Pohl Schmitt Deco-Line Electric Citrus Juicer Review

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Easy to assemble 4.5 
Easy to clean 4.4 
Easy to use 4.4 
Value for money 3.7 
  • Classy look.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Easy to use and saves a lot of time.
  • Fragile.

Pohl Schmitt Deco-Line Electric Citrus Juicer Product Description

It’s hard to believe how efficient this juicing machine is for its price tag. With the pitcher design, you can save time from dishwashing at an affordable price. Their motor is 40% more powerful equipped with dual-purpose cones, a large 34oz juice container, and non-slip feet. In addition to the auto-reversing juicing cones, a fixed filter that can control the amount of pulp helps you extract maximum juice from your fruits and vegetables. Those looking for a juicer on a tight budget will love this effective machine.

  • Where did the idea for this Pohl+Schmitt electric citrus juicer come from? Design It has a unique and functionality design that is both practical and useful. Designed to keep things tidy and easy to clean in a compact With this quick and easy juice making method, you can juice your favorite citrus fruits in no time at all. With its 40% more powerful motor, dual function cones (small and big for different fruit sizes), large 34 oz juice container with non-slip feet and protective cover, the Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line Citrus Juicer will provide an excellent juice experience.
  • With a large capacity and removable juice container, this large 34oz (1L) transparent container with a handle is great for juicing for recipes. The stainless steel design, auto-reversing cones, and large capacity juice container will boost You can control how much pulp you want to use with the fixed filter, so you can get the perfect balance. If you don't want to dispose of the pulp, you can use it to make healthy dishes.
  • Designed to bring a little bit of magic to your day, the Pohl & Schmidt Citrus Juicer will help you take care of your health. Vitamins and minerals can be found in great quantities in orange juice. Your body is fueled by them so you can go on all day. As a result, the blood circulation is improved, and the body gets more When you use the right citrus juicer, all the nutrients will remain intact.
  • Easily create your own juice from scratch - Easily make your own healthy juices. Simple and containing only a few components, the design is simple and straightforward. The citrus juicer disassembles easily and is easy to clean (the non-electric parts) as well as dishwasher safe. The Pohl+Schmitt Citrus Juicer is the only choice if you are looking for something wonderful for yourself and your family.
  • Providing you with fast support, and answering all your questions are the main characteristics of Pohl+Schmitt's Customer Service. Citrus juice bliss is at your fingertips when you order your citrus juicer!

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A Swiss company makes this product in China, but it was made in Switzerland.
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If you have questions, contact the customer service.
As well, they did this to me. (Look under your Amazon account page for your gift card balance to see how your "refund" was turned into an Amazon credit.

Selected User Reviews For Pohl Schmitt Deco-Line Electric Citrus Juicer

In my juicer, I'm juiceing my citrus (5/5)

Since I have a lot of citrus trees in my yard, I found that juicing was not as useful as I had hoped. As I already own a powerful blender, I did not want to spend too much money on a new blender so I found this machine. Simple to use and reasonably priced. sets of center pieces can be used for various types of fruit, citrus or lemon, and can make juice on the spot. I made avocado toast and orange juice in less than 10 minutes last weekend. For my granddaughter's 4th birthday party, I used this machine today to make fresh squeezed lemon juice. I've planted two more citrus trees this season so I can enjoy this beautiful fruit and its juice even more. I juiced all this fruit and mixed it up for about 20 minutes. It was delicious!.

Zuri Stevens - 23/03/2021
This bottle easily breaks! Loved it and wanted it to last! It took me quite a while to juice limes due to my two large lime bushes (1/5)

When I first used it, it worked wonderful. I filled it with juice three times, and then after emptying the third batch, it just.

