Rabit Super Aerator Review

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Sturdiness 4.9 
Value for money 4.8 
Easy to clean 4.6 
Flavor 4.4 
Easy to use 4.4 
Durability 4.2 
  • Stylish Design.
  • Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Fits snugly into the bottle's top.
  • Where the acrylic joins the steel, there is a risk of leakage.

Rabit Super Aerator Product Description

It may be desirable for wine enthusiasts to have the latest technology in their aerator. Many people can enjoy full-flavored wine with silky tannins and a full bouquet using a simple aerator like the one from Rabbit.

  • QUIET The super aerator aerates red wine as it is poured directly from the bottle, resulting in a more flavorful and higher quality.
  • DIRECTION Pour is easy with the silicone base, which securely grips any type of bottle.
  • With polished stainless steel accent, you can add long-lasting durability and timeless style to your bar tabletop or home bar.
  • The Super Aerator allows you to pour your own glass of wine in just a few seconds after you uncork a bottle of wine.
  • The fabric is machine washable and easy to maintain.

Questions & Answers

In the absence of any filter, nothing is filtered. Our Rabbit Super-Filter would be a good choice if you're looking for a filter The Aerating Decanter System ASIN #B002P5BAT8 is available from Amazon. Depending on how fine the sediment screen is, the wine can be poured into the crystal decanter with or without the superfine.
Wine bottles cannot hold a stem that is too wide.
It costs almost as much as a new one, though. The metal one works just as well as the wood one. There is a lot of information on Google. On Amazon, I believe I got my replacement. Thank you for your help. It is the best system that I have ever used.
Any standard wine bottle will work with this device.

Selected User Reviews For Rabit Super Aerator

It leaks after having been used for a short period (2/5)

so much that I bought a few of them, but all of them soon began to leak where the acrylic met I haven't put them in the dishwasher, only rinsing them by hand. Unfortunately I'm so disappointed since they look really nice and appear to aerate quite well. Consider saving your money and continuing your search.

Lachlan Roman - 06/02/2021
Liquid leaks from the vessel (1/5)

The plastic leaks from the stopper at the junction with the plastic. When you pour your wine into a glass, the wine will drip onto the counter. It's cool that you can aerate while you pour, but the dripping affected my decision to return the product.

Bristol Arroyo - 06/05/2021
Decanting is a good alternative to drinking straight from the bottle if you won't finish it in one sitting (5/5)

The stocking stuffer was a big hit with my dad. I bought it for him Both he and my mother enjoy drinking wine, but they don't drink too much at once. Normally, he would decant his nice wines, but knowing that they won't finish the bottle that night, he doesn't want to do that. We have solved the problem. Aeration is now available by the glass for their wines. The fact that it does pretty much look like an ordinary pouring spout had me a little skeptical when I purchased it. In spite of this, there's an ingenious feat of engineering going on. When you pour, you can hear it create gaps in the liquid, introducing a crazy amount of oxygen into the wine as you do. It is amazing, and my mom and dad love it. I am thinking about getting one for myself and hubby. This small container stores easily and is very easy to clean thanks to its small size.

Emelia Glover - 19/04/2021
The software works well, but there's a snag (2/5)

It was not long before the sediment screen piece started to develop some rust and discoloration. After using all pieces, I immediately hand washed and dried them, so this is especially disappointing as the decanting process seems like it should Following the same procedure as before, I straight poured the wine from the bottle into a glass and filled another afterward. A significant difference could be detected in taste. With Rabbit, it was obvious that there was a difference from the get-go. As a result, it does what it is advertised to do. Even so quickly after the problem occurred, one could not ignore the screen issue. A new screen would have to be replaced at least once a year, and I don't see why that would be necessary. I would have preferred that better materials had been used to make the screen. In a screen that costs $60, it's not unreasonable to expect that it can withstand three or four weekly uses.

