Piña Barware Slim Style Jigger Review

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Score By Feature Based on 48 ratings

Quality of material 5.0 
Versatility 4.9 
Easy to clean 4.9 
Accuracy 4.8 
Easy to use 4.7 
Easy to read 4.4 
  • Stainless steel finish.
  • Clear and precise measurements.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Reports of rusting after a few months.

Piña Barware Slim Style Jigger Product Description

Japanese jigger from Pina Barware is made of 100% stainless steel that has been brushed to a smooth finish. Whether added to your home bar or as an exotic addition to the bar, this simple tool makes a stylish statement. It is extremely accurate and comes in a wide range of measurements, so it is easier to have precise pours. Welded and finished to provide an impressive seamless appearance, it is thin for easier maneuvering, but weighted just right, so it makes cleaning up a breeze.

  • Our products are built for professionals. The product is built to endure many years of heavy commercial usage.
  • This is an example of practical design. The scale is perfectly balanced and clearly marked as to the measurements. It seems that the date is 25. The number is 5. The number 75, 1, 1 is one. Each ounce is 5 mL, and each gram is 2 mL. There are markings on both the inside and outside of the jigger in a full circle.
  • Maximize the life of the product. The highest quality 100% stainless steel is brushed to a high finish.
  • The construction of this building is outstanding. This piece's brushed stainless steel finish blends with virtually any bar, whether in the home or at the office.

Questions & Answers

Current electroplating technology fails to keep up with the demands of real-life stainless steel bar tools, in spite of its excellent application in theory. We use it all over the world. Most often, we've seen colored products by other companies start to fade and wear quickly in a commercial setting, sometimes even within The reason for this is that - With our product line, durability is one of our top priorities. We don't plan to implement colored versions until we have found a technology that is able to hold up better than what we have currently.
Thank you for reaching out to me, Tushar. Originally from China, these jiggers are made of steel.
As of today, oz is the only version that includes external markings. Despite the internal lines being accurate for 7, the external lines are not. Each of the following volumes consists of 5mL, 15mL, and 22mL. The amount of liquid in each bottle is 5mL It measures 30mL and 60mL at the rim on the left side and right side, respectively. You ask a great question! Thank you so much!
Our product hasn't yet been manufactured in a smaller size, but we will definitely look into it! I am so grateful for your support!

Selected User Reviews For Piña Barware Slim Style Jigger

A jigger that probably will never be surpassed (5/5)

The greatest jigger I have used is probably this one since I worked at a distillery and was a bartender for a very bad caterer. With most jiggers, only 1 measurement is provided on each side. For example, the jigger for the size has a measurement on either side. The serving size should be 5 oz or 1 oz. As a consequence, you need no less than three or four jiggers with different measurements in order to create a full range of cocktails that any bartender or home "mixologist" In fact, even the most advanced "japanese" style jiggers often lack this. Many cocktail recipes call for a 25oz measurement. All of that is solved with the jigger due to its ability to contain This jigger includes measurements and lines showing 25oz on the inside and outside of it in addition to their corresponding weights in ounces. Measuring for the project is A quarter-pound of powdered sugar, 25 oz. The weight of 5 ounces. There are 75 oz, 1 oz, and 1 oz in the jar. The amount of weight is 5 oz. and 2 oz. In contrast to cheaper jiggers, the lines and measurements on this tool won't wear off with prolonged use or In addition to being durable, the jigger is also not likely to break in half like cheaper models. Short description I have found that so far this is the only jigger that an avid cocktail enthusiast or bartender needs, and it is certainly the best option that I have seen on the market.

