Personalized American Premium Oak Aging Barrel Review

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Giftable 4.4 
Value for money 4.3 
Flavor 4.2 
Craftsmanship 4.0 
Durability 4.0 
  • Handcrafted White Oak Wood Barrel from the United States.
  • 90-Day Guarantee.
  • It takes up a lot of room.

Personalized American Premium Oak Aging Barrel Product Description

There are a variety of barrel sizes available, from 1 liter no. 1 to 20 liters no. 20. When you choose the three or five-liter options, you can blend several bottles at the same time. In addition to this, each barrel can be customized to show a name or logo. This charming beverage dispenser can be the perfect gift for a whiskey lover due to its miniaturized version of the massive American oak barrels which often age whiskey. Each of the black steel hoops and the charcoal interior make this dispenser a perfect addition to any whiskey lover’s home.

  • This American White Oak Wood Barrel is laser engraved with the name of your choice.
  • A 5 Liter American Oak barrel aging in black steel with a medium charred interior and a maximum capacity of about 20 Liters of Black Steel Hoops.
  • You can use it to age your own spirits, whiskey, wine, beer, rum, tequila, honey, vinegar and more. Use it as a decoration on your home.
  • The product comes with a 90 day warranty. Follow the instructions to cure and seal the product before using it.
  • Please send us engraving instructions after purchase by typing in "Will send LOGO" & submit after completion. Any type of engraving is allowed (logos, graphics, etc.).

Questions & Answers

There is an option for that. You should type "No Custom" in the "Customize now" section to indicate that no engraving is needed.
As it is one of the hardiest oaks, I assume so.
In short, yes. There's nothing fancy about the box, it's just brown.
Buying it as a gift was my choice. I have cleaned one several times for a friend. It can be cleaned with kits.

Selected User Reviews For Personalized American Premium Oak Aging Barrel

There is a failure in the product (3/5)

Following the initial instructions before filling the mini barrel with bourbon was a very simple procedure for me. On the first fill up, it worked great, however, on the second fill up, it leaked. There were no more barrel rings stuck in the barrel. object fell to the ground. I have tried to contact the seller through Amazon to get a There was no attempt to solve the problem by them. It is best to avoid buying unless you will simply throw your money away.

Clara Braun - 10/04/2021
Another one of the sellers would be better to buy from (3/5)

That is a pretty gift, but I did not know this merchant sold it without the brew packets most other sellers include, and this merchant was more expensive just to receive a modest amount. The pros include Nice gift, and my vase lasts for many years as long as I follow the directions. My recommendation wouldn't be to buy anything smaller than 2L as it's much smaller than you think. The cons are If you follow the instructions to run water over the finish, the finish will You can see pictures in the gallery. This is the result of our water being discolored, since we don't drink it. The brew packet was also included in other sellers' listings, as mentioned. I would, in hindsight, buy this from another merchant who included the packet, even if the other cons were gone. It is something I would buy again, but I want to make sure to get the packet from the seller. This is a cute gift, a good gift to give your husband as an anniversary gift.

River LAW - 29/05/2021
The smaller the barrel, the greater the chance of leakage (2/5)

This is not the first time I've used barrels like this the other way around. Although the barrel had one band that was no longer attached, I was still able to refit it and get it to tighten during swelling. In addition to the normal pre-treatments, I ran it through The first time you fill the container, soak, swell, and boil it. It is not uncommon for a little leak to remain, but they usually stop after a period of time. Such was the case with this product in fact, the leak got considerably worse once the whiskey was added. The bottle has probably lost a quarter of its contents, not due to the angel's share, but from just straight-up leaks. This sucks especially bad because I can't get barrel wax into there to seal it from the outside. I'm also worried about the band rusting. Recently, this leak may just turn into just a bar decoration, and I'll go back to what On this barrel, it just didn't seem like there was much attention to detail.

Journey Lozano - 22/04/2021
Please be careful when purchasing (1/5)

Upon arrival of the mini barrel, I was pleasantly surprised. Is perfectly tailored to your needs. As compared to other models, it was more affordable and didn't leak at all. But the wood isn't of the highest quality. That looks like scrap, doesn't it? A lot of scratches are visible on Since the photo was taken, the wood has faded to the point it no longer resembles the image. There is a significant amount of lightening in the engraving, so it is no longer nearly black in color. I am surprised that simply running cold water on the outside as the instructions say can do a good job. The luster would be lost as a result. As well as being poorly made, the stand is also cheaply made. The one I will make for it will be my own.

Ronald Barr - 21/06/2021
There are leaks (3/5)

As soon as we were given directions, we followed them. I used water and it worked fine. There is a leak when we put the whiskey in. Likewise, my husband commented on how much wood this drink tastes like. It would be awesome if it didn't leak every now and then, I thought it was a nice 5 year anniversary gift.

Alondra Solis - 08/04/2021
You've got a great Manhattan! The third one that I've done so far (5/5)

For a couple of years now, I have been aging Manhattans. My own concoction is made from some recipes on the internet that I mix together and then pour into a barrel where I keep it for six weeks, turning it every two days. In the end, I empty the barrel, strain the fluid through cheap coffee filters to remove any particles and chocolate shavings. Then I placed the bottle directly in the freezer after it was poured, and it was frozen within 15 minutes. I love it!.

Lauryn Stanton - 01/08/2021
Exceptional quality, outstanding appearance, and the best service around I received my order very quickly! What a great idea! This is an amazing piece of workmanship (5/5)

The engraving looks exactly like I had It would be lovely if this was the case. Although it was never intended for aging beverages (I intend to use it to ferment pepper mash for hot sauce), it would have been a good display piece. Following the directions, I made the barrel watertight. After a few drops of water dripped out, it was still watertight. A great gift for a wedding, birthday, father's day, anniversary or a man cave or family room. A perfect addition to your kitchen, man cave, or family room. Not only that, but it can also be used to age a wide range of drinks. Also, I wanted to mention that shipping was lightning fast. The package I received came two days after I ordered it. Several of my family and friends have already received the link for one of these and I am truly impressed thus far.

Mordechai Gordon - 20/01/2021
It's a great taste and it's a great instruction (5/5)

The barrel needs to be sealed first, then the aged barrel flavor can be added. It wasn't that difficult to follow the instructions, and although it looks small it holds a lot more alcohol than you would expect. As I mentioned I have aged two different alcohols so far and it took out most of the punch and added smooth aged barrel taste. I tried aging for five weeks as suggested and I also tried aging for two months instead of five weeks to see if that makes a difference. It's not going to cost you anything if you follow the instructions.

Siena Meyers - 07/03/2021