Party Like Sophia Shotgun Bottle Opener Review

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Excelente inversión 4.6 
Fácil de usar 4.5 
  • Comes in different colors.
  • Small sized.
  • Good value for money.
  • Plastic material.

Party Like Sophia Shotgun Bottle Opener Product Description

With Party Like Sophia Shotgun Bottle Opener, you can open bottles like a normal opener, open tabs like a can opener (for difficult ring pulls), use it as a beer bong shotgunner, and more.

  • Make sure you enter the correct model number when entering your information.
  • Tool that can be used as an ultimate beer bong launcher, bottle opener, can opener, and keychain (including a keychain). Plastic material that is extremely hard and durable. Every time, it produces a perfect shotgun hole.
  • The color pack includes five pieces red, blue, black, white and yellow. Whether you're using it for yourself or sharing it with friends, you'll enjoy it.
  • Gift Idea - This is the perfect gift for beer / alcohol lovers (male or female). This is ideal for the holidays.
  • Perfect for drinks of all kinds enjoy on any occasion. Super convenient and can be taken to drinking parties, frat / frat parties, college parties, as parties favors, camping, golfing, as party favors, and like a professional while chugging.

Selected User Reviews For Party Like Sophia Shotgun Bottle Opener

As long as your claws are slammin, there are no laws

Towards the end of this past weekend, me and my pals Chad and Kyle were the life of the frat house. I tell you, me and my buddies were awesome. It's a pretty cool party trick for sure, but I just use it to do natty lights and pbr while chad and me tag team your ex I prefer to keep it in my lifted 2018 F250 that my dad didn't buy me. It is so offensive to me when people say that this is the best tool you can have at a frat house, and remember that Saturday are for the boys and there ain't no laws when you're drunk with.

Brock Ware - 02/06/2021
You can no longer carry a pocket knife

In a nutshell, I love it! It's no longer necessary for me to carry a pocket knife around to one of those shotgun beers/seltzers. Even though the hole seems a little small, it does what it claims to do!.

Nash DOBSON - 09/07/2021
This product is made out of plastic and is cheap

They do break after a few uses, as the materials they are made of are cheap. The good thing about them is that you get multiples of them, so if used occasionally, they can last for years. There are no loose parts in the case, so it will not hurt your A little wiggling is needed to get them to sit straight so the can can be opened. The can opener is a decent product meant to open shotgun cans of beer. It does the job, but it is not very There is at least more than one to choose from. I love it!.

Calum Walsh - 01/05/2021
The features may not be available in all cases

It is no secret that I am obsessed with shotgunning drinks and thought this would be a far more convenient method It is easy to puncture the can, but it is basically useless to open the tab. I tend to drink a lot of beverages with tabs that are very hard to open with my weak hands, so I figured it would be wonderful if that feature was included. I have tested it out, but I have a hard time getting the small piece of plastic underneath the Although it is plastic, the quality is quite good, and my friends were delighted with their present.

Harvey Holt - 26/02/2021
The year is 2020, so you're gonna need to keep your buzz going

It appears to be a great product. They shipped fast. My friends and I are taking cheap beers to do stupid stuff after we shoot the breeze.

Evangeline Wu - 18/02/2021
The design of this product is poor

This is a garbage product, the piercer is too far away from the lever so it opens the beer too far into the can, which causes it to explode. This product would be a great win if it were only 10mm shorter.

Whitley Watkins - 10/01/2021
I love it

They were given to some of my friends by Badass who said they were great.

Elora Cantu - 05/08/2021
There's no limitation to what it can do

There are many ways to use bottles, cans, and shotguns. There's no limit to what it can do.

Tori Simpson - 25/04/2021