Party Vision Margarita Glasses Review

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Easy to assemble 4.7 
Sturdiness 3.3 
Durability 2.6 
Giftable 1.0 
  • Perfect size.
  • They are stylish.
  • Reasonable price.
  • They are suitable for parties.
  • They require assembly.

Questions & Answers

Regardless of the type of plastic, I would say they are reusable as long as you care for them. It was one of the few times we used them We found them suitable for the task at hand.
Yes, of course. Plastic is all that there is.

Selected User Reviews For Party Vision Margarita Glasses

I used them for my Bath Bombs and they worked great (5/5)

I used them to make my Bath Bombs and they were excellent! I was expecting them to be smaller but they sold fast. The bottom doesn't stay on very well and a few cracked when I tried to glue them on, but at the end of the day, I was very happy. I will order them You can have a look at the attached picture to compare sizes.

Gatlin Bird - 26/01/2021
Make sure that you have a glue gun at the ready (4/5)

This will be used at work on Cinco de Mayo for a celebration. Their purpose was completed, however, the bottoms tended to fall off so I glued them together to make sure they would stay put. A few were cracked as well.

Fatima Acosta - 03/05/2021
This is a great buy and You can't go wrong with this purchase! It is simple to attach the base to the stem, I do not anticipate needing to glue the base to the stem as other people have mentioned you might need to do (5/5)

In any case, if you plan on using the cup for anything other than drinking or if you are going to be rough with it, or if you plan on using it for crafts as other people have, then you might want to glue it for more security.

Romina FitzPatrick - 09/04/2021
Margarita salt doesn't like to stick to the plastic rim of this cup, which causes it to break apart (2/5)

There's also an issue with the stem and the bottom of the plant staying You can create a disaster if you do that.

Malani Ortiz - 28/04/2021
There are a couple that are broken (3/5)

The glasses were broken on two occasions. I won't send it back, since it will simply arrive the same as when it was sent.

Zaria Simmons - 15/02/2021
This is a great buy and it is sturdy as well! I appreciate your offer (5/5)

I had no problem putting them back together after reading other posts about them cracking. I highly recommend this book!.

Selah Vega - 30/03/2021
A number of them were damaged on When the pieces were received, a few of them were broken (2/5)

In any case, I would have returned the items if not for the event. Despite their cheapness, they were high quality. The quality of what you receive is on the line.

Raven Cowan - 19/01/2021
Not bad, but a few broken ones (4/5)

For the price you pay, it's pretty good. The mashed potatoes were used for a mashed potato bar by her stepdaughter. So that there would be no mishaps when I assembled them, I used clear Gorilla Glue in the bases. This was a great experience for guests.

Lawson Bernard - 17/03/2021