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  • Multi-purpose beer cooler.
  • It's a best affordable deal.
  • Lid causes trouble.

Questions & Answers

Having said that, narrow cans also work well with this.
It has never been a problem for me.
Despite the fact that the manufacturer does not provide a cold time for this product, it features vacuum insulation to keep cans/bottles colder than typical neoprene koozies.
There is enough room for skinny beer cans or white claw drinks, as well as your standard 12 oz cans. am not sure if a 16oz cup would fit, but I have not tried.


There's nothing better than this (5/5)

I love this product. It holds cans as well as bottles. It's great for taking care of cans and bottles. Keeps them cool and you won't get sweat rings under the coffee table. The top gets a little stretched out when you fill it with too many big cans, and it doesn't grab a bottle neck as well as it used to.

Selena HUMPHRIES - 10/05/2021
This cooler is awesome (5/5)

You can sometimes use it without the top to hold a beer glass. Works great in every size drink. I've given these as gifts, and they are loved by everyone who receives them, and they ask where I can purchase.

Theodora Faulkner - 28/01/2021
It does exactly what it should! My drinks stay cold for as long as it's supposed to in spite of what the subject says about it (5/5)

It's perfect for bottles -- but don't put a can in the mouth piece, since it gets small.

Trent Cortez - 14/04/2021
Cooler made by the White Claw (5/5)

Keeping my "White claws" cold and keeping them fit is a great feature. There are two friends of mine who adore theirs as well.

Braden Cunningham - 10/03/2021
I am in love with It was about a year and a half ago when I found these (5/5)

There is one for the Michelob cans that are smaller. They are much appreciated by my friends and make a great gift.

Dillon Lin - 03/05/2021
What's up with Yeti? I'm in love with It fits Michelob Ultra (thin) cans too! Keeping the can cold all the time! A cold beer does not need to be purchased at yeti prices (5/5)


Megan Shah - 21/03/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

This is good. In accordance with the description.

Emanuel Russell - 06/01/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

It can hold cans and bottles, so it comes in handy.

Milena TALBOT - 03/02/2021