“Party Unlimited” Plastic Jello Shot Cups with Lids, 50 Pack Review

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Easy to use 5.0 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Value for money 4.6 
Durability 4.4 
  • Funny quote in front of the glass.
  • Contains a safety lid.
  • Lid may leak if tilted.

“Party Unlimited” Plastic Jello Shot Cups with Lids, 50 Pack Product Description

You know the party has begun when you see the colorful gelatin shots, no matter what kind of shot they’re known as party unlimited Jello Shooters, Jello Shots, etc. With these clear and customized jello shot cups, any party theme can be complemented.

  • It's time to start the party! Getting your party started with Jello shots will break the ice & get everyone in the party mood.
  • JELLO SHOT DESIGNS Add some fun and personality to your event with these.
  • A 2 oz. cup is the right size for most of us. A 5oz cup ensures that you can get your shot out much easier than a 2-oz one!
  • THE CUP IS STACKABLE AND SPILL PROOF The lids lock firmly in place and can be transported easily.
  • COMFORTABLE, DURABLE, BPA-FREE Cups and lids are made from material that is food-grade and BPA-free.

Questions & Answers

A total of 50 sets is required. A sleeve of 50 cups and 50 lids was stacked against one another.

Selected User Reviews For “Party Unlimited” Plastic Jello Shot Cups with Lids, 50 Pack

I strongly advise you NOT to download free recipe books (1/5)

This is cute, but please DO NOT download the free recipe ebook*br>I have received nothing but spam calls / emails since downloading this*br>I repeat, do not download the free recipe ebook*br>My calls and emails have been all over the place since downloading this.

Angelina Bullock - 05/01/2021
It was not possible to download the ebook (2/5)

An ebook I tried to sign up for didn't work and I received a great deal of spam. While the cups were fine, I will go with a different brand because eBook and spam made me irate.

Luciana West - 28/04/2021
Trying to make Jell-O is not a good idea It is time to shoot (3/5)

In the form of a jelly You, who enjoy shots and have trouble remembering to replace hard plastic cups with jello, should not use hard plastic cups. This is a cute set that would be perfect for a regular photo session. Unfortunately, you can't get the jello out of the bottle. Of course, I always forget and end up buying products like this one because I like the message on the side. Would buy again, but for regular shots and not for Despite their weight, they are remarkably durable.

Noa MELLOR - 29/03/2021
The trip was 100 percent I received my order within 24 hours (5/5)

A very durable product! The fact that I've dropped these at least a thousand times while transferring them to the party is unbelievable! There was no spill, no lid popping off, and no cup cracking! You can always count on me to.

Lia Summers - 01/04/2021
I love it! In a nutshell, It's super cute and it comes with a card that allows you to get a free ebook on how to make good jelly (5/5)

It is time to shoot. I am eager to put them to use!.

Yara Obrien - 17/01/2021
This unit is great for stacking and is a great size (5/5)

This has been an easy device to use, and the lettering on the cups makes it easier to QC the amount filled. There is no need to remove the lids as they snap right on.

Cillian McLaughlin - 28/04/2021
I love how adorable and fun it is (5/5)

What a cute pair of shoes! They arrived fast for my Christmas party, and I ordered them months ago. We are extremely happy with the quality.

Jimena Sims - 19/07/2021
The Nashville Bachelorette Party is perfect for this theme (5/5)

We used these for jello shots because they were so sturdy, and those were so cute as well.

Kamryn Walsh - 03/08/2021