Zendaya Bell - 19/01/2021
In the second episode of “Jammin With Jeff” This RabbitTM Wine Shower is a must-have for anyone who loves wine In this funnel with Strainer, Bradley N (5/5)

is seated at The Redwood Bistro. Here is an unofficial transcript of a conversation between Jeff Bezos and Jeff B. , Amazon founder and wealthiest man in the world. The other two are Amazon Prime members Bradley N. and Victoria T. I am a wine blogger, writer, and head sommelier at @The Redwood Bistro (The Yelp Whisperer). I think Jeff We are pleased to welcome you to the second episode of the new Amazon Studios documentary series, "Jammin' with Jeff. ". In each episode of the series, I will come into contact with Amazon Prime customers from all over the world. They will tell me about a specific product they sold online that literally completely changed their lives. It's also important to remember that when you're jammin' with Jeff, you're always "ready and looking forward to having a great time. "®

Let's get this party started, With the gorgeous Redwoods as the backdrop and the amazing spread of food and wine in front of us, we're back in the Santa Cruz Mountains just to the south of San Francisco, talking to Amazon Prime member, Bradley N. he told me about his experience with Amazon Prime. This remarkable little pub is run by "The Yelp Whisperer," who is in charge of the craft beer, wine, and spirits program This up-and-coming bistro boasts a menu and wine list that rival Michelin-starred restaurants Silicon Valley has many restaurants with stars down below. You are also the head chef and the co-owner of the restaurant, if I'm not mistaken, Bradley You are the founder of @The Redwood Bistro, aren't you? I am Bradley Jeff, you are correct. Since we are a tiny establishment, everyone who works at The Redwood Bistro does multiple jobs. It is usually just my wife and me who handle kitchen and serving duties, with a couple of students we recruit from Stanford to assist with wine and drinks and the cleanup afterwards. I . *br>J This is amazing! I also remember that when I started Amazon in Seattle years ago, it was quite small when compared to the one we have Everything was a team effort and there was an energy in the room. There was electric energy in the room! It's hard not to miss those days sometimes. In the end, I look at my latest financial statements and decide otherwise. *br>*br>B For our part, my wife and I are not interested in making money from The Redwood Bistro. Rather than a labor of love, it was more like a passion project. I . *br>J It is a viewpoint I can appreciate The majority of what I do these days is in the area of experimental capital investment, and I am involved in numerous In other words, I completely understand what you mean. **A **B Your answer is yes, I'm sure. You should know by now that the "Jammin' with Jeff" series you have recently started streaming on Amazon Prime Unlimited are all designed to celebrate just average Joe customers like myself, who have the amazing opportunity to promote consumer products that have made a huge impact on This is something I personally believe to be very worthwhile. I . *br>J In which case, we can move on to the topic of our conversation today. We should end the suspense for our viewers, don't you think? We want to know about the innovative product you brought along with you. What is it? **A **B My topic for today will revolve around wine appreciation, since I am speaking with you in my capacity as the head sommelier for The Redwood Bistro. Here's what you need to know With the RabbitTM Wine Shower, you will enjoy We're looking for a funnel with Strainer from Seattle, Washington, a company that's in your own backyard, so to speak. I . *br>J What the heck is a wine shower? Sorry for the inconvenience. That was a bit confusing for me. Using the word "funnel" and "strainer," you suggested the word "feet. ". My wife and I enjoy wine, but those are terms I tend to associate with cooking, not drinking wine. It might be fun to make cocktails. Fine wine, however, is not a fine wine. *B Yes, Jeff, that is precisely what I meant to say. It is common knowledge among the general public that waiters' corkscrews and decanting vessels are available and even many people may own a Vinturi wine aerator as a gift for their 30th birthdays. However, the truth of the matter is, if you have a RabbitTM Wine Shower you can use these ideas You can almost feel as if you have your very own sommelier at your service when you use Strainer. *br>J on, let's go! **A **B ), and a nice decanter from a top manufacturer like Riedel To unlock the essence of truly great and distinctive wines, the funnel and strainer are essential. I . *br>J Could you please explain how that is possible? **A **B Wines that are well made like to breathe after they've been opened, especially those that have been cellared for a few years or longer. They don't like to be shaken awake by their parents at 6am in the morning as a teenager does by his dad as he is waking up from his slumber. Having a gentle touch is best a caress that is very light and loving. When that happens, the wine just glows in the glass and makes those special moments all the more memorable. I . *br>J I think I follow what you're saying. The RabbitTM Wine Shower also has a patented technology known as Can you explain why the funnel and strainer are such a great tool for aerating a bottle of expensive It is made of nontoxic materials In contrast to the Vinturi models available out there and other versions that might be found at your basic Williams Sonoma store at the mall, this model is composed of reactive stainless steel. As you pour the wine into your glass decanter, it creates a "shower effect" as you pour through tiny holes at the tip of the funnel. This operation can generally be performed directly by our staff at The Redwood Bistro, too, since this is a very nice-looking operation. I . *br>J I have a wine shower coming up- Now I understand what you mean by funnel. However, you also mentioned something about a strainer? **A **B The razor is the only thing that gets past it. Your mind is sharp, is it not I . *br>J It is not usually the case. I'm sure my board of directors will agree. **A **B The trust I have in you is enormous! The strainer attachment for the shower is separate from the shower itself- This filter is made of stainless steel and comes with a fine mesh liner that allows you to filter out sediment and other solid matter that can accumulate at the bottom or walls of a wine bottle if it's been sitting for a while. My understanding is that sediment is a problem. It is not uncommon for the wine stewards of expensive restaurants to decant the wine by candlelight so you do not get any of the gunk in the It depends on how good of a job they do, and then the last pour of your wine is filled with **A **B That's right. Not only is it not harmful, but it is also not very aesthetically pleasing Using the strainer part while decanting your wine for aeration is like getting two things for the price of one. It is both aerating and filtering at the same time. There is nothing better than having it as a guest. *Please note J This makes sense to me! The key to educating them about proper wine etiquette without coming across as stuffed up jerks about it is keeping your attitude neutral. Congratulations! You've done a great job! **A **B However, Jeff, you still have to wait. You can't imagine how awesome it gets! There is something so magical about the RabbitTM Wine Shower that our guests cannot get enough! Our funnel ends at Strainer with us placing an order on Amazon for a bunch of extras, and we give them a gift at the end of the meal. We gave you two tasting menus, one of which is wrapped in a special box, and another that is signed and framed, along with a high-quality photo This is a pic of the bottle of the wine The cost doesn't seem all that high for such a special item. Rabbit wine shower guests typically email or text us days or weeks after taking part in our event to let us know how it went Home wine drinkers will never serve or drink wine the same way again by using the funnel with strainer. In the weeks and months leading up to Christmas and Hanukkah, the bulk of their Amazon Prime accounts are used for additional orders as gifts for their family and friends. I . *br>J The phenomenon seems to be like some kind of virtuous cycle, doesn't As part of our Amazon program, we partner with a great local company like rabbitwine. com. You and others in the wine or hospitality industry discover the product, and then you and others spread the news, which results in more people ordering the product for There is a cycle that repeats itself over and over. What a great idea! **A **B RabbitTM Wine Shower does indeed work, but only because it has the right characteristics I find the funnel with strainer to be a great, durable, and useful tool for sommeliers and wine writers like me who appreciate its quality workmanship and clever design, instead of letting it collect dust in the back of a kitchen drawer like so many of my other wine tools. I know there's a lot of useless crap in the world, you know. I . *br>J My goodness, I know this! Getting help with things like cooking and picking wine has become easier for me now, as I don't have to do those things on my own. In fact, we sell quite a bit of kitchen gadgets on Amazon that never work, in addition to these amazing, life-changing products that we talk about in my new "Jammin' with Jeff" series So, leave customer reviews for products you really like so that other Amazon customers will be able to learn more about them. **A **B This is obvious. I . *br>J The answer is yes. This is almost the end of our time. Honestly, Bradley, you've totally convinced me that the RabbitTM Wine Shower is a good deal - It is a funnel with a strainer at the end. The company's winter holiday party is next year, when I will give them out. I'm going to call my assistant right now to let her know exactly what I meant. Then I assume it's time for a bit of wine and food, right? There is no denying that I'm hungry, and by the looks of it, so is the "Jammin' with Jeff" **A **B It wouldn't be right for all of you to gather at San Mateo County's most exclusive, under-the-radar club Here's the thing It's not free to eat at this establishment! I . *br>J Can you tell us what you have in store **A **B The wine selection for the two ribeye steaks I served on the table came from two different California based wineries. There's the grass fed bison ribeye from Cali Bison, a Menlo Park family owned company that raises bison herds just north of scenic and snow-covered Menlo Park. The summit of Mount Shasta is capped. McFadden Farm in Mendocino County raises Angus cattle in Potter Valley. This beef ribeye is raised on pasture from Angus cattle raised in McFadden Valley. A simple rub that combines alderwood smoked salt, dried sage, Tellicherry peppercorns, and just a hint of ground juniper berry is fantastic when served over grilled beef or chicken. To accompany the steak, we'll make fingerling potatoes roasted in a hot cast-iron pan with schmaltz and rendered duck fat on top. As well as local asparagus from Berkeley's Fra' Mani, we've got prosciutto-wrapped asparagus from another artisan cured meat purveyor. The dinner will feature a fresh garden salad garnished with soft boiled farm eggs, hakurei turnips, mountain magic red cherry tomatoes, and fresh chopped dill from our organic garden. I . *br>J What a great list! So why don't we talk about the wine? **A **B I want you to compare two different red Bordeaux blends from top wineries in Napa Valley, on the one hand, and some of the finest wines from the Santa Cruz mountains, on the other hand. Thus, I have selected a bottle of the 2008 Cain Five from Napa's Spring Mountain district, along with a bottle of the 2008 Ridge Monte Bello estate It's for certain that both are stunning wines and will make good use of the advanced aeration and filtering capabilities of the RabbitTM Wine Shower - It is a funnel with a strainer at the end. Is it all right if we start now? A *B *B I, for one, am all for it! Honestly, if you feed me and my crew this well and serve us such a great wine, we just might plan another visit to @The Redwood Bistro for another showing of "Jammin' with Jeff". B"*B" "*B" B Jeff, I'd be more than happy to have you. Please feel free to reach out at any time! [End.

