Posh Plastic Champagne Flutes Silver Glitter Disposable Champagne Toasting Glasses Review

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  • Sleek and sturdy look.
  • Elegant.
  • Short-life.

Posh Plastic Champagne Flutes Silver Glitter Disposable Champagne Toasting Glasses Product Description

This elegantly shaped plastic champagne flute comes with an 8-piece set of stemmed glasses. They are made of beautiful hard plastic that looks like glass and is made to keep your champagne cool. Unlike glass, they are shatterproof and can be used carefree for dinners, picnics, BBQs, parties, weddings, and any time when you need an attractive wine glass. You can use it around your pool without worrying about safety issues. Every time guests see these, they are impressed. Suitable for all ages, they are available in five popular colors and come in 6-ounce sizes. Choosing one or more that are compatible with the party theme, decor, and table setting will be very helpful. This sturdy plate feels great in your hand and you can conveniently dispose of it after the meal. You can also wash it afterward so that you can enjoy it again. There’s no BPA in them, so they’re safe. An elegant touch for any meal or gathering that adds a nice touch of elegance for families.

  • These fancy plastic champagne flutes are just as pretty as the real thing. Despite their durability and shatter resistance, they remain lightweight and easy to carry. Even if they are dropped, they still look good. An elegant wine glass that is affordable for parties, New Year's Eve, and everyday use. Many restaurants, wine bars, and luxury hotels have these on their menus.
  • You can choose from 5 FAVORITE COLORS to match your decor, party theme, or personal favorite colors. We have noticed many people purchasing several sets in different colors for a pleasing variety that will add much life to your family dinners and Wine glass designs that look the same as most others can be replaced with this exciting new design.
  • The set of eight stemmed champagne glasses is large enough to outfit the table for a family dinner, BBQ, and picnic, or for a dinner party at a nightclub. A single order allows you to order all the items you need. Wedding receptions and bridal showers are perfect for this.
  • This is a high-quality, durable piece of high-grade plastic in an exceptional design. It feels quite substantial in your hand. Guests will be impressed by its exceptional quality. Its safe, durable materials make it one of the best disposable tablewares available. The bags are durable enough to allow them to be washed and reused if desired. Designed to be safe and free of harmful additives and harsh chemicals, these products contain no harsh or harmful chemicals.
  • This wine glass is made of high quality hard plastic that looks like real glass that will make the perfect gift for anyone who loves fancy champagne cups. This would be a wonderful gift for a birthday or for any occasion. We have a large supply of this highly popular complete set so make sure you get yours before they are all gone. There aren't many wines like it at this price, so it sells fast.

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It is not a product I would Only two of the eight pieces were intact (2/5)


Lina Owen - 27/05/2021
This is a great deal (5/5)

What you are paying for is what you will receive.

Johan Blackburn - 22/06/2021