Raniaco Zester Review

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Easy to hold 4.8 
Easy to use 4.8 
Quality of material 4.7 
Durability 4.7 
Easy to clean 4.6 
  • Has a soft handle.
  • The protection sleeve also works as a collection unit.
  • It's dishwasher friendly.
  • It's versatile.
  • Doesn't produce smooth zests.

Raniaco Zester Product Description

Stainless steel zester and grater in one tool, the Raniaco zester is a great tool for zesting and grating cheese. There are 7.3 inches of blade length and 1 inch of width. It is versatile and can be used repeatedly. Moreover, it features a modern design that is both easy to use and safe. This grater is the best of all zesters and graters because it can be used on a larger range of foods than others. In addition to dry foods such as apples and potatoes, it can be used on wet foods. If you intend to turn the material into fine shreds instead of a pile of mush, this will work. Designed with your safety in mind, this grater is safe for your fingers.

This device, for instance, has non-slip silicone feet and a non-slip handle. Additionally, it comes with a collection cup that doubles as a protection sleeve. You can keep it in a kitchen drawer, as it will be safe from your fingers. The hole in the handle can also be used to hang it up. Last but not least, cleaning up with the Raniace Cheese Grater is a breeze. Both the dishwasher and by hand can be used for washing.

  • A Multi-Tool Raniaco Grater can grind a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as lemon, lime, citrus, ginger, coconut, orange, and even nutmeg, cinnamon, and By wiping the cheese with the zester, you will remove the lemon pith, melt the cheese quickly, and the chocolate will be fluffy. Multi-tools make it easier to prepare food every day!
  • A better kitchen grater. You don't have to worry about injury to your fingers any more. It is inevitable that the finger joints rub against the blade's edge when using a conventional knife sharpener. In order to prevent finger injuries, we designed the blade with ABS plastic. A seamless connection between the ABS plastic and the blade prevents fingers from getting injured, plus it makes the cheese grater more stable and durable.
  • An ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold and operate. Silicone's non-toxic, odorless and non-skid properties ensure that the handle is not slippery. It also features a non-slip silicone foot that adjusts the angle of the zester and keeps the lemon zester stable as it is grating the fruit. With just a few steps, you'll have the perfect combination of lavender, parmesan, and lemon!
  • Design of the protective case The lemon zesters are made of ABS and come with curved protective cases. Zester is effectively protected by the cover. When you take the zester grater out of the drawer, you can also prevent finger abrasions. The cover can be converted into a storage box by inserting it in the opposite direction of the blade. When grating chocolate or ginger, it is convenient to collect the gratings.
  • The Raniaco fine grater is made of high quality stainless steel and is easy to clean and hang. They are sharp and easy to clean with water. After washing, rinse under the stream of water. A hole is built into the handle of the kitchen tool so that it can be hung up The dishwashing machine is safe to use!

Questions & Answers

The answer is yes. Usually, I make sure I dry the item well after washing it and put it away immediately. The handle is made of soft silicone and is made from stainless steel.
Without a doubt! Ginger and garlic are among the things I used it for.
You have a great question, thank you for asking. The zester has a protective plastic guard that protects it from damage.
Although it's a grater, it is not a juicer. You can use it to grate lemons, limes, oranges, ginger, and garlic. In order to juice lemons by hand, or if you want lemon juice for your pie, you need a lemon squeezer. Best of luck.

Selected User Reviews For Raniaco Zester

My first use of it was I love it (5/5)

With this thing, we have fun with everything. This gadget gets the zest off of citrus in a snap. It minced my ginger for my recipe as finely as I like. I can't find my nutmeg, but as soon as I do I'll grab it. The only catch is that it is not fun to clean at all. Once, I grate cold butter over a cooked dish in order to get it to melt faster and more evenly. Using a kitchen brush only gets rid of the bits. Just run hot water on both sides, do not try to get rid of them with your hands. There is a good chance that it Additionally, avoid touching the button with your fingers. Try rubbing it with a tooth pick or a skewer if the soap doesn't work.

Bo Beasley - 09/03/2021
In spite of its micro-size With a plane, you can grind more finely (5/5)

Many recipes require this step. The vendor who sold this product to me, Seahook, went above and beyond expectations. I received a follow-up email from them that was very helpful. I followed up with a second email and received an answer to It is an incredible service, and it Although this product is not exactly a "zester," it is an interesting product nonetheless. Essentially, it is a microplane, which produces a similar output, but slightly different quality. Citrus zest is little confetti when you use a traditional zester - A string is like a string, whereas a micro is like a micro With a plane, you can grind more finely. For many recipes, the microplane is the best tool to use. This is especially true for recipes that require a finer, soluble grind, The little confetti is available, however, if you want it The tool you need is different than the one you need for strings. although this turned out to be different from what I thought it would be, it still performs well when used for the purpose for which it was intended, and the company gets extra credit for its great.

Zara Long - 23/03/2021
This little grater is handy (5/5)

While this grinder won't be good for grinding large pieces of pink salt, it will work well for grinding hard cheese, chocolate, and While grinding up that salt, I applied a lot of pressure to it, so I am certain it will last a long time for grinding up the items it was designed to grind. With the thin sharp steel handle, it's easy to hold while keeping a grip on the tool, yet it's sturdy enough not to bend. As for the price, it was a good deal compared to the competition. After that, the seller reached out to me and sent me a link to download a cookbook, which included some interesting recipes. However, due to its size, it fits well in the drawer and the cover prevents you from getting hurt when you dig through it.

