Perfectware Beverage Black Napkin Review

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  • Elegant black color.
  • Well aborbent.
  • Can be easily torn.

Perfectware Beverage Black Napkin Product Description

The cocktail napkins are available in a variety of rich colors, so they won’t bleed if wet from a glass of sweat. This means that the napkins are stronger and have a greater capacity for absorption. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a home party, or a business event, these are great decorations.

  • There are 200 cards in the pack.
  • The color black.
  • A high level product.
  • Portable bars, cafes, restaurants, and bars at home are great uses for this product.
  • There are 200 napkins included in this kit.

Questions & Answers

The ones I bought last year have been bought again and It's the perfect bargain price. They come folded, and even though I don't have one right now, picture these as exactly the same size as the cocktail napkin that you would get at the bar of a restaurant if you ordered one. Thank you for your help. The author is Trisha from California.
No. It's just wrapped in plastic. This is one item I buy all the time and it is a good deal.
The folded size is 5 x 5.

Selected User Reviews For Perfectware Beverage Black Napkin

Parties are a breeze with these! My wife and I used these napkins for our wedding open bar, they were really nice (5/5)

The black in this photo is super dark, not faded at all.

Johanna Spence - 07/01/2021
I highly recommend this product for the price (5/5)

You can use these cocktail napkins for any cocktail party. The job is well done by them. The napkin is usually quite saturated after each drink, so I usually replace it after each drink. Apparently how fast you drink depends on how fast you take it in. The major advantage of these napkins is that they don't bleed when wet, unlike other cheaper brands. As you may be surprised to learn, I have seen napkins (which are suppose to absorb) bleed when.

Kristopher Walton - 25/04/2021
Advertisement not in accordance with the law (1/5)

See the difference between the advertised size and the actual size? Clearly not 9 inches in size.

Baker Chandler - 22/01/2021
Excellent (5/5)

They are a good dark black, a good amount and ready to be used.

Henrik Ortiz - 25/02/2021
An essential item for the bartender's drawer (5/5)

A napkin is what they are. Their ring from drinking beer soaks up your tears and tears from your eyes.

Nellie Thornton - 02/07/2021
Using these things is way better than using a sleeve (5/5)

they are incredible. The sleeves are incredible and a much better choice than using a handkerchief.

Zhuri Pope - 06/02/2021
Napkins for beverages of average quality (4/5)

A black beverage napkin with a solid color. Water doesn't soak into these items much. It is typically between 6. 5 and 10 inches thick. The do the job as it is supposed to be done. The price is reasonable for the number you get.

Kamari Lindsay - 01/01/2021
In accordance with the description (5/5)

In accordance with the description. This is a complete recommendation.

Kamari Crowley - 04/03/2021