Proctor Silex Alex’s Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer Machine Review

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Easy to use 4.7 
Easy to clean 4.6 
Durability 4.0 
Noise level 3.9 
  • Can be set-up easily.
  • Can be used for long time in a row.
  • Controls the pulp.
  • Occurance of defects.

Proctor Silex Alex’s Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer Machine Product Description

With its innovative marketing, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer Machine and Squeezer by Proctor-Silex is one of a kind. The proceeds are donated to the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, which supports cancer research. In addition to raising money for cancer research, this wonderful product is a great promotional tool. A nesting reamer is included in this electric citrus juicer to accommodate small to medium-sized citrus fruits. The juicer automatically reverses when necessary to extract the maximum amount of juice. Measurement markings on the container make it easy for you to follow juice recipes. It collects the juice and releases it at the table for serving. the compartment that accommodates excess cord, so it can be kept out of the way and minimize clutter on your countertop when it’s not in use.

  • ONE CUP AT A TIME A dollar of every purchase goes directly to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation we are proud to support this foundation that funds research into childhood cancer and offers support to children with cancer.
  • Easily make your own fresh lemonade and other juices Use this electrical juicer to make your own fresh juice using fresh lemons Also make lemonade and juice with oranges, limes, grapefruits, and other citrus Also perfect for salad dressings and marinades.
  • Juice everything from tiny Key limes to grapefruits with this electric citrus juicer The juicer automatically reverses when necessary so that the best juice extraction is possible Simple to use Includes 2 nesting reamers for small to large fruits.
  • A CROWD CAN EAT FROM THE 34 OZ PITCHER. The large bowl of juice holds 34 ounces of juice, and the measurements are easy to read for following juice recipes. The pitcher collects juice, and can be detachable for serving at the table.
  • You are able to easily control the amount of pulp in your juice by sliding the pulp control dial on the lemon juicer left or right The pulp collects in the strainer so that you can remove it easily when it's time to drink.
  • Easy to clean and neatly store dishwasher-safe parts, including the pitcher, lid, reamers, and pulp control basket, make cleanup a snap a cord wrap keeps excess cord off your countertop and eliminates clutter when storing and nested storage keeps cabinets organized.

Questions & Answers

The system didn't generate a lot of pulp or clog up very much.
Oranges, lemons, and grapefruits are all handled the same way by this device. Everything went without a hitch.
In the same way it handles oranges and lemons, grapefruits are handled by the same software. The problem has been resolved.

Selected User Reviews For Proctor Silex Alex’s Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer Machine

I give it a 5 out of 5! Our friend offered to let us pick all of the Meyer lemons from She offered to sell me 258 lemons, some of which were the biggest I had ever seen (5/5)

I happily accepted the offer and came home with 258 lemons. 70 percent of them are as large as my hand! The moment I pick lemons, I realize that I do not have any practical way at home to juice such a large quantity of lemons. The first thing I did was jump on Amazon and order this juicer without doing much research. The juicer got a workout today, juicing 258 lemons and using it for 6 straight hours without stopping. If that isn't enough to give an honest review, then I don't It was a big relief to get such good results from this juicer. Those lemons were ripped to shreds by the flame! My only detour was to clean out the seeds and pulp every now and then, as I did it easily enough. Sometimes things went along so smoothly we did not even notice it was nearly filled to the brim with juice! It was worth every The only rating I can give is 5 stars!.

Darius Raymond - 04/05/2021
This juicer is amazing (5/5)

Juicers such as this perform well with a large amount of power to juice 100 oranges on a daily basis. It has been complained that it is too weak to deal with It is better to look for a juicer that is industrially designed if you want to have That's all there is to it! I’d like to know how much it would cost (it will surely not be so It is intended to serve household, occasional purposes only, and is not intended for commercial use. A small portion of the purchase price goes to the fight against cancer. *br>I also appreciate the fact that my juicer has held up well. This is fantastic, guys. How about we all lend a little support to it!.

King Powell - 17/07/2021
That's all there is to it! My body shut down after just The glowing reviews here prove that we'd made the right choice I know the charity it benefits and also because I am familiar with it (1/5)

This juicer is what I've decided to buy. A few seconds after I finished juicing one orange, the juicer went out of order. It took me 30 minutes to plug the juicer back in after unplugging it and giving it a try. There's still no sign of life! While I'm sure it was just a flawed model, it's still hard to think about since I need to juice two bags of oranges today and there isn't a way for me to do so. I found that it was easy to take apart and clean the juicer before I used it, and that it was easy to use for those few seconds that.