Demetrius Richards - 30/01/2021
Perfect, thank you (5/5)

My family and I are in love with it, love to cook with it, and are generally very happy with its purchase!.

Colby MELLOR - 17/01/2021
I have used Raziaco Zester more than once and I have never been disappointed (5/5)

I have used Raziaco Zester more than once and I have never been disappointed. My mom gave me this as a present for Christmas and I've been using it for all kinds of spicing up food. You can find everything from lemons to oranges, from chocolate to cheese. There is quite a bit of information here and it's quite lengthy If you want to prevent scraping your knuckles, you need to be careful not to do so. There is a lot of sharpness in the Zester parts! Fortunately, it has a storage container so that you can take it out of the drawer with no problem. The simplest thing to do to make plain food look special is to add a few minutes of your time You're going to have a blast during the festive season. Don't allow your fingers to go numb!.

Hassan O’BRIEN - 02/05/2021
It does what I need it to do - Keep a close eye on yourself, though (4/5)

Adding fine shavings to hard cheese, chocolate, ginger, etc is an excellent application for this tool. I do not like it for use with garlic, citrus zest, or other applications requiring extremely fine In comparison to the microplane, it is much more aggressive. The blades are wider and can really grate through anything that is placed before them. With these larger blades, you can easily grate your fingers if you land the food item in the wrong direction. When you acquire this grater, you should also obtain a pair of fiberglass protective gloves to wear with it. Although this grater is more effective than a microplane at grating ginger and hard cheeses, it is not as easy to use. Even though it's not what I was expecting, I still don't regret purchasing it. As my microplane has become a bit dull after years of use, I wanted to replace it. While I don't use it for zesting anymore, it still works well for it, so I'm happy with my purchase of the Raniaco grater since it can take over the tasks on which the microplane was originally designed.

Donovan Cordova - 03/08/2021
I absolutely adore this product! I was so happy to discover it (5/5)

In the course of Covid19 and "Isolation," as I refer to it, I have resumed cooking. The Social Distancing App, as well as all the delivery apps made me realize (looking at my bank statement) that we had ordered a whole whole 173 dollars worth of food! there is also the ridiculous aspect, especially in light of the fact that this statement is for only about 150$, so as a result, I decided, it's time to start cooking! My favorite way to use fresh herbs and veggies is to have them right in front of me. I had one issue, but I think I was sick lately and I had a touch of grip difficulty for now. I am not saying that you have to be Hercules to use this product, but I do absolutely love how it goes into you. Despite being small, it has a very sturdy handle, as well as superior materials. It is ESPECIALLY helpful that the attachment has a tray to catch and hold whatever is being grate or zested, because it leaves no mess in the bowl or on the counter, and helps reduce mess and reduce loss of whatever is being grate or zested. You can keep all of your food, herbs, etc. in the container. The items used to measure can be measured accurately in one place, making it possible to rely on the accuracy of the measurements you're using. In other words, you won't have to worry about whether you have enough or need to add more to your recipe because it is so easy to attach and remove the tray underneath so that the contents can be measured properly. It is so easy to clean the catcher and the grater/zester just be careful if you're just using your hand. If you're using a dishrag, it could catch on it and scratch your skin. Although it isn't heavy, it DOES have a degree of weight to it, making the handle feel very soft to the touch even if it's just a little bit, I don't want to say HEAVY. In spite of the little grooves, you do NOT have to apply too much pressure when you use it so once again you do not need to use too much pressure. You should use EXTREME CAUTION when washing I take a small amount of Dawn in my hands and gently wash the entire piece, handle included. You can clean up this attachment VERY quickly and easily, and it is very easy to do so. You should always wash and dry your utensils after every single use, and I use a paper towel to dab them dry before putting them A great feature of this product is the 100% lifetime guarantee it has! It just depends on what happened, but you can contact the company IF it gets damaged. You will be able to choose either a refund or a replacement, however, it is not always possible to get either. For example, it might not be possible to get a replacement if I would advise that you do not put it in your yard when the grass is being mowed, since this is not a type of kitchen accident. I expect a few breaks and dents to occur over time with kitchen utensils. DO NOT let your kids or dogs chew on it or play with It was really good, but on the whole, it was a great product and I am so thrilled and glad that I made this purchase. I'm excited about seeing what else, what other foods and herbs, etc. I can use it in the future. The company's email address is listed on the side of the box so that you CAN reach out to them with compliments or The packaging does not have an image to scan, and I did not scan the code. The box is supposed to have instructions for the use or recipes, ideas, or suggestions in regard to food pairings and, I believe, I am in love with it yet again! The txt file has been downloaded to my computer, and I'm looking forward to using it for a very.

Winter Bean - 29/05/2021
Grating machine of very high quality (4/5)

The thin long grater as well as the somewhat larger one (which I use more frequently) were both bought. I rated this product with a four star because of the curve design along the edges of the In the end, it holds a lot of the grated food, so you end up poking your head Having said that, I tend to choose the larger grater for ginger, and this thin versatile long one for adding quick grates to the pot. As a consequence, I highly recommend getting both graters, because they are very sharp, the likes of which are rarely available.

Clayton Middleton - 18/02/2021