Pico Titanium Bottle Opener Review

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  • Minimalistic beer bottle opener.
  • Sleek look.
  • Can cut your hand.

Selected User Reviews For Pico Titanium Bottle Opener

The key chain has a very sleek look (5/5)

It can hold your keys securely on your belt loop, so I bought it to wear my keys that way. In search of a bottle opener that wouldn't take up too much space on my key chain, I came across this one. In addition, I didn't want a bottle opener that clanged against my keys since I, as well as people around me, would find that unpleasant. Taking this route was the best decision. Although it may take a bit of getting used to, you will master it eventually. While it requires a bit more effort to open the bottle with this one as compared with others, it provides the easy opening of the bottle and a simple compact design. The tip I learned of using your keys to open the top helps a lot, as does pressing with your thumb to compress the opener on the cap.

Aden Montgomery - 05/03/2021
The best of the best (4/5)

I love this conversation piece because it is so cool and works so well! I find it very useful.

Zayden Yates - 28/06/2021
The perfect bottle opener for the minimalist (5/5)

The thing performs as it's claimed. It takes some practice at first, but the actual results are impressive. You can store it on your keychain without adding bulk.

Molly Kirby - 18/01/2021
Using it isn't as easy as using a phone app, but it's ok (5/5)

This has to be the most discrete bottle opener I have ever seen. The keychain is very well suited for it. My keychain is smaller than all of my keys combined. This is not as easy to use as I expected, but it is fine for now.

Haven Pittman - 19/04/2021
I like how small and useful this is (5/5)

Great piece of software.

Emir McLaughlin - 01/03/2021
You should use this with care There is a bite to it (2/5)

It was so difficult to use that I cut my hand on the first try. This is not a product I'd buy It fits kind of weird on the keychain, it pokes out at the bottom. It's a small computer that is significantly less functional than others. When you're in a rush, but watch those knuckles!.

Dylan Terrell - 08/06/2021
The return policy is unfair and the functionality is poor (1/5)

I couldn't get it to work as advertised, or at least it was extremely difficult to use for me, and I hurt my hand a little. For that reason (the product doesn't work correctly), I returned it, and the company only offered me half my money back. $15 is a high price for such a simple product. I was extremely Amazon Prime products are alright for me from now on as they have a fair return policy, and a traditional bottle opener is a better choice.

Angel Lopez - 19/01/2021
If you want to use this useless device, you must attempt to connect it (1/5)

Bogus Product - Total waste of money! A small, light bottle opener that I could wear on my key ring was what I needed. The answer is definitely here. Its only problem is that it is very small and offers no leverage to pry off a bottle cap. Have a look at all the bottle openers in your Each of them is four years old The cap should be about six inches long so you have leverage when prying it If you try to hook this useless device on the cap, you will have to pull the cap off in order to use it. LEVERAGE IS NOT AN OPTION! This is by far the worst experience I have ever had Please do not purchase this way over the internet Priced as a non-refundable donation This is a functional product! One star is the only rating I have ever given to a product. Finally, I'd like to add the following Keep this on my key chain so I will remember not to make a fool of myself. The next time I use it, it won't work for me.

Vincent Coleman - 20/01/2021