Quinn Arnold - 26/06/2021
You can only choose the 10 last In a nutshell, The only time I used it was ten times in 11 months, and even though it is a little noisy, it juiced It no longer spins, so the engine now makes noise, but it does not The game is at a low price of $15, but it made me realise it was not worth it when it died on me so quickly (1/5)


Remington Armstrong - 18/06/2021
I really like this (and it is a great price, too! I'm so glad this worked! My husband and I use it once a week to squeeze lemons for lemonade, and then we freeze the juice (5/5)

Since the price was so low, I feared it would not have much power, etc. , but it turned out to be a great buy! I like how the openings can be adjusted to get some pulp and catch the seeds at the same time. It never seems to bog down. In between juicing sessions, I let the motor cool down as I pour the juice into the molds and clean the screen. That allows it to continue juicing for about 6 more lemons. I have not had any problems so far. Plus, it is easy to clean and holds up to a lot of juice.

Sevyn Soto - 23/02/2021

Proctor Silex items never die so quickly for me before. In any case, it is not up to the task it was supposed to perform. We tried it for six lemons on a Sunday morning, but we couldn't fit any more, and it was certainly not strong enough for a lemonade stand. We were disappointed with Our unit failed in under 30 minutes, and Proctor Silex customer service and Amazon won't let us send it back due to the fact that we already dismantled it. It is our responsibility to take care of that. What is the history of Proctor Silex producing junk? ? After I buy an item from Proctor Silex I won't buy it again for awhile.

Aubriella Chandler - 10/07/2021
The faster and more efficient way to do it! My only experience with it is to squeeze 6 lemons with it There was quite a bit of juice in there and it did its job well (5/5)

Although I bought it reluctantly, I noticed a lot of complaints about it The quality of other Proctor Silex products have been satisfactory and I decided to give their products a try despite being aware that many companies have reduced their quality for lower prices. In addition to that, I really like yellow )Somewhat in response to other reviews, I have the following concerns 1) I thought it was very quiet Like all the other kitchen tools I use, this one also buzzes. 2) At first, I was afraid to press hard since there were a lot of broken plastic parts documented, but if you don't squeeze, there's no fusion. As of yet, no items have been damaged. It would have been nice if these rotating mechanisms were made of 2) I haven't found the motor to be weak in the past, it has done the job and has not broken 4) We don't mind pulp, but I used a low setting because I feared seeds might be caught in the strainer. The whole batch of seeds was caught! The impression left on me was very positive. As a result of doing it by hand, I always got a bunch of seeds in the juice that I later had to fish out. Since this is my first time using low pulp, I can't comment on whether low pulp means My manual squeezer definitely produced less pulp than my automatic one. 5) I didn't have to clean it at all while I juiced! To clean my manual squeezer, I had to wash it four times It can be annoying to have to squeeze 250ml of juice 5 times. Juice is forced through the little peddles. The cups have measuring markings, which I appreciate. The folks in our house make lemonade at least once a week and if anything changes, I'll give you an update. The hand-held lemon squeezer normally causes me wrist and elbow pain for a couple hours after squeezing lemons by hand. If it can prevent that, I am happy to pay $15 for this little helper! If the motor is really on the weak side, perhaps let it rest a bit and don't press it too hard to save it.

Maurice Callahan - 14/01/2021
I can honestly say it was one of the best purchases I've ever made I've got it (5/5)

It is a great deal for the price. I have juiced and frozen 40 pounds of grapefruit juice and probably 3 or 4 gallons of grapefruit pulp since receiving the fruit about 6 weeks ago. The amount of lemons is four dozen. Although grapefruit does have those tiny, underdeveloped seeds, they pass through even with the fine sifter setting, so I just use a mesh strainer to remove them. You can operate it so easily, it is so easy to clean, and it's so easy to handle. The parts are all of the highest quality With the exception of the motor base, all racks can be rinsed in the dishwasher. Simply set the fruit (only citrus! a) on the reamer (choose standard or large reamers) and press All the hard work is done by it. My muscles hardly strain when I juice a half grapefruit in about five seconds. I have bent down slightly to squeeze in on the sides of some giant grapefruits, but I can juice a grapefruit in about five seconds without thinking.

Elliott Keller - 19/06/2021