter of time before the glass breaks at the stress point and I'm left with two parts instead of one fine Here's the warning of this item is influenced solely by the name of the company, not the quality of the item.

Justice Pugh - 19/03/2021
Glass with a thin lipped lid that has an elegant weight (5/5)

These people are important to me. The lipped portion is 2mm thick which is appropriate for crystal. I like how you weighted it. This is my favorite pattern out of the two. I like the 2oz indicator as a guide. They fit well in your hand and aren't too wide. They easily handle large cubes. Similarly, take control of your leadership. For the sake of eliminating lead from the equation, I chose these glasses instead of the Waterford glass. These are wonderful. I am very glad with them. The order was placed again, and the order was filled. As well as the glasses, I received a nice surprise package. As a side note, a large cube in a neat glass melts into its surface in a matter of seconds when it is placed in it. I think it was a 2".

Cyrus Potts - 25/04/2021
Shape and design are wonderful, but materials are not as good as they could be (3/5)

The pros are This is a very nicely shaped mug that can hold a ton of drinks at once, and is sturdy enough to be put The cons are My Riedel glass of this sort is by far the worst I've ever had. It has noticeable blemishes at seams and joints, and the bottom is yellower than the stem and the bowl. As a whole, you can use these barware perfectly, but don't store them next to any of your.

Cora Parks - 16/07/2021
You've perfected the Manhattan drink (5/5)

Here's how to do it right. Cocktails such as martinis, Manhattans, sidecars, and other classic drinks that will not fill up a larger glass. Create something tasty, stain it into one of these, and keep it If you want those spirits to flow like a boss, then this glass is it.

Tiffany Garrison - 16/03/2021
Is slightly too small to be of any use (3/5)

Designed to hold just about 3 ounces of liquids, there is just a small amount of extra room at the top to prevent If you poured a standard measure stirred martini in one of these glasses, you will not be able to eat the olive because you must first drink it. Keep that in mind as you pour. As for the build quality, I was expecting these to be fragile and easily breakable based on these reviews. Despite the weight in my hand and the quality in my hand, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and the weight of these headphones. I suspect people are trying to clean them with sponges or wash cloths and giving them a lot of torsion. It's wise to avoid this with all fine glass, so fill your sink with enough soapy water to slosh around, leave for a while, then rinse well and dry. (When doing this, put a rubber mat in the bottom of the sink. )*br>*br>These are nice additions, though with limited usefulness. (With care) I expect them to last quite some time. They are actually quite heavy and durable- Take a look.

Jenna Frazier - 28/04/2021
His greatest pride would be in the Thin Man (5/5)

Our aim was to find the glasses worn by William Powel and Myrna Loy in the Thin Man movies. The only thing we dispensed to ourselves and guests up until recently was gigantic martinis. The four or five stories each of our favorite main characters was able to recall was simply too much for us to keep up with. Glasses with much smaller measurements and a more elegant design are the obvious choice. It is now possible to hold martini parties that are able to have it all. Guests are able to consume more than one martini without losing functionality. (They're at.

Maddison Avery - 17/06/2021
Sadly, this is not a very good movie (1/5)

As a result of hand washing, one has already broken. It is a real disappointment. There seems to be an issue with the stem connecting with the bowl. If viewed from the side, it appears to be out of the center of the bowl, and the base does not appear to be connected to the stem very well. Riedel glasses cost $15 per glass, so that doesn't seem like a reasonable price to me. This product is disappointing at such a high price. I like the bowl, though There is a difference in the lip size and shape. Yet the stem of one of the glasses is embedded with what appears to be a bubble, which is a sign of poor My heart desires to recommend this, but I am not able to do so. Maybe I will send them back to my niece or gift them to her.

Jadiel Palmer - 08/05/2021