Scarlette Ramsey - 17/07/2021
After five oranges, the program stopped working (1/5)

In a nutshell, I am disappointed- This product was highly anticipated I decided to take the risk after reading a few reviews that some buyers had reported that it stopped working. As much as I hoped I wouldn't be hit again by the same bad juicer, I was still nervous. It has a bad habit of suddenly not working for you, so sad to say that I was one of the unfortunate ones. I did not have sufficient juice to make a juiced orange juice or to make juice from 400 ml of oranges I had. Even though I knew the speed wouldn't be great, I still decided to do it. Every time I drank juice, it seemed like it would never end. This does not impress me. Unfortunately, I feel bad writing this review, but I recommend you look for another juicer that is both more expensive and of higher There's a lot of value in that. Save your time and don't waste it by reading this. Look for other reviews and keep looking.

Malakai SMART - 11/04/2021
Juicer for citrus fruits that is excellent (5/5)

A simple thing is what I like. An amazing machine that's easy to use, simple to design, and is common to most machines This feature allows you to sense. The machine is easy to use as soon as you open the box, read the instructions, plug it in, and you're good to go. I don't think it gets any simpler than this. Since I have used this machine, I have gotten more lemon juice from two lemons than I have ever received through my hands. The system is extremely easy to use, as well as to clean once finished. As a whole, this is a really good.

Katherine HOWELLS - 19/03/2021
The appliance is very useful for saving time (5/5)

Whether you want to juice oranges, lemons, or tangerines with the Pohlschmitt Juicer, it will work great. It is too much for me to give away but not enough to sell the citrus trees in our back yard. During the ripening season, several fruits and vegetables become ripe at the same time, making it hard to squeeze those by hand. This juicer lets us handle a greater number of fruits and vegetables simultaneously with ease. drink orange and tangerine juice often and freeze some lemon juice for use at a later time. There is enough power in the juicer to fulfill its intended purpose, but it does not seem to be well designed. The machine is easy to operate and My recommendation for this juicer would be to recommend it.

Emberly O’CONNOR - 03/02/2021
You don't need to read this! My version of the software has just been used a handful of times since I got it, and it probably burnt For smaller citrus fruits like key limes, I have to hold the attachments to the machine by hand as they will not fit on the attachments (1/5)

The juicer hardly ever works more than a bag at a time. It just stopped working without warning today. The thing is, I already was not happy with it, since I got it mostly to allow my hands to rest, but I still have to hold my limes to it by hand. THen, when I just used it five times, the thing broke? That'd be a "no star" from me as well. Since I have already sliced the entire bag of limes, I will need to bring my old manual juicer out to finish the job. Just to let you know, there are about 20 A bag of limes contains 24 limes and I could not get through all of them. My time and effort was wasted on that. Now I'm in the market for a replacement since this was a waste of money, space, and effort. The product did not turn out as I expected, but as a good online shopper, I find a lot of good deals, but it's too bad I made a mistake in betting on it. I will update this review with a link to a better juicer once I discover one and test it out for a few days.

Yahir Mathews - 25/02/2021
In my opinion, it is worth the price (5/5)

I use it mainly for juicing limes, for cooking, but have also used it to juice oranges. As soon as you learn how much pressure to apply and how to extract the most juice from the fruit, you are an expert. My family is very happy with it, it's better than just squeezing the fruit with my fingers. I wasn't expecting it to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, it's easy to clean and use, it.

Kenneth Gorman - 20/05/2021
The champs performed like champs! It's been ten years since I owned a juicer and I haven't eaten fruit since then, except that I have eaten bananas occasionally (5/5)

One of the gifts I received from Florida recently was a gift carton of four dozen "honeybells," which have a four-day shelf life. In light of my retirement, I had no one to share them with, so Amazon Prime was my go-to site for ordering the Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Like For overnight delivery of the line Citrus Juicer Machine Extractor. The next day I squeezed it as soon as it arrived. I was very pleased with the result. I let go of the pressure and it reversed! The cleanup was easy, I only rinsed after filling every container with juice. It took me two days to fill every container in my home with juice. However, we have yet to find a seed in the pulp. I may never use this little juicer again, but there is no other way to describe my immense love for it!.

Marleigh Santiago - 24/02/2021