Pelarusoe Stainless Steel Cocktail Stirrer Review

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Robustez 5.0 
Durabilidad 5.0 
Excelente inversión 4.9 
  • Stainless steel built.
  • Affordable.
  • Simple design.

Pelarusoe Stainless Steel Cocktail Stirrer Product Description

You won’t go out of style with these stainless steel picks with ball tips, and your garnish won’t be overshadowed. These stainless steel picks offer a sleek yet simple design that you simply can’t go wrong with. Environmentally friendly cocktail skewers manufactured with 304 stainless steel, guaranteeing the utmost durability; With every use, your guests can see a decorative touch added to their event or occasion, making them perfect for any event or occasion throughout the years.

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  • Stylish and Classic - These stainless steel picks with ball-tipped ends will never go out of style, and they will not enhance your garnish. Simple, yet sophisticated, you can't go wrong with these stainless steel picks.
  • These stainless steel cocktail skewers are environmentally friendly, as they are made of 304 stainless steel to guarantee the best durability and the longest lasting durability possible these are reusable and suitable for any event or occasion throughout the years, adding a decorative touch to your event and catering.
  • Sharp Tip - Each metal cocktail stick in our set was designed with a sharp tip to make the process of piercing cherries, olives, herbs, and other foods quick, clean, and easy. We urge you to use this software carefully.
  • Stylish gift a set of cocktail sticks, 10 pieces of 4, in a classy box. There are 10 pieces of 3 inches and 10 pieces of 8 inches. Our customized box contains 3 cocktail spoons and two cocktail forks it's the perfect gift for your sophisticated friends. The classic never goes out of style, our game adds a touch of style to the overall presentation as well as enhancing the taste of your cocktail.
  • Reusable and Multipurpose - These versatile cocktail sticks are the perfect accessories to have on hand for any party. They can be used to toss fruits or veggies, garnish drinks, top sandwiches and burgers and serve appetizers.

Selected User Reviews For Pelarusoe Stainless Steel Cocktail Stirrer

Sturdy stainless implements designed to be simple and elegant

As part of the set, you'll get ten long stainless steel skewers (perfect for skewering hors d'oeuvres, for instance) and ten cocktail skewers for those Luxardo maraschino cherries. A pair of long-term batteries is included as well A handle is a handle on a stirring spoon. It's a very nice purchase, and I am happy with it.

Willow Ross - 18/02/2021
You have a lovely drink! bought them to give to our small group of people at Christmas time

Drinks were delicious, and they were the right size! Excellent quality and will last a long time. I love the value of it. Thank you so much! I'm very happy with the.

Yareli Collins - 25/03/2021
These cocktail picks are made of stainless steel

If you don't want them, this is probably not worth the price. The spoons are a nice bonus, though they may not make this worth the price if you want.

Adalee Donahue - 03/04/2021
I love it! Our home bar will be perfect with this

I am in love with.

Gracelyn Davidson - 02/01/2021
Beautiful picks! I love them

My next gathering couldn't be more perfect if they were there. I love it!.

Mazikeen Sloan - 04/02/2021
It is great to have mixed sizes

The gift I purchased for my dad was a big hit! This is a highly recommended book!.

Morgan McDaniel - 25/03/2021
The pictures are great

A wide variety at a very good price! This product is of high Enjoy your Bloody Mary cocktails with this wine glass.

Dion Robles - 31/05/2021
It is elegant

Drinks made with the product look amazing!.

Maryam Zuniga - 09/06/2021