Perfect Pregame Collapsible Shot glasses Review

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Score By Feature Based on 16 ratings

Giftable 4.4 
Value for money 4.3 
Sturdiness 4.2 
Easy to clean 4.2 
Durability 3.8 
  • Ideal for outdoor pursuits.
  • Collapsible.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Does not include lids or caps.

Perfect Pregame Collapsible Shot glasses Product Description

A food-grade stainless steel shot glass for Perfect Pregame, the Perfect Pregame shot glass is proven to be durable, long-lasting, and hygienic. With the collapsible glass, there is no need to worry about space and you can use it anywhere. This portable device can hold 2.5 ounces despite its small size. It contains just 0.5 oz of liquid, rather than 1.5 oz as usual. You can take your shots anywhere you want if you own collapsible shot glass. It can be risky to drink or share a bottle of liquor with friends with COVID-19 in effect. For that matter, you might want to take some precautions a notch further by bringing your shot glass. The Perfect Pregame is all about being fun, and these collapsible, stainless steel shot glasses will allow you to enjoy yourself. These shot glasses are a great way to spice up your drinking setup, whether you use them around the house as novel drinking accessories or take them on the road due to their small size and large capacity.

  • They take virtually no space when collapsed - these stainless steel shot glasses are unique and unique. A dimension of less than applies to them. It is the size of 5 inches when collapsed and 2 inches wide.
  • This compact shot glass can hold two large size 2 shot glasses despite its small size. There is a difference between a 1-ounce shot and a 5-ounce shot. In a standard shot, there are 5 oz.
  • A great accessory for backpacking, camping, tailgating and many other situations, these shot glasses are also useful in the kitchen.
  • You will hear your friends say that this set is awesome once they see the shot glasses! You can also give these cool alcohol accessories as gifts to a loved one who likes to drink.
  • These shot glasses are made of food-grade stainless steel, and are safe, non-toxic, and will not We guarantee that you will enjoy your wooden crate for a lifetime. Just hand wash gently with soapy water.

Questions & Answers

The pieces are well made, and they take just a little pressure to expand or collapse.
Additionally, their lids do not appear to have been fitted, as it almost appears to be the case in the images.
A lid wasn't on it.

Selected User Reviews For Perfect Pregame Collapsible Shot glasses

I find this great, and I must manage it (5/5)

In a nutshell, The product is ideal for traveling. These are good for my cocktail mix setup and I thought I'd bring them out. They're cool and exciting at the same time. There is almost a charm to it and it appears to motivate people. As long as you make sure to tell them that it's important to hold the cup rather than put it down, it shouldn't be a problem. As a result, your drink will be spilled. It did not work with water, so I placed down while filled with liquid and it did not work.

Bryce COATES - 09/02/2021
A lid is not present - It is disappointing (2/5)

As it turned out, I had to return them. It would have been good if I had read all the reviews since, as at least one other reviewer noted, these do not appear to There are some images where it looks like a lid, but it is usually just the cup upside down. You may be able to get away with purchasing just the cups without the case in the picture, but without that the cups are almost The fact that they won't stay closed if you put them in a purse or bag and that they will also get dirty in a pocket or bag is equally disappointing. If you put them in a case of some kind, I believe they'd work fine, but that's not what I needed. Be aware of the product you are buying before making a purchase.

Isla Leblanc - 29/04/2021
It has no caps covering the tops of its recessed cups (3/5)

Due to the lack of tops on the tops of the products, I am returning them. There will be some who will not have an issue with that However, it is of great importance to me. Replacements can be ordered from another provider that include caps at the base of the cup. Since I'll be taking the cups in a backpack, I've talked with others who have used similar cups without caps and they have said they are easy to open and bend with relatively little effort. Keeping the cups clean and restricting their opening unexpectedly is the purpose of the caps. While no system is perfect, the caps are a good way to reduce the probability of damage and prevent the machine from bending, which makes it impossible to function as intended. The cups must be enclosed in a confirmed, secure enclosure to be fit for my purpose.

Kamari Lyons - 21/07/2021
I can only think of My box was all crushed and open and had only received two of them, even though the description said there were four (5/5)

****Edit for style The four items were all included in a new package sent to me. The cups are easy to put on and take off. You pull up on the top and twist it in order to keep the cup in place. You can then unfold it and flatten it back again if you want to collapse it again.

Nelson Pollard - 17/02/2021
The company and the product are great! She loved this gift! I gave it to her as a gift and she absolutely loved There was even an email from these awesome sellers with games that you could I appreciate the great customer service! (5/5)


Adan Potts - 20/06/2021
I like this product, but cleaning it is a little difficult (4/5)

I bought them for birdie juice on the golf course, and they work great. They work great, but can be a little troublesome to clean, so definitely not worth the price.

Remi Carrillo - 09/03/2021
The products are made well and are Have yet to use them, but will do so in two weeks on a beach excursion (5/5)

The units work well and are sturdy and compact! I can see them doing the job well!.

Violette Robertson - 20/01/2021
An easy way to take shot glasses along with you! It was purchased as a gift for a friend who likes to hike (5/5)

We wish you a happy birthday! This shot glass is collapsible for easy packing. I like the way it looks.

Rudy Vance - 20/06/2021