Zaire Maldonado - 10/07/2021
A leak has been detected on this product! The aerator failed after two weeks of use (1/5)

It looks lovely but leaks quite a bit. In the case of pouring wine through it, the wine would drip from the stem onto the table as it passed through it. A small leak was discovered between the stainless steel sleeve and the clear spout, but not the rubber stopper. I can't use this product because it's a show-off!.

Casey Luna - 23/01/2021
The flavor is enhanced, but the product I have good news to share with you Adding this to red wine as soon as you pour it from the bottle definitely improves its flavor (4/5)

We have bad news to report Only a few uses are enough to cause this to leak. as if there's a connection between the rubber stopper section and the acrylic material f) pouring section is not good and wine drips out of it (whether one is careful or not). It drips only. That's all I have to complain about. The other thing I like about aerated wine is the taste.

Ray Glass - 22/01/2021
Without it, I wouldn't be where I am today (4/5)

It doesn't matter if you're an expert or novice when it comes to wine, you can taste the difference in wines straight from the bottle and those that have Red wine, especially, is given a fresh, bright flavor by aeration. See the difference between white and red wine We'll make you fall in love with the side tasting. The Nuance wine aerator was a part of our kitchen for many I am happy with the way it performed. This caused leaking around the edge where the cartridge was inserted into the bottle, which is not pleasant. As we learned after the injured creature died in the garbage disposal, we decided to try a rabbit aerator and a While it is coming out of the bottle, the Rabbit very efficiently aerates the wine. As the wine pours, you can hear the gurgling and see the bubbles forming in the wine. We really wish it had a mesh to filter out sediment, as with the old Nuance. In spite of this, the Rabbit fits into the neck of the bottle securely and doesn't leak. My wife and I both like this little wine decanter because, after using it, we just rinse it and it's ready for the next night's wine.

Trenton Oconnor - 11/01/2021