PAUDIN Stainless Steel Paring Knife Review

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Versatility 5.0 
Maneuverability 4.8 
Ergonomic 4.8 
Easy to hold 4.8 
Value for money 4.6 
Giftable 4.6 
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Extremely sharp blade.
  • Dulls quickly.

PAUDIN Stainless Steel Paring Knife Product Description

A Paudin paring knife with a plain edge blade is ideal when it comes to peeling and other small or intricate tasks. With its classic styling, this 3.5-inch paring knife is sure to please. This professional paring knife can handle it all from garnishing, mincing, or peeling to slicing or dicing. The task of slicing fruits and vegetables in your bar kitchen can be done easily with this tool.

  • THE CLASSIC PARING KNIFE This knife is a classic example of the Using a small kitchen knife with a plain edge is ideal for slicing citrus peel and for smaller or more intricate tasks. You will find this to be You will love the classic style of this 5 inch paring knife.
  • Multipurpose paring knife is designed to handle a wide range of tasks such as garnishing, mincing, and peeling, as well as cutting and Using the Slicer for daily tasks in the kitchen such as slicing fruits and vegetables is a breeze.
  • This 3 inch Razor Sharp Blade is crafted of 440 stainless steel. In addition to high quality German stainless steel (5Cr15MoV), the enduring razor sharp edge is particularly helpful in the kitchen, where its precision and performance are crucial to cooking success.
  • Handle made of ergonomic Pakkawood gives the user stability and control while cooking. It's safe to keep in your hands while wet as well. Its ergonomic shape allows for the perfect balance between the handle and the thin blade, which ensures ease of use.
  • PATTERN The special wave pattern blade is striking and particularly stylish (a stainless steel kitchen knife of 5Cr15Mov, not real damascus). CLICK HERE if you want to try it risk free. We offer 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK if you're not satisfied with the product. Feel free to contact us with any problems and we will reply to you immediately to resolve all of your concerns.

Questions & Answers

Some of the wealthy students when I learned to cook used to have knives with blades that looked exactly like the blade on this paring knife. I am not an expert on steel, but the blade on this knife has the folded steel veins that are a hallmark of Damask Steel. Honing gives it a good hold on an edge. This is a very good balance of weight and balance. It is especially useful for people like me who have thick hands.
It may be used either with the left or right hand. My only caution is to be cautious when handling the knife because it is a very, very sharp one.
You will retain the sharpness if you hand wash, as you should.

Selected User Reviews For PAUDIN Stainless Steel Paring Knife

For a small amount of money, you can get a lot (5/5)

As a matter of fact, I have 2,500 knives in my collection. There is no doubt that Paudins are some of the best knives for all-around use. In terms of quality, they are comparable to blades costing 10X as much. Sharp, well balanced, and nicely weighted, they are some of the best on the market. You can comfortably hold them in your hand and they do the job they are designed to do. Unlike a $500 Damascus knife, the blades are not layered as they are in a kitchen knife, but are etched for aesthetics. The blades retain a razor sharp edge without losing anything in a kitchen knife. You get value here since you are not paying for a feature that no one will actually use. You will have to pay $25-$30 Could you spend the $200 you save on a new ______ if you paid $30 for this? You'll enjoy it.

Trace HOWELLS - 21/05/2021
I was irritated to see the faux-predominant accent but it was actually really nice On the blade is an etched design of the city of Damascus (4/5)

It's so cheesey! However, in the description, they are honest about it, they are concealing the fact that it is Therefore, I cannot ding them for dishonesty, but I do note the knife would be a lot more "better" without those cheesy adornments. It is a nice knife. The wood on the handle feels great and the blade is good The grip is good, but not too much, and the finishing is good as well. As for the end of the handle, I am not sure if the tang goes through it or how well it The ceramic garbage she broke carving pumpkins has served as a good example for me, so if my daughter breaks this one, I would fix it. I don't think she would break that knife doing that, but if I lost it, I'd the most likely get another one Buying the same thing is a good idea.

Gabriel Daugherty - 11/06/2021
I love the knife, but there was no sheath to accompany it (4/5)

Why isn't there a sheath with this knife? I wanted to give it 5 stars. Even though it does not say one comes with it, I wouldn't keep the box around all the time. I also don't like leaving it in the drawer for days on end. What motivates you? There is no doubt about it it The dull knife is far more dangerous than the sharp one, as any chef will tell you. There is no need to worry. I like how sharp this knife is. There is no doubt that this knife is very attractive. And, most importantly, they are remarkably good at cutting veggies and fruits into smaller pieces. In addition, my wife Gina, who has smaller hands, likes how big it is. You can use it with any hand size and it's comfortable to use. She in particular has stated how nice it feels in her hand, ya know. Just include a sheath instead of a fancy box and that'd make it five.

Santana Ibarra - 11/07/2021
My family's going to be able to pass down this Cooking was delivered to me right before Christmas, so I got lucky (5/5)

The product was put to the test on all kinds of food products and laughed all the The leather feels great in the hand, and it is easy to hold and control. I would not say that the knife itself has a shortcoming, but I would have preferred it if the blade cover came with it. To replace it, I used a part from the OK one. I can't just toss it in a drawer because it's too sharp. The wall might be a good option for me We are mounting it so that its essence can be shared.

Edward Orr - 05/07/2021
It is not made from stainless steel of high quality (2/5)

As of this point, I have both the paring knife and chef knife. They are both well balanced, cut well, but I agree with a couple of things. The stainless steel it's made of is of poor quality, which I didn't know until I had In the instructions for caring for these knives, it is suggested that you dry them The stainless steel knives I bought between the late 1970s and early 1980s do not rust. I let them drip dry after washing them, so I do not have to worry about them rusting. Even after all these years, there is not even a spot of rust on them. I should have been aware that the stainless steel I bought was not high grade due to the price, but they should be fine for now unless they rust after drying.

Astrid Montgomery - 30/03/2021
It would be nice to see a full blade protector on this knife (5/5)

I just got these and I can tell they are very well constructed and fit my hand perfectly. The only tip protector on beef is on the tip. Neither the blade nor the handle have anything on them. I think they would be better served to have a full edge cover, so they could be kept fended off. Don't let them loose if you don't want them to break. My box will be kept in the closet. I also find that to be nice.

Flora Randolph - 04/02/2021
Whenever I need a knife, this is my go-to! My go-to knife for almost anything has quickly become this awesome little kitchen knife! The room was beautiful and the bed was Very sharp, indeed! (5/5)


Ephraim Bush - 02/04/2021
This is an extremely good I like the knife's wood handle, especially the blade (4/5)

The fake Damascene does not appeal to me, but that's a matter of taste. For about a month, I have been using it and so far it seems very sharp. I am not sure if it is made of high carbon stainless steel because it is free of rust or other issues. The only difference is that I always hand wash and then Since I own several sets of ultrapremium knives, most of them older than 30 years, I'm very careful with them. For the price you pay, you get an excellent value with the Paudin, but the more careful you are with it, the more happy.

Roland Chapman - 25/06/2021