Hayden Gould - 11/07/2021
A review of the latest revision (4/5)

The brushed finish jigger received a 2 from me. See my review below for an explanation. As soon as I reached out to the seller for feedback and explained my concerns, he promptly sent me a new A 5 oz) was deeper and more distinct. The polished unit is rated 5 star, the customer service is rated 5 star, and the brushed unit is rated 2, so overall, it's a It has been a pleasure working with It's impossible to express in words all the things that original 2- represents. The brush jigger received a five-star rating The pros include A stylish design Make sure your measurements are accurate. The cons are Please note *br> In contrast to the photos that advertise them, they're not very easy to read. Please note *br*br*- A 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz groove on the inner surface of the tool are not deep enough to distinguish them from tooling grooves that cover the entire inner surface slightly deeper. As you can see, I used 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper and scotch brite to smooth the inner surface, which helped a little, but the customer shouldn't have According to Francis G's photograph, the inner surface of my jigger is rougher than that of some of the images supplied by customers. Unfortunately, the quality of the product does not seem to be uniform.

Armani Spears - 17/06/2021
This watch is extremely lightweight, but it is incredibly sturdy, and it is without the band that Cocktail Kingdom and Viski have (5/5)

It's always interesting to see new barware on the market, which is why I ordered these jiggers the moment I saw them. Those who believe). My usage of Leonard has been over two years now, but this might be the jigger to change my mind. Because it is extremely light weight, it is extremely durable, and since it does not have the band that Cocktail Kingdom and Viski have, it can be easily flipped over and maneuvered. Overall, I was pleased with how sleek and professional the system looked and I am excited to use it.

Marvin MAHMOOD - 11/03/2021
It is an extremely useful jigger both for professionals and at home (5/5)

The jigger I bought is great. I am a bartender and I use it professionally. I highly recommend this product. It is accurate, fits perfectly in my hand, and it is built very strong. One of my favorite things about it is that it is one piece, so I don't need to worry about it breaking like some of my other jigs have. In addition, it is the only Japanese style jigger that I could find with a 1/4 oz line, which was a major selling point. There is one thing that I might complain about the 1/4 oz line can be hard to read when it gets darker/darker, but other than that, the product meets my expectations. In the end, it was a wonderful experience!.

Grace Burke - 04/07/2021
You did a great job (5/5)

Markings are all in order. You did a great job. Markings are all in order. There was only one flaw, there was a nice gash that looks as if it was caused by the machine that made the marks along the inside. Apart from that, I would have given five stars, but that gash bothers me every time I look at **NEW***br>**br>**br>A new jigger has been sent to me without even asking. Based on both the quality of the jigger itself and outstanding customer service, I've revised my rating.

Guadalupe McClain - 03/01/2021
It is of high quality (5/5)

I am headed into work today to make use of them. Located in a high volume brewery which has a high cocktail demand. Very robust structure right from the start. In one hand, I held one 1 oz classic style and in the other, I held one 1 oz classic style and used my thumbs to press against the 1 oz side. I snapped the classic style in half with no give in it. It appears as if the whole piece is one piece, but there is actually a bead weld on the inside which is brushed beautifully. Since I have been using these daily for a few months, I cannot believe my good fortune. It is the best quality jigger on the market.

Alaina Woodward - 15/01/2021
Aim for accuracy in measuring production flaws (3/5)

The liquid volume is measured accurately by this jigger. There were no problems with the inside lines and they seem The pros are that it functions as it should, so it is a good buy. While I am sure the design is largely responsible for the cons of the jigger (as most do) I did buy this jigger because of As my front door is brushed steel, the lettering on the outside is very difficult to read in all but direct light. Aside from that, my particular order had some marred lettering on the "2 Oz" printed on one side. That was annoying, and not being able to read the measures without double checking was a bit frustrating, as well. Lastly, some reviews praise the seamless design and emphasize how it is impossible to tell whether the item is made from one piece or is welded together. The answer to my question is unfortunately not possible in my case. A few small gaps and seams can be seen where the two pieces were attached. As a whole, it works. Despite my disappointment in the primary reason for the purchase, the style and quality of the product are pleasing to the eyes and can be enjoyed. There are those who say the polished version is easier to read? The marred label and obvious welding issues may have been resolved by doing that, but nonetheless, it's pretty damning to behold.

Johanna Stephens - 27/04/2021