Red Rocks Bourbon Glasses Review

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  • Great stability.
  • Easy to rim.
  • Costlier.

Selected User Reviews For Red Rocks Bourbon Glasses

The glasses are great, the stones are chilling (5/5)

This stylish pair of rocks glasses is simple and stylish. Due to the heavy base, the base will not tip. They are dishwasher safe and go well from the freezer to the dishwashing machine. You can still stack glass with these, but not if you are a glass stacker. Despite the fact that round holes cannot accommodate square pegs, square pegs can. have tried the chilling stones, and they appear to be smaller than other brands I have tried. Although I'm not disappointed, I'm not happy either. It didn't matter to me what the stones were, I bought the glasses.

Shepard Stephens - 12/03/2021
Throw away those rocks! You've got a nice pair of glasses! The glasses seem to be fine (3/5)

If you throw them away, you don't need to worry about rocks. There are several cleaning methods I've tried, including baking soda dry soak, but I'm still not able to remove the taste and smell. A good scotch beverage got ruined in about 5 glasses.

Guadalupe Stout - 29/05/2021
A basic introduction (3/5)

These glasses are very basic. Im only able to think of one adjective to describe them. I have no issue with them as things go, and if you just want something for the occasional guest who wants a cocktail, then I can easily accommodate you. Holding a true drink, to feel the heft of quality and strength in a good scotch, is a completely different experience. It's a basic product. They are ding me only because it seems like they are over-edited by a good 40% Served at a price of $6 per The rest is up to you. I suppose they're a bit.

Nasir Monroe - 25/02/2021
I love these glasses! They're great! My husband is a big fan of scotch, so I bought him these for Father's Day (5/5)

It is a very stylish set of glasses that are comfortable and easy to hold. They are not heavy but my husband was very pleased with them and said that they were a very nice and solid pair. After running them through the dishwasher, I found that they came out well. did check out a few others that were more expensive, but the reviews weren't all that positive They were easy to break, he said. This is the one you have been looking for if you want elegant and affordable.

Zelda Tanner - 11/02/2021
This whiskey pour is awesome, it complements the flavor very well! As soon as I saw this pair of glasses with the square bottom, I really loved the shape of the glasses (4/5)

I had a cigar and whiskey on my patio one evening when they arrived so they were just in time. If there had been a single sphere or cube of ice in the whiskey sphere, it would have looked amazing! I heard quite a few people comment on how well the whiskey was You have to believe it is a very high compliment coming from a bunch of "cigar-smoking, whiskey-drinking" guys! One thing I'd like to change is the weight of the shoes. It's a modest price point but it's quite competitive, so I suppose that's the trade.

Tadeo Ball - 17/04/2021
The first time I met you, I was impressed (5/5)

It is nice to own glasses like these. I am really satisfied If I can hold it like you do, I'm going to get it It feels good to hold them. In addition, my hands are big and the gloves fit well. These jars have a round to square design, so they hold a large square ice cube well. My favorite part of the kit are the granite cubes, I didn't think I'd use them but I have, and they're really good. They have a nice heavy base and are well made, clear and of good quality.

Matias Ellison - 19/03/2021
It is elegant (5/5)

It is beautiful to see them. There is a lot of weight in bases. There are not that many layers of glass on the sides of the glass, so if you fall on them, you could potentially break them. As a result, I'd say the thicker sides of the whiskey glasses actually make them better whiskey glasses despite their heavy bases. As it would be counterproductive to use a thick wine glass for wine tasting, the same logic applies I like the elegant look of the lamps, and the square shape of the base is also very appealing.

Lucca Mejia - 26/01/2021
These glasses have a manly look to them (5/5)

In the past few years, several whiskey glasses have broken while being washed, so my husband and I wanted something that would hold up better (and would be more suitable Perfect! They weigh a lot and are a good size. The glass is thick and gives them a luxury feel. The items have been used numerous times already and my husband is very happy with As an added benefit, the glass is completely etched-proof and never clouds. I like this product very much!.

Melina Chambers - 03/07/2021